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  1. Man, let's just play some ball! If we gotta win with what we have, then we find a way to win with what we have. Its a mindset. Go Big Red!
  2. I honestly don't think its ONE thing. Combo of a lot. Not much talent, questionable coaching, etc. All put together it's just not a good product.
  3. Told my son the other day as he was getting frustrated to stop thinking things are gonna change this late in the season. I don't expect to win any game we play this year. This team is just simply not good. It really is just that simple. They aren't good.
  4. IUHAHN81

    Negativity Thread

    When I speak about IU bball to people here in this crap state of Illinois, they see passion like they haven't seen before. They look at me when I'm talking like a deer in headlights. THAT is why this is so hard for us IU fans. It's a deep love for the game and program that people will just never understand. When you care about something, emotions tend to run high. Unfortunately it seems we care more than the players, coaches and university as a whole.
  5. IUHAHN81

    Negativity Thread

    Call me pessimistic but I honestly go into EVERY game expecting to lose. Unfortunately I'm one of those types that just can't NOT watch. Love this school too much. Maybe that's a personal problem I need to seek professional help for. Haha
  6. IUHAHN81

    Negativity Thread

    I just wonder if the "handcuffing" is laid out in the form of making it hard for Archie to hold kids accountable. Meaning they don't want any public rants, on court butt chewing etc. Therefore if our players aren't doing what the coaches want them to on the court, Archie may hafta just swallow his tongue. Just playing devil's advocate here.
  7. IUHAHN81

    Negativity Thread

    Not disagreeing but this just kinda reiterates the point of IU hiring guys that will keep the bball program from becoming the face of the university. To ME, and I'm no genius, it just seems like the higher ups are A OK with our bball program being just an average program.
  8. IUHAHN81

    Negativity Thread

    His reputation if he doesn't stay here for whatever reason is what my son and I were just talking about! Definitely not helping it!
  9. IUHAHN81

    Negativity Thread

    I'm definitely in agreement that Archie could be doing a lot of things A LOT better but I'm also FIRMLY in the boat that says our administration isn't helping anyones cause. I truly believe what has already been said many times. This administration doesn't want the IU basketball program to be the face of the school anymore. And when that's the case, all bets are off as to what product we see on the floor now AND going forward. Not defending Archie but I think our bball problems are way deeper than what we see on game day.
  10. IUHAHN81

    Negativity Thread

    Let's say Archie really is a fiery guy and WANTS to chew some butt and be more candid but isn't being allowed to. What's the difference? He either gets animated and pissed and gets fired for that, or complies with the "higher powers" and coaches a few more years and ends up fired because of no results. Either way, end result is the same. May as well let the lion out and coach how u want. IF he has that fire in him. I see Archie looking like the life has been sucked outta him. If he IS being handcuffed, it's very easy to stop giving a sh*t. Basically, go do what u want guys cause Lord knows I can't say anything to u. But who knows.
  11. IUHAHN81

    Prediction League (Game 23 - Purdue 2/8/20)

    I'm laughing so damn hard right now, u don't even know! That was GREAT! Thanks!
  12. I can hear the presser now, "We will keep getting better. Playing on the road is tough in this league." "One game at a time!"
  13. Its pretty obvious in their demeanor that we are about to lose a crap ton in a row. Shocker! Haha
  14. I wish Archie would chew himself AND his players a** half as hard as he chews that gum. Speed of the leader, speed of the group. Gotta show some fire yourself Archie!