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  1. poppedcolla

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    Was already going to the Indiana-UCLA game, but much more excited at the prospect of sitting next to the stepdad (UCLA alum) now.
  2. poppedcolla

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    So happy to refresh a link and have it broken because the title changed. Absolutely love reading the responses on Twitter. The saltiness and surprise. Future is bright.
  3. poppedcolla

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    I'm with you here. Paying up $15M for a buyout to turn around and interview some of these candidates is mind-boggling to me and a big slap to the donors who pony up to see a commitment to our football program. The optimist in me hopes that it's for leverage for negotiations but the realist, as an IU football fan, is afraid of the vicious cycle of expectation and what comes afterwards. Still hoping and praying for a pleasant surprise.
  4. poppedcolla

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    Cignetti back on the menu according to Weaver.
  5. poppedcolla

    Coach Curt Cignetti to INDIANA

    Thoughts on Jamey Chadwell? Looks like Miss St is eyeing him. Already at $4m/year at Liberty though. Seems like all he does is win.
  6. Run the zone for the rest of the season
  7. poppedcolla

    They Fired Tom Allen!

    Heartening if this happens. Can't help but think that even with the buyout, time is of the essence with the new Big Ten additions - it'd be nice to show that we are ready to support our football program.
  8. poppedcolla

    Summer of 2018

    Jeff Goodman ranking Indiana at 20 for the preseason. https://watchstadium.com/news/jeff-goodmans-2018-19-college-basketball-preseason-top-25-rankings-09-10-2018/ Last season: 16-15, 9-9 in Big Ten Archie Miller got his guy when he kept Romeo Langford in-state. The Hoosiers became nationally relevant that day as well. Langford is a prolific scorer and will team with Juwan Morgan to give the Hoosiers a couple of all-league guys. De’Ron Davis will help up front, but the key for IU will ultimately be point guard play. Ultimately, I’m betting on the duo of Miller and Langford.
  9. poppedcolla

    (2019) LB Kervens Bonhomme to IU

    Clearly, I'm out of the loop on this... but can someone explain to me what the #LEO means?
  10. poppedcolla

    (2019) DE Beau Robbins to IU

    Ah good to know! Was using the 247 Composite.
  11. poppedcolla

    (2019) DE Beau Robbins to IU

    Awesome! Think this is our first 4* commit since Booth?
  12. poppedcolla

    Archie’s defense

    Bart just posted this to his Twitter as well...