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  1. Woodson has started off well in recruiting; Archie started off well. Recruiting drops off when team performance on the court fails to meet expectations. Woodson has to win for IU's recruiting to continue at the current level.
  2. Honkyman

    Remaining 2021 Season Predictions

    Yes. I realized it and then made my prediction in the appropriate thread. Thanks.
  3. Honkyman

    2021-2022 NBA Thread

    LIHoosier said: " it is viable that by midseason the vaccine mandate could be gone." It is highly unlikely that the vaccine mandate will be lifted before next summer. With the delta variance, the population has to be close to 90% immune before herd immunity kicks in. That won't happen by midseason (Feb/March).
  4. Honkyman

    College Bball Thread

    Loaded Chicken said: "I released my official preseason Top 25 on XSN" It looks reasonable.
  5. Phinisee is a solid back-up point guard. Apparently, he is still above 5-star Kristian Lander on the depth chart.
  6. Honkyman

    Dakich (For Mayor?)

    When you are mayor you are responsible for getting things done--garbage collection, public safety, etc. You can't just shoot off your mouth. Most talk radio hosts who enter politics go into a legislative body where they aren't responsible for much. Even if Dakich had a realistic chance of winning (which is dubious), it doesn't seem to be a good match for him.
  7. WayneFleekHoosie said, "I never knew the governor appoints the majority of the trustees." You know that "we aren't talking about head coaches", but you don't know that the majority of IU Trustees are appointed the governor? How is that possible? In fact, the Trustees at most universities are appointed, not elected. IU's process gives alumni more input than most.
  8. Paying McRobbie $582,000 for six months "consulting" (i.e., severance) bothers me more than the selection process. A closed process is probably not a good idea at a university. On the other hand, an open process means potential candidates will be attacked ruthlessly on social media causing good ones to drop out or avoid it altogether. Mike Woodson was selected head basketball coach in a closed process. When his name leaked, there was a lot of criticism but so far it appears to be a good decision. Not everyone will be happy no matter who is chosen. Choosing a president is the responsibility of the Trustees, not some ad hoc committee. Apparently their recommendation fell flat. In any event, not many IU presidents have been stellar since the days of Herman B Wells. And, there aren't many people of Herman B Wells' calibre these days.
  9. 1. Purdue 2. Michigan 3. Ohio State 4. Indiana 5. Michigan State 6. Illinois 7. Maryland 8. Rutgers 9. Iowa 10. Nebraska 11. Northwestern 12. Wisconsin 13. Penn State 14. Minnesota
  10. Honkyman

    IUBB 2021 General Off-Season Thread

    Bozich predicts IU with an 8th place finish, behind Rutgers. Too often, these sportswriters are basing their forecasts on last season's performance or the coaching irrespective of talent. The sportswriters pick Illinois for 3rd in the conference, which seems high even if Kofi Cockburn becomes the player of the year. Michigan & Purdue at the top seems right. Maryland at 5th could be high, too early to tell. Like IU, they have transfers who could be quite good. Michigan State gets 6th place just because of Tom Izzo. They have lost a lot and will start out slow. Whether the Spartans end up strong as is usually the case remains to be seen. I can see IU finishing as high as 4th but would be surprised and very disappointed by an 8th place finish.
  11. Honkyman

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    Scott May was a great college basketball player as were Steve Alford and Calbert Cheaney. But George McGinnis, Isaiah Thomas and Walt Bellamy were in a class above all others among IU greats. McGinnis averaged 29.9 points and 14 rebounds a game--leading the Big Ten in both categories in the only season he played at IU. Bellamy averaged 20.6 points and 15.6 rebounds per game (as a senior he averaged 17.8 rebounds a game--still a team record). IU won the Big Ten both years Thomas started at point guard. IU's drive to the national championship didn't take off in 1981 until Bobby Knight allowed Thomas to be the coach on the floor. May was a great shooter and a good rebounder. But Quinn Buckner was the glue for that '76 championship team.
  12. Honkyman

    College Bball Thread

    I'll miss Dakich. He may talk too much but he knows more about basketball than most of the ESPN announcers. Some IU fans don't like him because he is honest about IU basketball. As it turned out, he was right about Archie Miller before most IU fans were.