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  1. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    Yes 5-8 now given our ranks. Again, best ranked D1 with the same losses. And we were dropping, and already fortunate. Check out NET resumes. If we drop another regular season game, or stinks up in the B10C, we're as close to 6-7 as we are 3 or 4. I'm just realistic given ranks right now. Several other teams have similar or better resumes.
  2. Southside

    RIP Coach Knight

    still attending practice...
  3. Southside

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    I said early that the X win would help late season. X is a still good win. X is still in NET, still top25, and can improve vs against #20 Prov this year.
  4. Southside

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    #5 and dropping before tonight. Big win for us at PU, so we should be #4low or #5rising on the next prediction. We should win the next 2. B10 tournament will matter. If we step on our dicks in the last 2 games, or early on the B10C, no bueno. But an strong finish could be 3ish, even low-2 is possible.
  5. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    They've improved. Like IU. I enjoy that you've been more optimistic this year, but you're still trollish sometimes. Did you forget when PU beat both Zags and Duke by 15+ early. I know Duke isn't elite, but still top 30ish in NET, and Zag is 10ish now..
  6. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    Disagree we are with 3 right now. We should win the last 2 games. But I agree we could end up be a 3 with a good showing in the B10 championship. We are 4-8 vs Q1 teams. Best ranked D1 team with 9 losses, so we are already fortunate. ESPN had us #5 before a WLW week. I'd say we are #4 now.
  7. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    Both teams 8 wins in the last 11 games.... that's 72%. Maryland is #22, NW is #38 in NET... IU is #20... So road loss games vs #20, 22, and 38.. and a home loss vs 20 (which will improve).... It's simply trend and math. NW and Maryland are predicted 5-7ish seeds, and IU is likely a 4-7ish... Any road loss to any of those teams is bad. PU has a best big guys in the nation... Their Gs are failing at times. That's it.
  8. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    Yup, feeling similar.. Never thought TJD came back, but starting thinking the same with JHS. One and done guys are good (for recruiting) but sucks in other ways. I'm not sure we are "that team" yet, but I'd love if we'd be a team that re-loaded. Regardless, more optimistic of the future (recruiting, coaching, etc..)
  9. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    Their 4 losses... 2 IU, and two road games vs NW and Maryland (both good teams). Maryland is up and down, but 8 wins in the last 11 games. NW is 8/11 too. So lets not act they're chumps.
  10. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    He's peaking though. And starting more and more showing in 1R mocks. And getting more consistent. Felt strongly he'd back (earlier this year), but it's a coin flip for me now. If he had a strong B10 tourney, and/or dance, he gone...
  11. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    He played almost the entire game. Great game. He might have had better games, but he played the best in one counted most.
  12. Southside

    IUBB vs Purdue: 2/25 @7:30 on FOX

    I'm got the DVR replaying it lol.... I was on the phone with my best buddy from IN (right after the game) ..... He's a big PU fan.... He predicted a close game, and I predicted 10+ pt PU win.. lol. We were both wrong. Only one was sad... 5+ years ago I recorded all games on my PC (capture card) and converted... Stopped when I got tired of sucking... Should have started again last year...
  13. Southside

    IUBB @ Michigan - Saturday, 2/11/23 @ 6:00 on ESPN

    If he keep this stuff up.... we gonna be fun in the dance... and sad next season...