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  1. IUHAHN81

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    Thank goodness IU has the portal to rely on every year. Insert eye roll!
  2. Guess if May is such a risk, I don't get why every damn school with a coaching vacancy had him on their list. Color me clueless I guess. If our administration didn't want him, we should be thinking the OPPOSITE of what they think because the OPPOSITE is probably the right call.
  3. Dustys a risk. We have a proven winner already! Just ask QB.
  4. I hope Dusty makes Indiana look stupid. Not hard to do. Usually take care of that on their own. I DO NOT want to lose the passion I have had for this program for 40 years but they are suckin it out of me fast!
  5. IUHAHN81

    IUWBB vs Fairfield - Saturday, 03.23.24 @ 1:30 on ESPN2

    Exactly! That's what I love! Watching them stick around and grow. Love it!
  6. IUHAHN81

    IUWBB vs Fairfield - Saturday, 03.23.24 @ 1:30 on ESPN2

    100%! These ladies and their coach ROCK!
  7. IUHAHN81

    IUWBB vs Fairfield - Saturday, 03.23.24 @ 1:30 on ESPN2

    It's basically to the point that if the women's team is on at the same time as the men, im watching the ladies! It's great watching well played basketball.
  8. I can totally understand your point here. I get that for sure.
  9. I just can't get behind going after a 60+ year old coach at this point. MOST, of course not all proven P5 coaches are getting into that age range. If we bring in someone like that and we get going, it'll be over again before we know it because of their age. Then we are right back to square one. Imo, at some point we are gonna hafta roll the dice again to score a coach that can be our coach successfully for a couple decades. May not be a popular opinion but that's where I'm at.
  10. IUHAHN81

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    If they're gonna run the the program into the ground then let's run into freakin' ground and give the guy whatever he wants. Extend him till he's 100 yrs old. Guys got more stars on his team than any other conference team and can't do sh*t with um. The portal isn't saving his a$$. Doesn't take a business/basketball minded genius to see that, yet that's what they feel is best. It's becoming almost impossible to care anymore. My IU basketball enthusiasm will be strictly given to the women's team until this administration is gone. I found myself literally laughing this year watching games. That's not the kind of fan I want to be. Makes me sick.
  11. Look at the bright side, we get to do this all over again next year. YAY!
  12. IUHAHN81

    NCAA MBB Coaching Carousel

    The baseline for IU should be teams crap their pants when they see us on their schedule. Simple as that imo.
  13. Dusty needs to walk into Woodsons office, shove all his crap off his desk and put his stuff down and tell Mike, "I'm takin' over. Go kick rocks!"
  14. "Well, again guys....." Literally starts every statement that way. Or my fav, "Just gotta keep workin'." Has ZERO clue on how to get over the "hump" so he just says that. I've never once heard him say anything detailed regarding bball.