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  1. Honkyman

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    The tournament was actually good to IU with, as the article points out, some exciting memorable wins. I don't mind ending the Crossroads Classic if it means IU playing in better tournaments with wider national audiences. But I would rather see IU play Notre Dame or Butler every year than some of the cupcake teams they always seem to schedule in the pre-conference.
  2. Durr looks to be a serviceable backup at center and if he develops a shooting touch a starter in his 2nd year at IU.
  3. Honkyman

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    Hoosierfan2017 said: "I’m just ready for new blood at the guard spots." I'm ready for quality guard play. The new players should be quite good. So if they are the starters, that's great. But, as I said, if Phinisee starts, it means he has earned it. Nobody gets playing time under Mike Woodson unless they have earned it.
  4. Honkyman

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    Hoiosierfan2017: If he’s still starting then our new guys probably aren’t anywhere near as good as we think. Of, Phinisee is as good as he seemed when he first got here. At that time he moved the offense and hit clutch shots. That Phinisee could be a real asset under Woodson's offense.
  5. Honkyman

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    Phinisee looked good early in his IU career. It could be that Archie Miller's offense just didn't work well for him overall during those three years just as it didn't work well for most IU players. Fife seems high on him. If Rob starts it will be because he earned it. Woodson is not giving playing time to anyone who doesn't earn it.
  6. Honkyman

    2021 Minutes Per Game

    It all depends upon who shows up ready to shoot. If Race Thompson, Leal or Phinisee find their 3-point shots they could see more time. The only one we know will get the most time is TDJ.
  7. Honkyman

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    Jerome may be a summer session or two away from getting a degree in which case he can stay at IU for the summer, get his degree and move on as a graduate transfer without worrying about the Transfer Portal deadline.
  8. Knight--Quinn Buckner--total team player, coach-on-the-floor, helped lead IU to two Final Fours and a 63-1 record over his final two years. Knight sought perfection and with Buckner as team captain he found it. Davis--Jared Jeffries--Davis' best players were recruited when Knight was the coach. Sampson--Eric Gordon--Gordon's IU career was brief and so was Sampson's coaching tenure at IU. Promising but could have been more. Crean--Victor Oladipo--Crean was always searching for diamond in the rough players. A few, like Oladipo and OG Anunoby, actually were. Miller--Romeo Langford--Romeo like Archie Miller came in with much fanfare but he didn't end up bringing the great team success for IU that many predicted he would. Woodson--Too early to tell. Woodson as a recruit was undervalued. As a player, he displayed great shooting skill and high motor. As an NBA coach, his teams showed cohesion and great energy. We shall what player exhibits these qualities.
  9. Honkyman

    Coach Woodson's Media Appearances

    Bruce's was the best breakfast place in town, especially convenient after a very late night.
  10. Honkyman

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    ap2345 said: "That rumor has been going around so it might have legs. Even if he hasn’t officially entered it yet." Like the rumor that Keion Brooks was entering there Portal and transferring to IU.
  11. Honkyman

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    Geronimo's free throw form is not very pretty--5 for 18 including several air balls. He has great raw talent but needs more work than just about any player on the squad. Sorry, but he isn't close to being a reliable 3-point shooter. He hit a couple early in the season when the opposing teams left all alone but then missed most of the 3-point shots he took during conference play. Right now he is best suited for shooting lay ups and playing defense (which he is quite good at). Of course, if he works at his shooting touch like Victor Oladipo did, maybe he can improve enough to see serious playing time.
  12. Honkyman

    Who will be most improved player & Why.

    Jerome Hunter. Hunter has shown he has the ability to score both outside and at the rim. Consistency has been one of his problems. If he make himself a consistent scoring threat he has a good shot at considerable playing time.
  13. Honkyman

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Cohesion is a key. A talented team without cohesion is not a winning team. Brooks is a talent, no doubt. But would Brooks' presence compliment or detract from what now looks like a talented and cohesive team? It's not clear that he would, imo. He would not be the primary scoring on next year's squad. Would Brooks be any more happy playing a complimentary role to TJD, Xavier Johnson and maybe others than he has been at Kentucky?
  14. Honkyman

    Next Year’s Roster

    8Bucks said: "Parker probably should be on the newbie squad since he hasn’t played here yet." Parker Stewart was brought in when Archie Miller was coach and was at IU for a semester before Woodson came on. Even so, there is nobody among the new players who can stop Trayce Jackson Davis. TJD only had difficulty scoring when guarded by bigger NBA size players. As long as the returning players don't have to win it on the free throw line, they would win. But obviously there is some real talent coming in with skills that the IU team lacked last season. It will be fun to see how they mesh with the returning players, especially TJD.
  15. Honkyman

    Next Year’s Roster

    Crazy about IU said: If the five new players scrimmaged the returning players that would be a good game to watch. Who would you pick to win? I am going with the newbies. I would pay to see it give the new players a couple walk ons for subs. ________ I don't think the new players would win. The returning players have an All American (maybe the Big Ten player of the year next season) plus possibly the team's best 3-point shooter in Parker Stewart. Who is going to guard TJD? The newbies have Logan Duncomb and nobody else. Jackson Davis and Race Thompson would score easily almost every possession.