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  1. hoosierbannerd

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

  2. hoosierbannerd

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    ..So Logan could be "The Dunkin' Duncomb"?
  3. because.. "It's Indiana..it's Indiana"...
  4. hoosierbannerd

    2021 Transfer Portal

    yeah, he was the third "Darren" ..by that time, Tabitha.. suffering from PAA (Parent Abandonment Anxiety)... ran away to be a Lynard Skynard groupie hence the line.. "What's your name, little girl, what's your name?"
  5. then post that sh*t on Ebay.. "gently used jockstrap for sale"...
  6. hoosierbannerd

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    He WAS one hell of a Blues guitar player...
  7. hoosierbannerd

    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    "and what it is is EXACTLY clear".. WOODY and CO are kicking @$$!
  8. betting Dane is already recruiting them..
  9. hoosierbannerd

    Player decisions

    he's dead to me...
  10. hoosierbannerd

    2021 Transfer Portal

    "One of the most ripped college kids I watched last year " prolly why he has zero interest to shoot from outside. he can't according to some...
  11. hoosierbannerd

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Yes, my avatar approves...
  12. I think Fife will be enrolling the players in his version of "Knight School"; especially on defense, accountability, etc and I f*cking love it...
  13. hoosierbannerd

    Player decisions

    to quote Igor from Young Frankenstein, "He'll be very popular"...
  14. What about his 5 ⭐ nephew or whomever? Any chance?