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  1. Todd41

    IUWBB - News and Notes

    Well according to this Bleacher Report Article. 5. A rabid fanbase 4. Long-term recruiting success 3. Player development emphasis 2. March madness success 1. Exceptional leadership I agree with HH that we are becoming such a program but only time will be the true definer.
  2. Welcome to the board! Expectations and predictions I expect the team will have a different style on offense this year with our incoming transfers. They should be able to better spread the court which should keep our opposition from double/triple teaming Mack as well as provide an opportunity for a two player game with Grace and Mack. I concur with the previous two on Chloe. I am hoping Brown's hip surgery has gone well and she is ready to go early in the season. The energy she brings coming off the bench is infectious. I expect to see our bench get deeper. Keeping Grace and Mack fresh for the season has to be our top priority. Overall, Polls - top 15 B10 - Top 3 B10 Championship - If we can push defense like we have and up our scoring from 3, then we can win it all. If not, then we may be second fiddle again this year. March Madness - Three seed if we do not win the B10, Two seed if we do.
  3. Todd41

    (2023) - G Lenee Beaumont to INDIANA

    I came across the following highlights of Lenee from a liked tweet by Mack. Enjoy. Courtside Films highligts of Lenee Beaumont.
  4. Todd41

    Seven new additions for next year

    I do not know much about her but here is a link to her highlights page on the Providence WBB site.
  5. They sure do and, for us, it is looking like a huge positive. Scalia and Parrish covered my hope even better than expected.
  6. Todd41

    (2020) G Sydney Parrish to INDIANA

    Found this article on ESPN from 2019 about Sydney and her high school team. Sydney Parrish opens the door to Hamilton Southeastern's first Indiana state title Her dad played at Ball State and was an assistant coach at Utah and Northwestern.
  7. Women college basketball way too early top 25 - 2022-23 I do not hold much stock in any way to early looks but one thing stands out is just how stacked the B1G is next year with Us, Maryland, Iowa, OSU and Nebraska. We have some interesting talent coming in that may be in a position to contribute right away, but looks like we will need to pick up another big and a consistent behind the arc scorer to round us out through the transfer portal.
  8. Todd41

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Well, there is this article from ESPN calling out the players and then at the end referencing the #2 ranked incoming recruiting class per ESPN at the end of the article. I suspect the existing players had enough of the coach. Oregon women's basketball coach Kelly Graves calls out players after Ducks fall in 2OT
  9. Need to regain some composure
  10. Agree. After watching the highlight of that bucket again this morning I was impressed by the execution of the play. NCH forced the Princeton switch which put the smaller guard on Berger. Mack held her position on the opposite block and Princeton doubled her up. This opened up just enough space to do what Berger does best. Great play call and great execution when we needed it most.
  11. Have not heard but they said last game that her hip was still causing some issues.
  12. Got some new grey hairs from this one