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    College Football Thread

    we're 29th and spend 859K per the report that 247 used. here's the source https://www.athleticdirectoru.com/articles/an-analysis-of-football-recruiting-costs/ IMO, the overall spend is a drop in the bucket for most top teams as boosters likely foot most of the bill. The article talks about the value of "loaned" transportation counting lol.... Not sure but I think teams are only allowed to pay for a limited number of visits per year, so I'm sure many schools would love to spend more if they could.
  2. I think we all would prefer winning over geography lol. If we won a NC with 5 studs from North Dakota, I wouldn't care. But...... if IN has some top 25 kids, I want them. And I want us to be winning, and good enough that those in state studs will want to come. A NC with 5 North Dakota kids would be awesome. But winning it with a few IN kids, a new level of awesome.
  3. It was a late game. Not saying that excuses behavior, but the later the game, the more drinking. Noonish games are always pretty mild. Mid afternoon a little wilder. Night games are always a bit out there in terms of behavior. Doesn't really matter what team or stadium.
  4. Woodson has started off a ton better IMO. Archie's first year wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't say it was good. 1 top 100 guy isn't exactly stellar. Agreed that Woodson needs to follow it up with winning. But I think he will. Yup, yup, and more yup. Yup, but in state school that brings in a lot of out of state talent. Very nice fishing hole in the middle of the corn field. I'm with you on #1. And I think they tried to force fit kids into their systems instead of trying to utilize strengths.
  5. I've got 2 TVs running with IU and ND... Switching the IU tv to UT/Bama.... Can't take anymore lol..
  6. Getting 2-3 TJDs (he was top 30 player) every cycle just isn't reality for all but a handful of teams. UK, Duke, UNC, maybe Memphis... That's about it these days. Archie was never going to do that. System was a big issue IMO. And Archie just wasn't fun or inspiring. I don't think it's very nebulous at all. To me it's always meant you take what you want. Not that you have to populate your roster with a bunch of IN kids. If there's a top 20ish kind of guy, you win that fight. And you never lose to a recruiting battle to PU or ND...
  7. Honestly if we perform better, I'm not afraid of OSU/MSU/UM or any other team poaching. If we can just start winning again, and owning PU and ND, IU will become "cool" again for in state kids. The last several years, we've been very very not cool..... I agree on Fears. I think in general, we need to hit La Lumiere hard. Not that they're exactly Indiana kids, but lots of talent. I'd take Booker from Cathedral too. For me, I don't care what the record is so long as we make the dance, beat ND 12-18, and PU on 01-20... We don't have to go far in the dance, just make it, and stop PU from beating us 10 times in a row. And I think it's very possible that we're between 15-3 and 18-0, and ranked when we play PU....
  8. I think he had enough talent to win more games than he did, so really don't think recruiting was his biggest problem.
  9. I just don't think Archie was good outside of IN... I still think it's possible to lock down the state. We just have to return to glory. Beat PU and ND for a few straight years, and start going to Sweet 16s, and the IN kids will think corn is cool again.
  10. Yup. But I still want the IN kids. I think once we improve, the IN kids will want to come. So first things first.
  11. Some of the chat earlier this week peaked my curiosity about recruiting comps between CAM and CMW. I'm sure I missed something, so please add to fill in any gaps. And to think some thought Woody would be bad for recruiting? High level comparison First 7 months CAM - 0x top 50, 1x top 100, 5x 150 CMW - 2x top 50, 4x top 100, 3 or 4x incoming transfers (depending on how you view Race) every player (true HS player) committed has been top 100 Career (IU) CAM 1x top 10 3x top 50 5x top 100 Highest rated #7 CMW 0x top 10 2x top 50 4x top 100 Highest rated #20 2017 class previously committed prior to CAM hire 10-26-15 Al Durham commits 10-10-16 Clifton Moore commits 11-9-16 Justin Smith commits Archie Miller Hired 3-27-2017 2017 class 7-16-17 Race Thomson commits 0.921 (134) 2018 class 07-17-17 Jerome Hunter commits 0.9799 (59) 07-17-17 Damezi Anderson commits 0.9383 (124) 08-19-17 Rob Phinisee commits 0.9358 (135) 09-11-17 Jake Forrester commits 0.9291 (147) 04-13-18 Romeo Langford commits 0.9984 (7) 2019 class 9-6-18 Armaan Franklin commits 0.9257 (151) 11-30-18 Jackson Davis commits 0.9890 (30) 2020 class 7-26-19 Trey Galloway commits 0.9230 (157) 8-9-19 Anthony Leal commits 0.9233 (156) 9-12-19 Jordan Geronimo commits 0.9611 (105) 2-25-20 Khristian Lander commits 0.9910 (27) 2021 class 4-7-20 Logan Duncomb commits 0.9721 (72) 2022 class 2-7-21 CJ Gunn commits 0.9256 (151) -------------------------------------------------- 1-14-21 Parker Stewart transfers to IU 0.8646 (273) -------------------------------------------------- Mike Woodson Hired 3-28-2021 4-7-21 Xavier Johnson transfers 0.8849 (232) 4-8-21 Race Thompson recommits to IU after entering TP 3-24-21 4-17-21 Michael Durr transfers 0.8723 (300) 4-20-21 Miller Kopp transfers 0.9449 (115) 2021 class 4-19-21 Tamar Bates commits 0.9893 (30) 2022 class 7-23-21 Kaleb Banks commits 0.9626 (82) 8-24-21 Hood Schifino commits 0.9918 (20) 2023 class 10-22-21 Jakai Newton commits 0.9683 (67)