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  1. ray

    (2022) - SF Justin Taylor

  2. ray

    (2021) SG - Blake Wesley

  3. I couldn't find the shorter version, so I watched this one. I also read a couple articles and wanted to share. I apologize if these have already been shared elsewhere. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/recruiting/logan-duncomb-trey-kaufman-dominate-for-indiana-elite https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/battle-of-the-brands-logan-duncomb-and-trey-kaufman-carry-indiana-elite-to-dominate-win/
  4. ray

    (2022) - PG Avery Brown

    I read this article and came to share. As usual, you've beaten us all to it...and a big thank you for always keeping people up to date and sharing. As for this young man, without even seeing his game, he appears to have an extremely high confidence level, an above-average maturity, and he seems to be an impressive caliber person with a leader's mindset. His ability to score as well as his motivation to distribute and defend is worth the effort to recruit him. He and his family also seem quite impressed with Miller and Indiana thus far.
  5. ray

    Coronavirus and Sports Only - PLEASE and THANK YOU

    This is one sporting event in Indiana that WILL take place, whether or not most fans are allowed to attend. Indiana’s governor will for sure be in attendance with his family, as he’s made it clear during many of his daily coronavirus updates how important this event is for his family who hasn’t missed in decades. I won’t count on any other sports in Indiana to have a full season, but I would bet on an Indianapolis 500 being raced. This doesn’t help me, though, as I hate auto racing.
  6. ray

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    As your brother and knowing our mother watches your daughter and watches my son, I am concerned you still think the professionals are the ones hiding facts. It’s been very clear to me our government has been hiding a lot of facts (more so than usual), going so far as demoting the actual professionals in order to do so. I hope you feel better soon. I agree you shouldn’t be going to work if you don’t feel well, regardless if there’s a known virus that will kill others or not. I agree that there is more than one symptom to covid that needs monitored, which I assume is why the doctor asked you to stay home for three days and watch for a fever. He noted other symptoms which are similar to seasonal allergies that are common right now. It makes sense to stay home when you’re ill, again, even if it isn’t a deadly virus you have, but more so now while there is (believe it or not) a deadly virus spreading quite easily. I’m more than a bit disappointed so many in our country (and more so, so many in my family) think certain people in charge are innocent and doing what’s best for our nation’s people. I predicted the return to “normalcy” and opening everything back up would inevitably spike the number of reported cases and likely lead the country to practically shut down again and go back to what was actually working. Even our own state can now count itself as one of a growing number of states setting new daily records. Thursday marked a new high at 954. Friday we reached 1,011. We’ll see about this weekend. Get well and take care. Love you. I have avoided this thread for the most part and refused to comment because it’s pretty clear it’s similar to our intolerable political system...two parties refusing to be swayed, even by logic, in order to maintain their own agendas.
  7. ray

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    May I ask a sincere question to better read your comment? Why are quotation marks used around the word damage? Wouldn't damage to a trailer park caused by a storm still be damage, or is it somehow not of concern because it was a trailer park? Perhaps you had no intention of implying people in trailer parks (or their homes) are of lesser significance, which quite frankly is how I interpreted it, and instead you meant to point to the fact news that bleeds is still of primary importance to news outlets. If so, then I agree that news outlets focus on the negative and rarely discuss the good happening in our world. If this was not your intended message, then I completely disagree that damage to a mobile home is of lesser importance...and I would likely even argue that the damage to a mobile home may be of greater importance due to the potential financial difficulties for some of those residents to bounce back from such an unfortunate event.
  8. ray

    Gardening Thread

    The nursery's name is Indiana Permaculture Nursery. I have been selling primarily on Facebook Marketplace, but I am not currently selling due to covid. It is not my full-time job (although, it often feels like it), so I am just concentrating on landscaping my own property and propagating this year. I will be selling again next spring. I hope to one day create a website, but I have been successful using free advertising and selling through word-of-mouth thus far. I will alert you if I create a website this winter. I always plan to build a site over the winter (slower months), but I end up sort of putting the nursery to rest in late fall after a long season and forget about it. It is a goal again this winter. I don't always reach my goals.
  9. ray

    Gardening Thread

    I do. I have a lot of berry bushes...Nanking cherry, goji, cranberry, gooseberry, aronia, mulberry, 7 varieties of grapes, 14 varieties of blueberries, several varieties of raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, Juneberries (saskatoon), honeyberries, strawberries, hardy kiwi, and others.
  10. ray

    Gardening Thread

    Very cool thread. I had no idea there was a thread for this. I own a small licensed nursery I run on the side. I'm glad to see fellow gardeners on here, and I will enjoy checking in occasionally. My nursery specializes in permaculture (a lot of perennial edibles and "functional plants"), but I also sell and grow a vast assortment of ornamental plants as well. I'm down for a thread like this.
  11. ray

    (2022) PG Bruce Thornton

    Auburn: “It was a packed crowd and loud.” - if he visits Bloomington, then I'm quite sure it will equal the capacity and volume if not exceed it Indiana: “That offer surprised me. They had a Hall of Famer in Isaiah Thomas. That’s a big basketball school." - enough said, but if Landers lives up to the hype and performs well in Archie's system, then that might help too Maryland: “The whole coaching staff played point guard, so they can help me become a better point guard.” - Archie played point guard Ohio State: “They have a lot of history." - not nearly as much basketball history as Indiana Purdue: “They really want to build a relationship. They brought three different coaches down to see me. They really put in the time to recruit me.” - if Archie wants him, then he and Roberts will put the time in to build a strong relationship too Georgia might have a leg up thus far. His parents played there, and his parents still live nearby. He mentioned how Crean plays a fast tempo he likes, which can't be argued. I'm sure he grew up watching the SEC. I'm not sure if he's a church-goer, so as far as I know that's still a non-factor.
  12. ray

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/oklahoma-state-center-yor-anei-transferring-after-cowboys-postseason-ban/ Thoughts on such a player to transfer to Bloomington? He would be eligible for two years. A big man with experience in a major conference. A great defensive player. Should Archie at least reach out to see if there's any interest?
  13. https://twitter.com/_treypatt3/status/1264315325870485504/photo/1 He is pointing at Indiana on his Twitter page.
  14. The videos of this kid are impressive. I love seeing him aggressively attack the rim with enthusiasm and seemingly effortlessly, but I'm even more impressed by his defensive instincts when it comes to intercepting passing lanes and the timing with his shot blocking. Tae Davis is another in this class I really like, but for different reasons (most notably, his outside shooting and the fact he's a coach's son). The kid from Chicago seems a little more clumsy in his game at this point, but it could be he's still learning to control his longer body at a youthful age. I think he's the higher rated prospect at this point, but I like Davis and Bond a lot. Although, it's still very early. I'll have to look at some of the videos of other targets, as these three are the only '22 targets I've watched thus far. Thanks again for always bringing so much information to this forum. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2022-names-to-know-leon-bond/ By the way, Patrick Baldwin Jr is a stud. He will likely be wearing a Puke jersey though, unfornutately.
  15. Great article...can he help with recruiting??? https://www.insidethehall.com/2020/06/02/q-a-former-indiana-guard-matt-roth-on-being-an-iu-guy-for-life/