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  1. ray

    College Bball Thread

    Purdue Person(anatomical-part-above-the-neck)inson grabbed that Virginia player last night and he literally jumped into the air so he would get more momentum when he went to yank the kid to the ground. Then he slammed another kid in the mouth with his flagrant-one elbows and acted like he did nothing wrong. Later he swatted a shot from behind by the 5'10" Virginia point guard and flexed to the crowd as if he wasn't 15" taller than Clark. He is such a bully and a (abc...d)bag. Because of Dickinson I decided to root for the ACC team and not for the underdog BigTen team (even though I want to see the ranked teams get knocked down). I just have no respect and no love for that ogre.
  2. I watched that video and thought he seemed stiff and slow moving. I read that he intends to play. I hope he gets/stays healthy, but I worry about him playing and dragging this injury out deeper into the season than necessary. I've had back issues for many years (granted, mine is from issues with my discs/vertebrate and his could be nothing more than pulled muscles). Without proper rest and recovery my back issues don't go away. It haunts me again and again, and sometimes when I'm finally feeling well enough to do more, I bend over to tie a shoelace and it's right back to square one and the recovery process must begin again. Trayce is much younger than I am and I don't have a trained staff surrounding me with the equipment they have, so hopefully he's good to go...and hopefully it's nothing more than some pulled muscles and not something much more serious and long-term. Who was it from the Indiana team a few years back who was continuously being pulled from the games to have his back stretched and worked on by the staff on the sidelines? Was that Thomas Bryant or Juwan Morgan? Or maybe it was someone else. I can't remember who it was. I just remember it dragging out. Hopefully this isn't the case for TJD. He has individual records to break and team accomplishments to make.
  3. ray

    College Bball Thread

    The officiating in that game was extremely easy to ridicule. San Diego State looked really tough. Even with the officials offering chances of seven-point possessions for Ohio State, the Aztecs still managed to take them down.
  4. He also said before the tip (and continued to mention it throughout the first half) that he was glad to see JHS would “finally get some playing time.” He apparently hasn’t watched a lot of basketball this season, or at least not Indiana basketball. Bardo is such a turd.
  5. ray

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    I can’t help but wonder if Sean might be experiencing serious issues with his bowels as Rick has been experiencing.
  6. ray

    IUBB at Xavier - Friday, 11/18/22 @ 6:00 on FS1

    I realize you gave him permission to bump his chest whenever he likes, but the fact you even commented on this the way you did makes me wonder if you enjoy the regular season at all. I’m sorry if you won’t be able to get excited if IU pulls out a road win against a very good Kansas team because it’s too early in the season. That saddens me because that’s the fun of being a fan of sports…getting excited after a victory.
  7. Ugh. Another Big Ten Plus game. I’ll have to watch this one later when it airs on the Big Ten station I pay for. Is it safe to assume the Big Ten Network will later grant the viewing pleasure of one of its best women’s teams to those who pay for the premium channel (and by that, I mean the BTN because BTN Plus is only “premium” in the additional sports and games, and is by no means premium content)?
  8. Dude, reading this literally made me spit out my coffee. I continued to ask myself why she looked so different from the photo they showed of her. I kept thinking to myself, "She looks extremely ill, or perhaps she hasn't slept in 5 or 6 days". She looked like she was carrying massive bags under her eyes. It wasn't until she stepped to the free throw line that I finally realized the eyelashes were so long they were casting dark shadows down her face which made her look like an addict under the raking light. I was happy to know I didn't need to worry about her health and well-being any longer. She looked like that by choice.
  9. This was a very enjoyable game to watch. The Hoosier ladies are talented. I was thoroughly impressed. They outmatched Tennessee most the game and never gave up the lead…and Indiana clearly out-coached Tennessee. The “threatening full-court press” was broken down efficiently with ease, and they had excellent ball movement throughout the game. I’m looking forward to watching more of the IU women’s games.
  10. The Tabbed Five Tabbed (verb): identified as being suitable for a specified position In this case, suitable for replacing the starting five without let down
  11. Great effort defensively for the entire team. Xavier Johnson doesn’t need to score a lot to have an impact if he can remain under control and impose his will defensively as well as find teammates for great looks. I was impressed with the point guard play regardless of their shooting statistics…JHS is a weapon even during an off-shooting night, and even Galloway looked locked in and focused during his short stint at pg. The second unit continues to impress me. There’s so little drop off with the 5-in/5-out rotations. That second unit might even continue to do as they have twice in two games thus far and bring enough energy and skill to help the team pull away from their opponents. TJD was so efficient, and it was nice to see the entire team shoot free throws like the Hoosier teams of old. Three-point shooting can’t realistically remain at the level it is early on, but last night seemed promising. Kopp is on fire, and I hope that continues. It changes the dynamic so much to have his dead-eye from behind the arc. Galloway’s shot form looks much improved. I loved seeing Banks take the ball down the court. His free throw shooting was on point. He may not see heavy minutes early, but I think he and Gunn show a lot of promise for the future. Duncomb made me smile the way he forced his will and made sure the Hoosiers reached the century mark Reneau is a beast. He’s so smart with his decision making, and the game seems to be at a pace he’s ready for…never getting sped up and always making wise decisions. He is an excellent passer. Race will be Race, and he didn’t play a lot of minutes last night, but he and TJD work so well together. I’m still not as impressed by Bates as some others may be, and I hope he can prove his value is more than it was last year. He gets a lot of playing time, so I’m going to assume he’s turning a corner and Woodson sees it. I’m not saying he’s not worthy of playing time, but I’ve not seen yet in a season and a couple games where he deserves the playing time he’s logging. With that said, these early season games are good to utilize him and hopefully get him into his groove. Leal still appears to be the mop-up-minutes guy Woodson will put in when the game is clearly over. He came in after all freshman and entered the game with our “walk-on” unit. As a former Mr Basketball (understandably during a down year), he seems so happy for his teammates and excited to be in an IU uniform. That says so much about his loyalty and character. 2 and 0, and a daunting schedule awaits. I haven’t been so excited about IU basketball in many years. I hope there aren’t any early let downs in focus and effort (Xavier next week, for instance) because I really want to see IU still in the top 15 and knocking on the door of the Top-10 when they meet up with the giants on their schedule. Now, I’m going to read through everyone’s comments.
  12. ray

    (2024) - G Rakease Passmore

    I like the way he breaks down defenses (or just goes over them). I like that he commented on how much he likes that Woodson coaches defense. I like that he claims his court vision is from his time as a quarterback. He seems pretty excited by the IU offer and the visit. There's still plenty of time for Duke to offer. https://www.si.com/college/2022/08/04/rakease-passmores-top-2024-guard-prospect-adidas-college-basketball-recruiting
  13. People are suggesting players screwed up off the court simply because the players were near the other players while “supposedly” ill. Indiana has had players playing with influenza and stomach bugs (and players and coaches have admitted it), so I’m not sure why a couple players being allowed near the team on the bench while ill seems so hard to believe. I’m not saying it’s unfathomable some secret is being kept, but I’m not sure why anyone’s first assumption would be that there is.
  14. ray

    Michael Lewis to Ball State

    I'll be seeing a lot of his games. I'm looking forward to it!
  15. Three schools in four years, the third being an NAIA school due to academic issues...and this isn't counting the commitment to USC he backed out of late in his recruitment (so it's actually four schools in four years). He left his former high school just days before the season started and enrolled in another high school which he was later expelled from. So, this kid is on his sixth school in five years...or maybe seven if he finished high school elsewhere after being expelled. Whew!