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  1. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I think he'd play here. Assuming we get Carlyle, I see Essegian as our fourth guard. And he provides something entirely different from the other three, that we have been dying for - a lights out spot up shooter. He's not getting starter minutes, but I see him in the rotation.
  2. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I don't think it's a big deal. I've been through the recruiting process for work a few times. Pretty similar process to us bringing in players. They put you up in a nice hotel, get the serious stuff and interviews done during the day, and then take you out to a nice dinner. People typically have a drink or two at the dinner. I think a recruit going to the Bluebird on a recruiting visit is basically the college kid equivalent of me having a drink at Ruth's Chris.
  3. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Great get in Ballo. If we're going to play with a traditional 5, may as well grab one of the best in the country. We've talked a lot this offseason about a potential Reneau-Mgbako frontcourt pairing, and the potential rebounding / defense limitations of that tandem. A Ballo-Mgbako pairing doesn't have that issue - and still spaces the floor for our penetrating guards. I know the two bigs will play together plenty. But I really hope we also see a fair amount of the Ballo-Mgabko frontcourt.
  4. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I do not agree at all with that first sentence. I love the Rice addition. For the 2 guard spot, it's not that complicated - some people prefer the guy who has already made "the leap", over the guy who hasn''t yet. It's not an anti-Carlyle sentiment. He is clearly talented, and may very well make that leap next season. But Conwell already made it. He has already shown he's capable of being a key contributor and efficient shooter on volume for a good team. Carlyle has not, yet.
  5. Rice was my #1 priority from the portal. Love this signing. Now let's get a big time shooter to go with him.
  6. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Agree. If Woodson is married to Reneau being a 4, I think Ballo is pretty much the best case scenario as the 5. He's an absolutely elite rebounder, which fills a big need for us.
  7. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    I think Rice will be a fine shooter. But I agree, if we are going to play two bigs together again, both wings need to be knockdown shooters. Mgbako is one. Of the guys we're rumored to be in on, I want Conwell or Hickman for that other spot. Gallo will still get heavy minutes as sixth man. But I think Gallo lineups work best with a shooter like Mgbako at the 4.
  8. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Exactly. And for additional context, Reneau's assist rate ranked 16th out of all Big Ten players, and #1 among post players.
  9. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    He's absolutely not a problem offensively. He's a post player, and a really good one. He draws consistent double teams. He does force it sometimes, but he also had the second highest assist rate on the team. Put spacing and shooting around him and he'll be a monster. Defensively he's a tweener, yes. I don't think that's an unsolvable issue.
  10. Shooter

    Transfer Portal w IU Interest

    Huntley-Hatfield can play. Would be interesting to know what kind of role Woodson has in mind.
  11. Is there some report out there about IU and Conwell? He would absolutely be a priority target for me, but ISU is still playing and I haven't seen anything about him being in the portal.
  12. While I have not been a fan of Woodson lately, it's March 28 and the roster still has 6 open spots. Probably need to wait a bit before making any big proclamations.
  13. Shooter

    (2024) - SF Bryson Tucker to INDIANA

    Always great to add talent. I haven't seen him play, but his scouting report sounds like a nice fit as the other forward alongside Mgbako. Let's get a few guards next.
  14. Perkins yes. Tucker, I have no idea. Hard to know with freshmen. Mgbako was rated even higher, and was borderline unplayable early in the season.
  15. If we add three guards/wings better than Galloway, I'll be absolutely thrilled. I would not consider it likely though. Prove me wrong Mike.