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  1. Indiana8585

    Coaching Candidate Thread

    I thought Bennett was still unhappy about the way his sister left here as women’s coach when we did our search that ended up with Crean.
  2. Don’t like to blame the refs and I’m not because we’re terrible but these officials have been awful.
  3. Indiana8585

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    Loved the classic switch to a zone in game and then the team would have no clue what to do. Haha that made me spit my drink all over I always just think of him pacing that sideline pulling his pants up.
  4. Indiana8585

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    Oh I agree I thought it was time, but you are definitely correct that we are all seeing the grass isn’t always greener. I’m at the point it’s just hard to even stay interested anymore but I’m not sure who we could realistically even get to come here. Bad times for IU basketball but hopefully hopefully the curse over this program for the past 20 years will fade at some point.
  5. Indiana8585

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    Phinese hasn’t hit a jump shot since we beat Iowa at home.
  6. Indiana8585

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    It’s not that crazy, 3 S16’s and two outright big ten titles looks a hell of a lot better than the garbage Archie has produced. People don’t seem to realize he’s about to set a record that hasn’t happened in almost 100 years, with 4 straight conference records not above .500. Heck I thought it was bad when I was a student and we had four different coaches but this is even worse.
  7. Indiana8585

    Fire. Archie. Miller.

    Why: Because Archie is the first coach since Everett Dean in 30-31,31-32,32-33,33-34 to not have a winning conference record in 4 straight seasons. Pretty amazing when you put into perspective how bad he’s truly been as coach almost a century since we were this bad.