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  1. hoosiersoxfan

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He was 0-6 on 3s this season. He spent all his time down low or setting screens, he was not playing on the wing.
  2. hoosiersoxfan

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Any idea if we’ve been in contact with Mitchell? From the games I watched UMass I thought he wasn’t even that far off from being as good as TJD. He’d immediately be our second best player.
  3. hoosiersoxfan

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    The loss to Maryland where they blew the lead in the last minute was stands out to me. Brutal turnovers (I think by Al Durham) and then Jalen Smith taunting the crowd.
  4. hoosiersoxfan

    Candidate Thread: Porter Moser

    All you hoping it's not Moser should be rooting for Underwood to wind up at Texas. If he does the Moser would 100% be the next Illinois coach. I've also heard rumblings for weeks that Krutwig has been planning on grad transfering for his extra year to Illinois.
  5. That the game last night was his final one coaching Boston. He's coaching right now though so that was clearly wrong.
  6. Well obviously I was given incorrect info last night so I'm sorry about that everyone. I do know that a lot of the coaches are close and the IU job is a hot topic of conversation between them. We'll see if he ends up being right other than the timeline. I don't see any reason he would have made it up though.
  7. Not trolling. Just what I was told from another P5 head coach but I’ll admit the timeline doesn’t make sense to me since Cs are in the middle of a road B2B.
  8. TIFWIW but hearing Brad went out on a win tonight