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  1. Honkyman

    Draft Combine 2022

    The problem is by testing positive to COVID Trayce has to isolate himself for at least five days. That means he is basically missing all combine activities throughout his period of isolation.
  2. Honkyman

    Draft Combine 2022

    TJD apparently tested positive for COVID and is barred from participating in the 5 on 5.
  3. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    When? Shooting, especially 3-point shooting, has been IU's greatest liability for several years. The inability to hit outside shots has cost us games.
  4. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Nobody is "denying, ignoring and belittling Galloway's value" that I have seen. Speaking for myself, I written many times I love the guy's heart, energy, and leadership. He was an important contributor last year. But inevitably playing time changes from year-to-year. Corrections are made to make the team better and give it a better chance of winning the close games. It is a fact that IU needs better outside shooting than it showed last season. The lack of consistent 3-point shooting was the team's greatest weakness last year. Whomever can provide consistent 3-point shooting stands a better chance of playing than those who cannot. Otherwise, IU risks having the same kind of season as last year (barely making the tournament). That isn't belittling anyone. If Galloway shows himself to be the guy who can hit the outside shot in critical moments, then he could be playing in critical moments. If not and there are others who can hit those shots, those players will likely be on the floor more often in those critical moments.
  5. Honkyman

    NIL and IU

    Players who might have gambled on the NBA will be more likely to remain in school because of the potential to make money, especially if players are paid some percentage of the revenue as is being proposed in California.
  6. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    You have no idea what the coaching staff is thinking. In any event, Tamar Bates is the more talented player and is much more likely to have more playing time by the end of the year than Tre Galloway.
  7. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Not sure how Gunn could be a "new shiny thing." He's the last guy in the incoming class that anyone mentions.
  8. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    I like Trey Galloway, I like his attitude, his energy, etc. I don't know if I would be disappointed if he continued to play heavy minutes this coming season. But the fact remains that IU's greatest liability last season was 3-point shooting, which also happens to be Galloway's greatest weakness. If other players demonstrate they can shoot significantly better than he does this season, their playing time will increase at the expense of Trey's. It's not just Bates and Jalen Hood-Schifino who could take time away. CJ Gunn could also cut into Galloway's time if he can demonstrate he shoot and play defense at the college level.
  9. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Minutes taken by both Jalen Hood-Schifino and Tamar Bates.
  10. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    You must be confident that Galloway is going to develop a reliable outside shot. I hope he does.
  11. Honkyman

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    It's hard to justify starting a shooting guard who shoots poorly from 3-point range. Galloway brings energy, passion and leadership. Unfortunately for him, as players like Jalen Hood-Schifino and Tamar Bates develop, Galloway's playing time will suffer--unless he develops a reliable outside shot.
  12. Honkyman

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Great shooters have a way of playing at a higher level than predicted by the "experts."
  13. Honkyman

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    No surprise. Why would he wait around until TJD decides what he will do, especially since most observers do not believe Trayce will be drafted.