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  1. ray

    NIL and IU

    Personally, I don’t idolize any coach…but I am jealous of their paychecks. I think many coaches are grossly overpaid, as are most (all?) CEO’s. Many universities don’t make enough money from athletics to cover the costs of supporting the teams…much fewer do than don’t. I read an article a few years back which listed revenue vs cost, and most college sports teams don’t make financial sense.
  2. ray

    NIL and IU

    She would be paid to record new music for the record company. This goes beyond what she is doing for her academic scholarship. Some of the money being tossed around for the NIL deals seem to be solely to recruit or maintain a student athlete with little to nothing done in return. Like I said, I don’t blame the students for taking what’s presented to them. If they can benefit from signing paperwork and doing nothing in return, then fine. If they can benefit from taking pictures and being the face for advertising, then that’s a little better (and no different than modeling). If they can be paid for benefiting a good cause, then that’s even better. Still, like I said, I will question what reasons the students choose to play at Indiana (or elsewhere), and whether those reasons will keep a player from turning down a better offer at another university…which could cause constant turnover (more than we’ve already seen) and continuous bidding wars…and all in the name of more money. And, again, I said in my post it’s no different than an accountant finding a higher paying firm to work for. I get it, and I don’t blame the student athletes. It’s just not what I wanted to see in college sports. It’s my opinion. I’m not asking anyone to agree with that opinion. I do think it’s different. We aren’t asking the players to play extra games for their reward or play in a better venue, but merely asking them to do what they’ve already been under contract to do (in most cases). I’m sure some athletes are working hard for something they care about. Mostly, though, I bet it’s a paycheck that just comes freely or with very little effort. Perhaps I’m wrong, and maybe they have to work hard for their $38,000 summer paychecks, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case in some (and probably most) places. NIL potentially evens the playing field between the programs previously sliding money under the table and those that always did things more ethically, but only for the universities with passionate fans and large donor bases. It will likely destroy the Cinderella story I love so much about college basketball. Again, it’s just my opinion. And, I’ll add, the move to a different venue will be additional money for the university. It will not go to the student opera prodigy. She would need to book her own performance hall or hire an agent to do so for her. Her paycheck will come from recording NEW music on her own time, not from ticket sales…unless you want to rework her contract to include ticket sales, but that wasn’t specified in your scenario…and something tells me she would perform in the larger venue for more exposure, but that she will not be offered additional compensation for her performance.
  3. ray

    NIL and IU

    I am in complete agreement. I’ve always found it completely intolerable to hear professional athletes whine about their “financial hardships” because they “only” make $2 million per year while some other athletes in their sport are making $3 million per year. It’s ego-driven and greedy, and no attempt to make me or someone who truly struggles (often at jobs we would love to say goodbye to) feel sympathetic isn’t going to be successful. Now there will be bidding wars for college athletes while some other kids sitting next to them in their classrooms are stacking up crippling debt for their future with massive student loans. Although I will miss knowing each of the players on the roster are at Indiana for their academics, the coaches, and/or the historical program and its fans, the likelihood of players choosing Indiana primarily for lucrative amounts of NIL money is something that will be in the back of my mind going forward…and I, too, would like to watch Indiana basketball stacking up wins again and want to know we’re making it worthwhile for the players (as if playing in Assembly Hall wasn’t enough). I do believe players should be paid (at minimum, for their time in practice, team meetings, travel, and performance on the court which adds exposure to the university), but to think that an 18-year old bench warmer may feel underpaid at $19,000 per month is a gross thought…and an entitled perspective. I’m not saying any of the players feel this way, but if so, then I wish them the best at finding a career which pays them so well…because there are many people in this world making less than $38,000 in an entire year. As I’ve said before, though, people drop their loyalty to a company on a regular basis to increase their salaries elsewhere, and I can’t blame any kid for choosing his or her most lucrative path and they should have that choice if the choice presents itself.
  4. ray

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

  5. https://www.wdrb.com/sports/bozich-kentucky-basketball-doesnt-need-indiana-and-hoosiers-dont-need-the-wildcats/article_996713f0-dd1b-11ec-847b-f36f46753b64.html
  6. ray

    Early 2022-2023 Top 25

    If you like Bates and JHS rotating in at the G Spot, then who do you like hitting the other four pleasure zones? Just curious…
  7. ray

    TJD is BACK

  8. ray

    Early 2022-2023 Top 25

    Kelvin freaking Sampson. Was Indiana just a few too many phone calls away from being a legitimate contender on an annual basis, or would half of Sampson's teams been dismissed from IU anyways for poor grades and too many ounces of weed in their possession? It's tough to say.
  9. ray

    NIL and IU

    But, soon it will be: 4) more money I believe it’s inevitable now. Why wouldn’t many players want to chase the money if it’s being offered?
  10. ray

    NIL and IU

    I completely agree. And as I’ve said, I don’t blame the student athletes and I think they should run for the most money and earn what they can while they can. I know I would. I just think it will make the entertainment less entertaining for me (and I’m sure many others) unless they discover a method of creating some sense of fairness. If I’m watching a team that is constantly having its best performers swayed to leave for more earnings, then it becomes a lot like watching minor league baseball…never knowing what product will be on the field. And for a lot of schools, this is exactly what will happen to their rosters on an annual basis. And it’s already happening with the ability to transfer and instantly have eligibility. Couple instantly eligible transfer opportunities with donors persuading them to leave and we’ll have teams even further stacked and smaller schools having their rosters turn over even more frequently, which makes March Madness less entertaining (and competitive) for me personally. Personally, at this point, and if it’s going to spiral out of control like I imagine it will, then I like the idea of separating the Power 5 and NCAA. I’m sure there will be big spenders popping up in smaller conferences too, but the separation will at least reduce the impact the “Yankees” of college basketball have on universities with smaller donor pools.
  11. ray

    NIL and IU

    No worries. I should have said I, too, expected the dirty to stay dirty and for the NCAA to have no control. I just didn’t want the whole thing to be tarnished by the filth and to have donors forming teams by pulling players from their previous commitments to play for the donor’s favorite universities. It was going to happen in the dark or in the light either way, but with so much light being shed on recent “acquisitions” I can’t be (naive) and assume many more students won’t look to jump ships for better financial gains (nor would I…many of us leave jobs for more lucrative opportunities, so I don’t blame student athletes for doing the same). I just know when students see announcements of Florida (or whomever) having donors floating larger bags of cash, some students will be reluctant to maintain loyalty to their commitments, and coupled with the transfer portal being what it now is, it will make for less than ideal (and competitive) March Madness (in my opinion). Then again, who is to say the players running for the most bank will have a cohesive unit and not be outplayed by the lower earners? I think it’s past due for students to be given the opportunity to make money using their name, image, and likeness. A college student can start a TikTok or YouTube account, pose for Playboy, or start an OnlyFans and profit without the university or NCAA having any control of their earnings, so why should student athletes be restricted (even if they’re using the exposure of the university to gain). I also understand Indiana has an advantage over most. Still, even with “my team” with a distinctive advantage, I didn’t want donors to be allowed to form their own teams. Once a student athlete is enrolled, then let the money fly (and have some sense of control over it), but in my opinion, to pull students away from their previous commitments by offering more money out of the gate will further tarnish the sport I love. If Indiana can be caught making an extra phone call to a recruit, then why can’t someone stop others from delivering promises to bribe student athletes? The answer is, they could and could have all along…but the economical benefits were enough for the NCAA to overlook whatever they wanted to overlook. Again, it’s all nothing more than an opinion. I just wish there was a way to reign in the Wild West that college sports will become. There will always be those dirty “players”, but now it’s become so much easier to play dirty. Someone mentioned the Power 5 separating from the NCAA. If that happens, then maybe we’ll have two tournaments. In which case, I’ll watch the one with the most fair competition.
  12. ray

    NIL and IU

    I thought it meant players would look for advertising opportunities to use their name, image and likeness while in school. I expected it to give an incentive for some “on the cusp” NBA prospects to stay at their university awhile longer. I didn’t realize wealthy donors would be allowed to throw money at teenagers enticing them to leave their current schools to attend the donor’s favorite school. It’s poaching, pure and simple. It’s happened in private high schools and prep schools for years, and it’s happened under the table in college sports for years, but that doesn’t mean I should have expected (or wanted) this NIL to become a free-for-all with no restrictions or limitations in place by any governing body. To let the highest bidder “steal” players from their current schools by handing them a bag of cash to enroll in the donors’ favorite schools was not what I had in mind and not what I hoped for. Of course it was going to happen, but it’s become so apparent it will openly happen and as a teenager I would have looked to make mine too. I don’t blame the students, and I can’t blame the donors. I can only blame the lame organization that has never had any real control and has always played favorites for its own economical gain. I know I’m not blind, so I guess you’re calling me naive. Thanks for the name calling. I thought that was something this forum didn’t approve of. My feelings aren’t hurt, so it’s all good, but calling people blind and naive is inappropriate, in my humble opinion.
  13. ray

    NIL and IU

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Indiana become a basketball juggernaut while growing up. It was fun to watch a group of kids who chose to play for Indiana and/or a specific coach become successful as a team and make a name for Indiana basketball, which despite its recent lack of success, is still considered a blue blood by many due to its past success and still has a significant name in college basketball. Watching kids play for a school regardless of money was fun for me. I’m not against players being able to advertise for organizations and be paid, and I think this should be allowed. I didn’t expect this to so quickly become a league where the richest donors could form a team like we see from NBA owners and managers, but without the limits and restrictions we see in the NBA. I stopped watching professional sports long ago (way back when baseball players went on strike because bench warmers were only making a million dollars per year at the time and they acted as though they truly believed their families may go hungry…and elite players were complaining because they felt they deserved 7 million instead of 5). I just became disinterested in grown men acting like they’re being paid a peasant’s earnings and struggling financially when their sense of entitlement and their ego was not being massaged well enough. Sure, players should bring in some (a lot) of that ridiculous money the owners of professional franchises make because they’re the product that is selling tickets and merchandise…but, I didn’t want to read about and listen to players complaining they aren’t earning enough when one year of a bench warmer’s salary today would set someone like myself up handsomely for life (someone who doesn’t need a pole barn full of luxury vehicles and multiple mansions to feel like I’m valued). My eyes have been opened, and I now realize where things will likely go based on where things have already gone in a matter of weeks. If this becomes a league where players are running after the highest bidder and no restrictions are put in place (and no governing body is willing or capable of creating AND KEEPING some control over it), then this will be similar to what I experienced decades ago with professional sports. I don’t have to continue watching it, because I have a choice, but I will miss it. It’s not only about winning (at all costs) for me. I enjoyed watching a team form and gel together under strong leadership and tutelage through practice and hard work. A blend of differing levels of talent becoming a unit and wearing a jersey because they committed to a team without financial incentives. Now, it seems more likely to watch teams assemble and disassemble even more so than what we’ve seen with the transfer portal minus the NIL deals, with the best players running to the universities with the wealthiest donor pool. As some have said already, there will be professional “G-League” teams competing for championships each year and the universities with smaller donor pools will have almost no chance of creating their own Cinderella stories many of us love in March. It is what it is, and there are two sides to look at it from. Some will agree with me while others won’t. I don’t like professional sports for my own reasons, and this is what college basketball will most likely resemble going forward if nothing is done to change the way this NIL money is being offered. Again, some will be fine with it, and I’m fine with them being fine with it. It just changes college basketball for me, the only sport I still watch religiously. And, yes, I know there have always been bidding wars amongst some of the elite teams, and it has always disgusted me…but when the entire collegiate atmosphere is at the mercy of a bidding war for the best players, it will probably free up more of my time and I’ll find other things to do.
  14. ray

    (2025) SF Koa Peat

    I didn't know who this Flagg kid was, so I watched a little film. He's not bad...for a freshman. I'm kidding! Where's his offer? I watched a little film of both, and they both play far beyond their years. At a quick glance, my eyes can't fathom how Peat will be rated higher than Flagg. One is an athletic gazelle who runs the floor and isn't afraid to be a bulldozer. The other is a finesse scoring machine who is extremely crafty with his dribbles and passing. Both finish strong under contact, one mostly by using speed, power and athleticism to dunk on or rise up over others and the other more so by using elite body control. Peat's game is smooth and he makes it look easy, but Flagg manages to dribble through traffic exceptionally well (I like how his game changes speed and he uses purposeful hesitation and seems very methodical). I feel like one uses his athleticism extremely well, while the other uses athleticism and a large bag of skills. From these videos, and knowing nothing about the competition (I know, LA vs Maine) and only seeing highlights, Peat seems to use his athleticism and power very well to be a volume scorer while Flagg uses his court awareness and footwork to contribute to what seems like a better all-around game. Again, though, I am only seeing highlights. It could very well be that Peat's "best freshman in the country" highlight video was to showcase his scoring, but the stats tell me my eyes may have seen things accurately. Peat: 15 pts per game, 6.1 rebs per game, 1.6 assists per game, 1.8 blocks per game (couldn't find his steals) Flagg: 20.5 pts per game, 10 rebs per game, 6.2 assists per game, 3.7 steals per game, 3.7 blocks per game Is there room for both?
  15. ray

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I am not doubting you in the slightest, but how is paying for your own education and suiting up as a walk-on illegal? Honest question, and hoping you know the answer. Thanks in advance! I, like some others here, would love for Leal to stay (or at least not be asked to leave). His loyalty and attitude (the best cheerleader while riding the bench all year) is exceptional. Very few kids maintain the level of loyalty he has, especially when they see clearly they're not going to be playing the minutes they might have once hoped for. And having a bench player always enthusiastically cheering on his team sends a signal to anyone else wanting to mope around due to lack of playing time that it's a team-first culture. It's one of the reasons I love the Reneau pickup...he seems to understand nothing is guaranteed and he'll use the competition to improve his game and make the team better in practices while working tirelessly to move himself up the ladder (if he's not on a starting rung to begin with).