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  1. DWB

    NIL and IU

    IMO, some will, some won't. But NIL might come back to bite them in the butt. Say kid gets a sweet upfront NIL deal. 2-3 years of it. Then he doesn't pan out for the NBA, or pro ball anywhere. Now, he's spoiled rotten with the free money he's gotten...entitlement. What effect will that have on him if he didn't get an education and skills other than playing a sport to support him in life. It's not that far fetched.
  2. DWB

    NIL and IU

    I think ALL students should have 2-3 money management courses in college. Cash flow, debt management & taxes. (and you might want to take a refresher on your English grammer...it's "their Freshman year." Not there Freshman year.) lol
  3. DWB

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Agree to sentence #1, and disagree with sentence #2. Based on what I've read so far on this thread, the ability to hit the 3 pt shot is a pre-requisite for playing time from most of the posts. If you have 2-3 guys that can shoot the 3, I would gladly play a player that is a stellar defender AND has the ability to create and get the ball to the right shooters at the right time. He doesn't have to shoot the 3. TG was probably the 4th option to shoot last year. I don't think we need 5 guys on the floor to be able to shoot the 3 ball. 2-3 consistent shooters and 1 viable threat to shoot the 3 is plenty IMO, especially if you have any inside game at all. If Jordy is allowed to work with the guys on the floor in practice I think you'll see some real improvement. But for now, the coaching staff trusts TG to play his way, and to his strengths. I don't see his minutes diminishing, but his role may change somewhat with addition of other "shooters" on the team.
  4. DWB

    College Bball Thread

    ...except a few Million $$$
  5. DWB

    College Bball Thread

    Probably, but he doesn't have the personality to last in TV for more than a year or 2 until TV execs wake up to see how bad he is. if he wants to stay in BBall, he should probably be an NBA scout or something like that. Out of the lime-light.
  6. DWB

    NIL and IU

    Call me skeptical, but I highly doubt that the kid wrote this. Seems like PR verbiage to me. I haven't known any kids 18-22 that are this articulate. I could easily believe it was written by his parent(s), but not him. I like the phrase "highest level of character and integrity". Give me a break...he's trying to leverage the system.
  7. So essentially everybody is a free agent without a contract, and "negotiate" every year, semester, day, whatever. Isn't this special...(sarcasm)
  8. DWB

    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    And if Woody cuts Leal, what does that do to his recruiting efforts within the state? Kick off a Mr Basketball, for a "possible" slightly better recruit that won't get that many more minutes than Leal would anyway? Might be a bitter pill for HS coaches to swallow and still support IU's recruiting efforts (this point was made by Rabjohns).
  9. DWB

    Red vs White

    Nice of you guys to kick Anthony Leal off the team...lol.
  10. Chris, I agree who finishes is important. But I also feel who starts is important to get off to the best start possible, so the games CAN BE close, or us pulling away. Starting 5 guys, and have them consistently put you in a hole is a receipe for finishing 9th in the B1G IMO. I like Woody, but I disagreed with him starting Kopp & Stewart, especially Stewart. Leal can play better defense, and probably shoot as well as Stewart did for the last several games. (only using Leal as an example. not sure he should start either) Phinese was a better choice at the 2 than PS. JG earned a starting spot IMO the last 1/3 of the season.
  11. DWB

    Xavier Arrested...

    Trust me...us old farts consider anyone under 30 a "kid". 40 is questionable (lol)
  12. DWB

    Xavier Arrested...

    After spending the last couple of hours reading this whole thread, I've come to one conclusion.... The cop was NOT an IU fan...
  13. DWB

    Michael Lewis to Ball State

    Happy for Michael that he got a HC gig. Just wish it was at a better place than BSU. I think Lewis is too talented for that school. I was hoping for a Xavier type school somewhere in the midwest. But I hope he over achieves!
  14. I don't like UM or Wisky either, but during the NCAA's I put that aside and root for the B1G conference.
  15. CSU has 8 offensive rebounds and we're just into the 2nd half a little bit. UM looks gassed compared to CSU.