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  1. Five Prime

    Player decisions

    Am I the only one who is skeptical of Stewart having a large impact? I see people pencil him in as a starter but he is a huge question mark to me. I wouldn't count on him being anything more than a role player.
  2. Five Prime

    Player decisions

    I don't get why Franklin would transfer. It's gonna be a restart for him regardless. He's going to have a central role on this IU team next year if he stays.
  3. I think I have a few of their basketball cards in an old shoebox somewhere.
  4. In case you need a quick recap of the 2 decade slide for this program's coaching hires: 1) fire a HOF coach 2) keep his lead assistant because the current players wanted him to stay 3) hold onto Davis for 5 more years because he took Knights team to the cusp of a championship, but then followed it up with "help is on the way" and "just gotta get Bracey the ball" 4) Hire a high major final four caliber coach who is (now for sure) widely accepted as one of the best coaches in college basketball but quickly fire him for NCAA infractions which became allowed a couple years later. Go on to blame it on culture and current players smoking pot. 5) Hire a high major final four coach with a D Wade endorsement. Find reasonable success but fire him because he is too inconsistent (ie: can't make deep enough runs in the tourney). 6) Hire the next up and coming mid major coach with elite 8 experience. One of a few names that year who were thought of as the hot up and coming coaches ready for the big stage. Fire him because he can't field an above .500 conference team in 4 years 7) Hire a 63 year old former player who has zero college coaching experience...ever. 8) so what's the next hire going to be? It's actually pretty terrifying
  5. Ask someone who isn't a current Indiana recruit.
  6. So you all think any other power 5 school would seriously consider Mike Woodson as a head basketball coach? Seriously, do you really?
  7. What other major university would even entertain Mike Woodson as a head basketball coach?
  8. This solidifies us a program living in the past.
  9. I'm out for awhile. This is uninspiring. Bring in a couple old retreads to try to fix a broken program.
  10. Five Prime

    General New Coach News

    Yeah I'm out for awhile
  11. This has to be Jeff Goodman right?
  12. Nonymouse seems like a fun guy. Hope he sticks around to celebrate when Stevens is announced.
  13. The chatter last week, then the pressor, then the silence...