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Loaded Chicken Sandwich

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  1. Indiana- 6 Meatchicken- 55
  2. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Football Thread

    Chryst getting 16.8M.
  3. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Football Thread

    It would be hilarious if Wisconsin hired Deion. He is literally the exact opposite of anything Wisconsin sports.
  4. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Football Thread

    Wonder what his buyout was.
  5. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Top 15!!! First time ever!!! Only downhill from here.
  6. Idaho and Western Kentucky probably feel the same.
  7. He ruins our chances at the #1 pick.
  8. Injuries aren't an excuse against such a horrid team.
  9. Throw deeo everytime and this secondary is beat.
  10. Uhh.... Get #12 the ball more.
  11. I hope that first sentence is sarcasm.
  12. How does Walt Bell and Darren Hiller still have jobs?
  13. Honestly looks like last year. Quitters.
  14. Lol. This team is such a joke.
  15. This strategy of running it on 2nd and 10 is clearly fantastic. Much better than on 1st and 10.
  16. Atta boy Mullen. Get torched right off the bat.
  17. Sounds like more McCulley.
  18. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    IUFB 2022 Season Thread

    I don't have high hopes at all but am hopefully proven wrong... Some things I'm interested in seeing.. - The offensive line. Can it make any strides whatsoever? Arguably has the worst position coach in the P5 but maybe they can make something work with a new OC. - McCulley at WR. How much run will he get this year? It's not a very talented group of guys so he should have a shot at getting PT of he works. - How will the defense deal with losing McFadden. He was clearly THE dude of the defense. Can they get back to attacking, turning opponents over instead of just getting punched in the face. Last year's DC was pretty terrible and thankfully is gone.
  19. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    IUFB 2022 Season Thread

    Was watching the highlights from the 2013 game against Illinois... That defense was beyond trash, which I think everyone knows anyways. Gave up 35 points and 450 passing yards But that offense... We won 52-35. That team obviously had Tevin Coleman, Cody Latimer and Nate Sudfeld. Suds threw for 267 and 3 TDs. Latimer had 189 yards and 3TDs that included a 41 and 50 yard TDs. Coleman rushed for 215 and 2 TDs including a 64 and 75 yard TDs. Stephen Houston rushed 150 and 2 TDs. Shane Wynn , Kofi Hughes and Ted Bolser were also on that team. Along with a couple NFL lineman in Spriggs and Feeney. Unfortunately that defense really helped waste all of that crazy talent and offensive firepower. I think we were Top 10 in YPG, Top 20 Passing YPG, Top 30 in rushing YPG and Top 15 in PPG. The defense was pretty much the exact opposite.
  20. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    If You Could Add A Player

    You can't have enough shooting, rim protection and rebounding. He was a better rebounder than anyone on the team now and that was as a *HS Senior.* Logan just waits another year. No problem. Geronimo plays more on the perimeter. Malik gets to learn and go against TJD and Vonleh in practice. Can't beat that.
  21. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    If You Could Add A Player

    Noah Vonleh. We wouldn't have to worry about rebounding at all. Rim would be well protected. But Vonleh was a much better shooter and perimeter player than Race is. He'd fit pretty well next to TJD. Race is almost like a Vonleh-lite if he could shoot just a bit better from 3.
  22. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Football Thread

    Very soccer looking. I like it. Might be small but I'll bet it'll be loud with how it's built.
  23. Loaded Chicken Sandwich

    College Football Thread

    Can we hire Deion?
  24. Indiana 42 Nebraska 35