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  1. Todd41

    IUWBB vs Rutgers - Sunday, 1/29/23 @ 2:00 on B1G+

    Soon to be 1700+
  2. Todd41

    IUWBB vs Rutgers - Sunday, 1/29/23 @ 2:00 on B1G+

    Poor finish to the first.
  3. I think we may just be having some fun with Peyton Manning's half-time adjustment myth comment from a week ago.
  4. Let's call them half-time reminders with additional emphasis because you have the extra time to expand on the message.
  5. Welcome aboard and bring more. Plenty of room for more on this bandwagon.
  6. Only 3 in second half which is even more impressive
  7. This is the run to withstand
  8. Impressive movement on D this quarter
  9. How do you jump land step and not travel
  10. Chloe looking sped up on her shots tonight.
  11. Crazy half given that Garzon/Holmes are up one on McMahon/Mikesell 27-26. We need the rest of the team to heat up.