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  1. Was meaning he was banned from here, maybe not...  Didn't think HH would act like a....
  2. Not sure where it is but I know he insinuated that he is Hoosierhoopster, other members on here responded to it asking him to say what site.  Either he's cheapie or worse(he was banned right?), or HH, I know HH wouldn't be over here acting like that so..     Best thing to do is lock this thread because it's only going to get worse.
  3. He stated previously that he built a top site which he was referring to 247 and being Hoosierhoopster. Did it a month or so ago.
  4. He probably needs to go then since he's claiming to be someone else from another site and does nothing here but troll..
  5. Cheapie loves attention any way he can get it.
  6. EvilleAngler

    Yogi and Stan Arrested....

    So a lot of Knight's players went to bars.  He never addressed bar "rules".  In other words he looked the other way or ignored it.
  7. EvilleAngler

    Yogi and Stan Arrested....

    Hope our upper class-men mature over the summer and our incoming freshmen are as mature and hard working as they seem to be. 
  8. EvilleAngler

    Yogi and Stan Arrested....

    This is all about 2 friends beating up a guy that was screwing around with one of their friend's girl behind his back.  Not about ftball vs bball. They all need to get over it and grow up.
  9. EvilleAngler

    Kj's replacement

    I Think if I had a fantasy basketball team I should be eligible...
  10. EvilleAngler

    Kj's replacement

    Doesn't matter who it is, there will be the same people that "didn't" like KJ who won't like the new hire. Call me Captain Obvious.
  11. EvilleAngler

    Hollowell to Georgia State

    Could use a good NW wind here.... 
  12. EvilleAngler

    Kj's replacement

    He's too busy with his fishin show...  :biggrin:
  13. EvilleAngler

    A program of excuses

    SC should get a nickel for every time he says excuse... 
  14. EvilleAngler

    (2014) C Jeremiah April to IU

    Welcome April, time to work.     5 fouls and a big body.. we gettin there.. lol