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  1. Hwy 1

    Jalen Coleman

        I think it's a little more than that:       so why's it still up?
  2. Hwy 1

    Kj's replacement

    He has quite a sales pitch going. I wonder who hires him?
  3. Hwy 1

    Robert Johnson Q & A

        Stuhoo beat out  Princessofyorki?
  4. Hwy 1

    Kj's replacement

    It seems a bit of a stretch to say that an Asst. S & C coach leaving (that is if he really is leaving) is a sign that the head coach is losing the ship. People leave jobs for all sorts of reasons. A promotion is one of the big ones, being an Asst. S & C coach wouldn't exactly be my life goal if I was in that field.  Maybe the guy doesn't like Crean, it happens. I've left a few jobs over the years because I didn't like my boss. Doesn't mean the boss was doing a bad job, the boss was still there long after I left. Sometimes you just don't see eye to eye on things or your chances for promotion are slim so you move on. There's tons of reasons to find a new job.  It happens in all walks of life.    
  5. Hwy 1

    Kj's replacement

        Excellent decision.
  6. Hwy 1

    Kj's replacement

        I had a feeling it would end up going that way.
  7. Hwy 1

    Kj's replacement

    OT, but what happened to the thread about the guy quitting? I go outside to play for a few hours and it's gone. 
  8.     If they start having it in Denver I'm gonna be mad! ;)
  9. Is that her dunking in the avatar?
  10.       It's all about the $$$$$$$$$ More people, more cable boxes, more money.
  11. Go East young man!
  12. Hwy 1

    Ryan Anderson to Arizona

        I was wondering that too
  13. Hwy 1

    Big Ten/Big East Press Conference

    Logo for this thing