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  1. I think Fife will be enrolling the players in his version of "Knight School"; especially on defense, accountability, etc and I f*cking love it...
  2. hoosierbannerd

    Player decisions

    to quote Igor from Young Frankenstein, "He'll be very popular"...
  3. hoosierbannerd

    Assistant Coach Thread

    What about his 5 ⭐ nephew or whomever? Any chance?
  4. hoosierbannerd

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Where are you seeing this from Rabby? Nothing I see on his twitter..something on Peegs?
  5. hoosierbannerd

    Assistant Coach Thread

    "Can see that tag team really working with Mom." So if the mom is good, then Woody and Rosemond say, "Whomp. there it is!"...
  6. hoosierbannerd

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Thank you Mr. F*cking Sunshine!
  7. hoosierbannerd

    Player decisions

    Holy scmikeys Batman!
  8. hoosierbannerd

    This really sucks...

    This past season, I watched about the first 5 games or so, then over time I would watch part of a game and finally, I quit watching entirely.. Some of the last few games, I was "Oh, IU is playing" and go on with something else. I have NEVER been so disinterested as a fan. I needed to be given a reason to give a sh*t again. Coach Woody coming in-starting with his homage to RMK- bringing Dane back, the players back, adding XJ- NOW I can feel that old enthusiasm returning and by this Fall, I will be pumped the f*ck up again!! IU- thanks for giving me a reason to give a sh*t again. Hoo, Hoo, Hoo Hoosiers...
  9. hoosierbannerd

    Player decisions

    Damn, son...HOO-AAH!
  10. hoosierbannerd

    Player decisions

    It means he's sick and f*cking tired of losing to Purdue...
  11. hoosierbannerd

    2021 Transfer Portal

    that had me laugh-in...
  12. hoosierbannerd

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Had COVID shot # 1 (Moderna) this morning so just trying to chill today- Between refreshing this site and trying to find a damn 18' x 52 inch above ground Intex pool that is not a stupid amount of $ has been my afternoon.. ready for the good news inbound though...
  13. hoosierbannerd

    2021 Transfer Portal

    prolly 6 ft lower now...
  14. agreed... what's next? Fife in the crapper? "HOOSIER NATION, DIS WHAT FIFE GONNA HAVE IU DO TO PURDOO!!"