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  1. DWB

    Woodson's scheme(s)??

    I think Leal is much better than Archie thought he was. I specifically watched him in every game he played, and he displayed more grit and hustle than anybody except Galloway. With his severely limited minutes last year, there's good reason that he didn't develop enough in many people's eyes. Personally, I would have played him over Durham and Hunter. He played better defense than both of those guys IMO, and if Archie hadn't put handcuffs on him, he would have shot a lot more. Hopefully Woody will see the talent he has and encourage it.
  2. DWB

    IUBB Men's twitter feed

    I understand it will be a while before we see any meaningful content, I just hope when they do get organized and get into a routine, someone will address the communications to the fans, and this obviously is one of the major sources. I also hope they upgrade it to a more consistent schedule and have content that is more than whose birthday it is, as was the case under Archie.
  3. I know we don't have a DOBO yet, but I sure hope that the new DOBO gives some direction and access to player development on the IUBB twitter feed. Compared to the IU Football twitter feed the BBall feed is in a "post if you put a gun to my head" mode. I'm really disappointed in it. Don't expect to see any clips from practice, or scrimmage per se, but it would be nice to see the coaches working with individual players for development purposes, and the "Family" side of the team that Woody is trying to instill. I realize I'm probably very early in posting this, but I'm interested if any of you share the same viewpoint, or have other suggestions for communicating with fans, who are so eagerly awaiting some more player updates (non-recruiting).
  4. DWB

    Player decisions

    If he does, he's the first one from IU other than Archie...(imo)
  5. DWB

    Player decisions

    You're right. But the real benefactors will be the guys that catch on to the new system the quickest. I'm also wondering if Leal & Galloway might redshirt this year.
  6. DWB

    Assistant Coach Thread

    When DD interviewed Lewis on his radio show, Lewis did say that he was a "pretty popular guy" lately. So I'd imagine he's getting several offers coming in, from various places. Great for him! There is no doubt he loves IU and always will, but from his own personal career choices, he has to consider going elsewhere if it's the best for him and his family.
  7. DWB

    Player decisions

    I remember back in Larry Bird's playing days, he told a media guy that he actually tied is right hand behind is back all summer, and only played left handed to develop it. Not sure it was true, but paints an interesting picture, and he sure could operate with his left hand. Hope Trace concentrates on developing his off hand as well. I think Woody will help him a lot !
  8. DWB

    Player decisions

    Yeah you're right, but in the player pic, we didn't get the "full frontal" view...then, even I could have figured it out
  9. DWB

    Player decisions

    The guy with his back to us (no sleeves) looks like Armaan to me, but hell it could be Katy Perry for all I know...
  10. I would guess Mike Roberts since he's staying with him.
  11. DWB

    Player decisions

    I was not saying that they aren't fans. I just can't understand their mindset at this particular point in time. We all have our expectations as fans, I just don't understand how anyone that is paying a modicum of attention to what has gone down in the past week, can have such a negative, or at least a mediocre view of what to expect from this team in 2021-22.
  12. DWB

    Player decisions

    While I understand the POV that "he has to win" in order to validate himself, I don't agree that he's guilty of not being able to coach college ball before he's even had time to eat a full meal, much less practice. Obviously he's watched a lot of film on all the players, or he would not have tried to recruit them back into the fold. If he didn't think he could win with this group, he would have made major changes. Any coach would. I dumb-founded on how any IU fan could possibly think that this team won't perform light-years better than last year's team with the right coaching, motivation, and player improvement teaching. I also think that Woody will name TJD the captain of this team. No more "popular vote" election of captain. And by early indications, TJD is more than ready to take on that role.
  13. While I'm sure Dane will be a great addition, and I'm truly glad he's back home, my heart is still pulling for Mike Lewis. Not exactly sure why, but every fiber of me says He's the guy.
  14. DWB

    Player decisions

    From a current player's standpoint, I can see some of them having a "Holy $__t" moment, because with the possible exception of Trayce, everybody is starting from ground zero for playing time. You have to earn it. From a transfer player's standpoint, he's coming in on a level playing field to earn minutes. He's not automatically going to be #6-8 on the depth chart and hope to move up. He has an equal chance to start as anybody else. I like it !