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  1. IUHAHN81

    College Bball Thread

    I wish u guys could see the size of my smile right now ;)
  2. I am so in love with the idea of this old school, all star type of coaching staff. I think it's the exact opposite of what everyone expected and I'm diggin' it! Depends being worn or not, we gonna win!
  3. I think if we can get a couple more IU guys on the bench, the obvious theme song would be Thin Lizzy, The Boys are Back in Town.
  4. Where's Dolson?! Oh, there he is. Way out in left field!
  5. They won last night and he STILL seemed frustrated in post game presser. I don't think it's a happy situation there personally. Call it rose colored glasses but im just looking at the obvious.
  6. I think we all just need to keep rooting for the Celtics to tank. ;)
  7. And that is exactly why there IS no specific time table. Its all up in the air still. IMO.
  8. Well hell, the other thread has Jay Wright interested supposedly. It's like playing Whack a Mole only with coaches!
  9. I was outta likes for today so I gave u a "thanks" instead ;)
  10. I think it's simple. The Hoosiers and Brad have a deal worked out. They are simply waiting for him to get fired by Celtics. That's why the time table is up in the air. If he doesn't, we see an IU guy as HC. That is my opinion on why everything seems so up in the air. It all hinges on Brad getting canned.
  11. F***** A Chris! F***** A!!!!!
  12. IUHAHN81

    General New Coach News

    We need a Tweet from Dolson that says, "Who's all watching the Celtics tonight?"
  13. If Dolson called Holtmann, my advice would be hide ur wives around him! He's taking no prisoners!