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  1. Honkyman

    IUBB vs Tennessee Tech - 11/25/20 @ 8:00 ET on BTN

    Ray wrote: "Historically, Archie's teams have been rather atrocious at free throw shooting..." Does Archie deliberately recruit poor free throw shooters? As it has over the past three years, poor free throw shooting will bite us--as will poor three point shooting. Judging from the Tennessee Tech game, IU has one really good player and a bunch of role players who can't shoot.
  2. Honkyman

    Let’s Play a Lineup Game

    Jerome Hunter should start ahead of Race Thompson. Trey Galloway is a smart player who hustles. He might be a better starter than Armaan Franklin.
  3. Honkyman

    IUBB vs Tennessee Tech - 11/25/20 @ 8:00 ET on BTN

    Except for the last 10 minutes of the first half, an unimpressive performance. Tennessee Tech played them even in the 2nd half. If IU plays like this against real competition, it will be a long season. Free throw shooting stinks. Defense was weak. Outside shooting is no better than last season. They could go 0-3 in Maui (Asheville).
  4. Honkyman

    IUBB vs Tennessee Tech - 11/25/20 @ 8:00 ET on BTN

    In spite of the score, this does not look like a very good team. Tennessee Tech is dreadful yet IU looked lost the first 10 minutes. We'll see. Yes, Galloway and Lander look good. Galloway should start ahead of Franklin.
  5. Honkyman

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    If Mohammed announces sometime in 2021, he will still have made "his college decision on or after December 15th."
  6. We are past the point of having to win on the court in order to win some of these recruiting battles. Most top high school players want to go to a college with a dynamic offense and IU's offense under Archie has been anything but dynamic. So Indiana has to do better than place 7th or 8th in the conference and they have to do it with an offense that attracts the top high school players.
  7. Miller is not just a front court player, he is also a shooter. The current IU team doesn't have any natural shooters. There are a couple of players who may develop into good college shoots (e.g., Leal) but nobody, certain nobody who is 6'8'' or 6'9',' who can shoot 3s like Miller can. It remains a weakness for this team.
  8. Creighton convinced Miller he would be another Doug McDermott.
  9. Honkyman

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed

    It will be no more difficult--arguably less difficult--for Aminu Mohammed to skip his graduation than it was Kristian Lander. Lander gave up the chance to be Indiana's Mr. Basketball. Graduation is often a bigger deal for parents than for the kids many of whom can't wait to move on (That was true with me). Most of Mohammed's family don't even live in the US.
  10. Some on this board are making it seem like Archie pushed Kaufman away from IU. That is ridiculous. Kaufman was Archie's top priority in this recruiting class. Archie undoubtedly did everything possible to land Kaufman, his top priority but didn't succeed. It is disappointing but it is the world of recruiting.
  11. If Archie refused to "promise" Kaufman a 3-spot. it wouldn't have been because he is confident of his current roster. Coaches recruit the best players available (who they think they get) irrespective of who they already have on roster which is why Archie is recruiting 6'-4" guard Aminu Mohammed even though IU has guards Franklin, Galloway, Leal, Lander, and Phinisee.
  12. Honkyman

    2021 General Recruiting Thread

    I can't imagine Joey Brunk hangs around for a 6th year of college..
  13. Trey Kaufman: "Based on the roster they're going to have when I'm there, that's a big key." Kaufman apparently believes Purdue will be better than IU next year and/or that he fits in better with their roster. Perhaps, he is correct, perhaps not. One has to think, however, that IU's performance on the court under Archie had an impact on Kaufman's decision . Archie's IU teams to-date have underachieved and his record at IU has been underwhelming--certainly less successful than fans expected when he was hired. Losing out on a player in recruitment by itself is not a big deal. But the reality is unless the team this season performs better than IU teams have the past three seasons, recruiting disappointments will continue.
  14. According to Trey Kaufman himself, the four factors in his decision are: 1) Relationship with the coaches & players; 2) Their ability to develop him into being an NBA player; 3) How much playing time he would get; 4) How much they are going to win. Trey gets the same amount of playing time at either school. But if he chooses Purdue, then Trey believes Purdue is better for one or more of the other reasons.
  15. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    If Leal hits his shots he'll get some playing time. But as the profile indicates, there is a lot of competition for his position. Even if Leal shoots well, will he play ahead of the more experienced Durham and Franklin? Maybe not much if Durham's and Franklin's 3-point shooting improve.