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  1. JimmerNoe

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    It had a typo. Assembly Call corrected him and he responded that he didn’t notice in time, so I think he just took it down because it didn’t make sense as typed.
  2. JimmerNoe

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Rabby doing his “in case you missed it” tweet for Hickman’s visit with the added ominous “…” that he was using as a wink before Bryson Tucker committed. Wonder if the staff feels confident with him after that talk.
  3. JimmerNoe

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    The beautiful thing about extreme narcissism is the even if NGW turns out to be completely and totally wrong, it will actually be because the rest of us idiots didn’t actually understand what he was explaining in the first place. These people can be a train wreck and it is so draining to deal with. Glad he’s no longer gracing these halls with his presence.
  4. If I was quitting my job and my company said “Wait! We’ll triple your salary if you stay!” that would fall squarely under begging…in the *REAL WORLD*
  5. I’ve tried being positive the last week since the news broke he’d be back. But this is inexcusable. No amount of injuries accounts for getting blown out by bottom feeders 5+ times in a year. Fire him. Don’t let Dusty get away. Please.
  6. JimmerNoe

    College Bball Thread

    Are you feeling like they will at least be considered on the bubble now if they are able to make it to Sunday? I agree that right now they just don’t have the resume but have to believe Nebraska and Illinois on neutral court would be considered significant wins compared to other bubble teams. 4-5 quad one wins, no “bad” losses, and 21 wins feels like it should be enough for the blind resume test at least.
  7. I think next step in his development in just awareness. If he just makes the right decision on his post catches and can stay on the floor he’s a first or second team all big ten next year. He’s gotta be leaving 5 points and a handful of assists on the court right now. No one in the Big Ten is touching his footwork and post moves.
  8. You are right about that. Thankfully it usually turns out okay but it feels like his first three options are to put his head down and score. A decent passer when he chooses to but would love to see a more patient and measured approach when he gets a post catch.
  9. Great minds think alike
  10. Agreed. I think he’s now had two years of seeing “the man” next to him in the post and has the itch to be that guy. I will say it’s refreshing to at least get the ball on the rim. I HATED late game possessions with Archie. Without fail it would be a turnover/broken play/heave. Last night I was just praying we got a shot up. Leal was a well coached kid throughout his career because what he said post game about tip ins and offensive boards was so true and coach speak 101.
  11. Alls well that ends well, but that last play in my opinion was mostly a product of Malik not knowing time and situation. There was plenty of time for that play to develop a little more and probably get Ware a deep post catch, but I think he got the ball and said “oh crap gotta put this up”.
  12. I thought it was a pretty genuine response. I think the way he said it at first was jokingly because the play kind of broke down for a tough shot. Then he actually explained the play more than I would expect most coaches to do in a postgame interview. Big time reach
  13. I’m going to try to stay positive because honestly it’s happier and healthier lol. One thing I will say about Malik is that he made a huge leap physically this offseason. Additionally he showed he has no problem shooting the three when it’s open. Maybe this summer he takes another leap and is the best big in the BIG. I don’t feel like we would be overpaying based on his trajectory if he made top tier money. As we’ve all discussed, something’s gotta give strategy wise but I would be comfortable with MM and MR being towards the top of our pay scale. They would get it elsewhere.
  14. Posing a question in light of the money we apparently have at our disposal: how do we feel about 24-25 if the summer ends like this PG: Proven 15+ ppg P5 transfer SG: Proven P5 40ish percent from 3 SF: Galloway PF: Reneau/Mgbako C: 5* Rim Protector/Reneau Bench: guard transfer, leal, cupps, sparks Are we excited? Still pissed? Indifferent? I know there is a lot of vitriol currently, but maybe we have to consider the massive NIL contributions as a Woody-specific benefit that could outweigh some of his admittedly glaring issues. I doubt they would throw a blank check if we made a change this year. Just trying to talk myself into being excited this summer and next year. I feel defeated already lol
  15. Just curious, did we even spend all of our money this year? I feel like Ware is a higher 6 figure player as well as Malik and Mgbako. But going down the list I just don’t see many players commanding high dollar amounts on our current roster. Is there an expectation that most of this money will go into portal studs? (Hopefully of course)