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  1. Please get rid of all TV's in your house. Thanks in advance
  2. Maybe. We will be adding players for next year. Who that will be is still yet to be determined. But I have heard both those names and others
  3. What a great win!!! Hopefully, this team is coming together at the right time. Let get things rolling. Can you imagine next year when we add Henry or Brooks, how good we can be?
  4. Chris007

    TV Series Thread

    I really enjoyed Ted Lasso, he reminds me of Tom Allen.
  5. I will say I have been told that people who make large donations don't necessarily care for Archie. Words like arrogant, unapproachable get tossed around a lot. There is a large portion of the fan base who know that it's not the job it used to be so most likely no big names are coming unless you offer a lot of money and they want an Indiana guy. That's why you hear Steve's name plus he is good friends with Dolson.
  6. The list I have heard which is not saying much is Stevens, a real long long shot, Mike White, Beard (another real long shot), Alford (most likely) and Fife. Alford would have to bring in a defensive coordinator. But none of that is happening this year. Archie is not getting fired this year.
  7. They played their first game on Nov 25 and have been shut down ever since.
  8. Chris007

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    Crean has them playing well 5-0 with a ranking in the 90's.
  9. Chris007

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    I'm guessing and total guess is that Mohammed sees Georgia as the fastest route to the NBA. I like Stewert from what I've heard about him. Plus how can you not like a guy who goes to Buffalouies on his trip to Bloomington.
  10. What's more likely to happen, IU playing PU in Football on Friday or IU playing Butler in basketball on Saturday?
  11. Chris007

    (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown

    I believe Tom Crean sang Georgia on my mind to him to seal the deal.
  12. I think our morning test confirmed that it's gotten into our locker room. Have to get it contained now to have any shot to play next week. I think when I was told it was just staff members, I was being told the best possible scenario but that info was not divulged like that.
  13. From what I understand this is not a major issue that might not even include any players. I was told last night that we should be fine for this weekend, but we'll see if the dumpster up north will be ready to go.
  14. Yeah I understand. Probably should have been stated that this was a pre-recorded video.
  15. Boy, I loved the event last night just wish it was 45 minutes longer. If you didn't like that don't ever go to practice. I would pay $5.99 a month to be able to see a couple of hours of that each week. If this pandemic would get over, I could go back to going to practice. But after reading this board I must be in the minority.
  16. Rabby is saying that Mason is zooming with IU this morning and pushing his decision back to Monday. I'm heading to Assembly now for my weekly COVID test, so I'll see what I can find out :-)
  17. I'm just saying Miller has flown away but I really have no idea, and that I'm very excited to see the basketball team on Wednesday night.
  18. How about that virtual Hoosier Hysteria Wednesday night. That should be fun to watch. I've always like Cardinals instead of Blue Jays so I'll pass on the Miller news.
  19. He wants to be a 3, Painter told him he could be the 3, with Faust being the 4 and the other 7footer being the 5
  20. Hilarious, I told my wife about this recruitment last night. She said if that is all your going to talk about tomorrow then you might need to go into the office because I have too many zoom meeting to hear about IU basketball all day. I'm in the office today :-)
  21. Is that your basement or garage in the pic with all of the IU stuff? How many taps do you have? Any good beers? I'm coming over after COVID to hang out in there and watch a game
  22. I believe it has been verified that they were recording in Jeffersonville last night. I thought Rabby said yes, and that there was a picture of him from the studio or something like that
  23. I know your not, sorry if I came across that way. I'm just frustrated that Trey seems mad when all of this was caused by himself & mostly Purdue fans.
  24. That's what I was talking about. It's the Purdue people who used his name, likeness to say they have heard the video and started spreading that he has committed to them. So be mad at them or if you pick them be mad at your new fanbase for all of this. Or once again don't tape it 24 hours in advance.
  25. Well, that would make me feel a little better. He doesn't seem like the type of kid from what I have heard who would have Indiana hang on for a year when he has no intention of coming here.