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  1. BleedCubbieBlue

    Player decisions

    I hope that CMW can coach them up to stop thinking about basketball and start playing basketball. I think a lot if the issues from last year were between the ears. That said, Lander has to stop turning his feet away from the basket when he shoots.
  2. Maybe this one has been quiet because Woodson is leading the effort. I don't really understand how it all works. I am sure that Dolson has to sign off on the hire, but he doesn't necessarily have to lead the process. Any idea if Fife was someone that CMW was targeting or if he was identified by Dolson and CMW gave the thumbs up?
  3. Do you happen to know if he was ever in consideration for the head coaching job at IU?
  4. Do you have any idea if CMW is talking to any NBA guys? I love the fact that we have Hunter and Fife, but I would have to think that Woody wants another guy on the bench that he has more of a relationship with.
  5. BleedCubbieBlue

    College Bball Thread

    Arizona fans have cannibalized that program. They have unrealistic expectations of winning without cheating. Jay Bilas told me so.
  6. I am just not used to so many good things happening for IU basketball. It is a bit overwhelming. Dolson and CMW are effing killing it.
  7. It has been a long time since I have been this excited about Indiana basketball. I can't wait to see a team go out on the floor, play loose, and have fun. IU did not look like they were having fun last year, they looked like a team that had just been sentenced to a labor camp at the same time they were being punched in the dick and someone was kicking their puppy.
  8. So do we think the TJD tweet is in reference to XJ, Keion, Franklin, Race, or an assistant coach?
  9. BleedCubbieBlue

    Player decisions

    I was wondering the same thing. Does anyone know if they were given a deadline?
  10. He got someone from Bloomington to help him with the big words.
  11. That was actually a terrible joke on my part. Michael Lewis wrote the book "Moneyball".