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  1. I really enjoyed archie comparing people to sesame street and comparing one of them to oscar the grouch. Other than that, maybe his niceties comment in a game was probably the most personality we got to see out of Archie. Dane definitely displays much more character for sure
  2. wirenuts

    Top 3 favorite dunkers

    Daryl Dawkins Vince Carter Dominique Wilkins
  3. wirenuts

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    For me, as others have mentioned, the maryland game was an absolute heartbreaker. The game was so close. Sadly, I started to feel as though I knew IU wasnt gonna win it with about 4 minutes left. But to watch Smith taunt after the games was horrible, and then we were instantly pulled away to the Kobe news....Ill honestly never forget it. But the Purdue game was really close...all of the joy of seeing knight return....i was at work in the break room watching with a guy in his 60s that had season tickets for over 20 years. He was crying, visibly and audibly crying. There were no current IU players or coaches on the floor and they definitely didnt seem to be on the floor in the second half either.
  4. maybe he and the players can bond by sitting on the couch watching matlock....
  5. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    Hunter only came in at the end. But I'm certainly not opposed to letting Hunter go if you get somebody better at recruiting to replace him. He just seems like he has plenty of influence on the east coast, which definitely cant hurt
  6. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    Honestly forgot about Hunter. He should stay and would definitely help on recruiting side
  7. do you or anybody else believe that tom crean could be a coach in the NBA? Serious question....
  8. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    I think cheaney for recruits and Lewis for associate HC would be fantastic. Or instead of cheaney, zeke. Just dont let him coach that much lol
  9. Matta really makes this a good move. And woodson will do whatever it takes to return IU to where it belongs. I wanted Stevens just as much as the next guy. This really will bring former IU players back into the fold, and maybe this is what we need. After some disappointment, LFG!
  10. the extreme denial looked very uncomfortable to me, especially from a ninth year coach of a team that has lost 6 out of the last 7 and is looking at barely making the playoffs if at all....maybe its just me though, I never believe anybody who say they root for the patriots
  11. Well the trade deadline chatter couldnt have been about the celtics trade acquisitions. It reminded me of the Chicago Cubs off-season......
  12. wirenuts

    2021 Transfer Portal

    you forgot about thanking Austin Boucher. His fast middle school track times should not be ignored
  13. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    Jeff Goodman reports he has withdrawn his name from the ESPN opening....or any other major sports outlet
  14. wirenuts

    Ooooook who’s your # 2?

    It doesn't really matter if IU is or isnt too good for Pitino. Pitino has already been on record saying he would coach the rest of his career at Iona and that he doesn't have interest in the IU job, even though he said complimentary thinga about IU. He called it a Top 5 job
  15. Exactly. This coaching search was bound to be a rollercoaster. The biggest thing that I take from all of it is that if all the info is true, is that dolson tried as hard as he could or is still trying. That gives me enough hope that we are gonna be ok whether Stevens is a Masshole or not. That part of it was always gonna be up to him. The saddest thing is not getting to know the details of how it went south or how close it was to getting him. Thats what happens when people roast other people with info on a FREE message board.
  16. This....a thousand times this. All of the posts that we were given by people with information were not owed to you, me, or anybody else. They didn't have to share any info they were given and after the reaction from some of you, I bet they probably wished they didn't. I appreciate every bit of info and it makes these boards so much more fun to read.
  17. I dont care of anyone is right/wrong etc. I just want to say that this has been highly entertaining on my work schedule so thanks to all.
  18. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    So is there any way to get pap to sneak into archies office? I mean, it is for a good cause....
  19. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    I would think if the money has been raised and there are interested coaches that the administration would just make the move....especially knowing the negative effect keeping Archie would have on sales and merchandising, etc.. Maybe the coaches weren't as interested as it sounded?
  20. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    or the person whose name is on assembly hall is paying the buyout portion in full to move the needle towards a new coach
  21. I think Archie has thrown in the towel on the season. and he seems as if he has thrown in the towel period. His interviews have looked progressively more like a guy that wants out. Just my two cents, but he isnt nearly as animated as he was early in the season.
  22. wirenuts

    General New Coach News

    thats probably the 8th time I've read the name dan fife instead of DANE FIFE. If it is continually spelled wrong, the IU administration might hire the wrong guy