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  1. What makes Fife a home run assistant hire? Asking because I truly don’t know. Other than the fact he went to IU.
  2. If you have an IU degree you’re qualified by IU standards.
  3. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen talk of us getting home run assistants. Can’t get a home run coach so what makes people think we are getting home run assistants to prop up an average to bad head coaching hire?
  4. The reason we aren’t a blue blood is because we refuse to be one. When you pay $3.5mill a year for a coach you get an average coach. If you want to be mentioned with UK, Duke, UNC and Kansas you have to spend money like they doing. IU is too cheap and stupid to do that. They keep spending money to fire bad coaches instead of spending money to hire a good one. People say this coach or that coach would never come here and that’s partially true. For $3.5mill they won’t. Try spending some money on these guys and you’ll get a different set of ears listening. This is more of the same. Only this time they are going to experiment by hiring 2 guys to try and make one good coach. Hopefully when this experiment is over we dont have to hear the hire an IU guy garbage anymore.
  5. Same here. Don’t know what Indiana guy has to do with anything. Knight came from Ohio State and West Point. He wasn’t and Indiana guy. I’ll trade an Indiana guy for a coach who wins all day long.
  6. Give IU fans long enough and they will talk themselves into it being good enough.
  7. You ever seen the movie “Titantic”? Same ending.
  8. Funny watching everyone talking themselves into this being a good hire. Happens every time IU hires a coach.
  9. Good luck getting rid of a former player and Knight guy when it doesn’t work out. We are stuck with him.
  10. Exactly. How many other college coaching jobs has his name ever been up for?
  11. Can we find a spot for Beilein too. Then we can have all the old guys no one wants on the staff.
  12. Dolson off to. Great start. SMH.
  13. Welp. Back to not giving a damn.
  14. With Mike Woodson they were going in anyway.