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  1. This was one of the great tournament days ever.
  2. FrenchConnection

    Game Thread: vs. St. John’s - 9:12 - FS1

    Archie’s teams would be 1-2 right now.
  3. FrenchConnection

    IUMS vs Penn State 4/17 BTN - 5:00 pm ET

    First of all, good job by IU to take it to PKs being down a man. Secondly, I hate PKs deciding a game. It’s like deciding a basketball game by a free throw contest.
  4. FrenchConnection

    College Bball Thread

    You would think, but all the local talk this afternoon is about Archie. The thinking is that it would be a mistake to hire another short-term Horizon League coach.
  5. FrenchConnection

    Woodson's scheme(s)??

    Archie’s IU teams played scared.
  6. FrenchConnection

    Woodson's scheme(s)??

    I don’t think anyone knows. You can’t look at the current Knicks because that’s Thibs team and his teams always play slowly. When Woody coached the Knicks he had Carmelo. Any team in the NBA with a star like Melo in his prime is going to run an offense just to get him the ball. But from the little that he has said, we’re going to get out and run and guys won’t be passing up shots. I just went and looked at IU’s stats for this past season and not only did we not shoot well, we also didn’t shoot. 260th in the NCAA in FGA. It quite literally can’t be worse.
  7. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    Not everyone could play for RMK. Not everyone can play for Izzo either. To play for Woody, you’re going to have to take honest criticism and use it as motivation. In the future, kids that come to IU will know this going in.
  8. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    With the additions of Stewart and Johnson and the maturation of Lander he would have to earn playing time? The “tough love” approach from Woody that we heard about being the deciding factor in TJD and Lander returning might not have worked on Armaan or his mom?
  9. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    I agree, unless they leave for the NBA. Players getting drafted is good for the program.
  10. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    Didn't know that. Well, then he just wanted out. Good luck to him.
  11. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    If we had not fired Archie, Armaan is probably back. If had not fired Archie, TJD is definitely gone and Xavier Johnson isn't here.
  12. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    Aren't those matchups determined by the conference standings from the previous year?
  13. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    I just went on Youtube to watch Parker Stewart highlights to make myself feel better.
  14. FrenchConnection

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    That’s fine. It was probably always Lewis or Fife. If that was the case, I would rather have Fife because he has been recruiting the area for so long.
  15. FrenchConnection

    Player decisions

    IU won’t be an easy team to play anymore.