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  1. eddy4iu

    Basketball ticket info.....

    If it’s simply a matter of the seller messing up the barcode they should be able to tell you what section, row and seat number you are buying and you should be able to opt out if you’re not happy with the seat location. Now, if you’re OK with being up against the wall under the balcony at the price you agreed to that will be the worst case scenario for you and you can hold tight and let them work it out. Surely the ticket will be transferred electronically.
  2. eddy4iu

    Basketball ticket info.....

    So what Section is your ticket in?
  3. eddy4iu

    Basketball ticket info.....

    Very strange and maybe just as strange that the ticket wasn’t instant download. Curious to know how a ticket that could be delivered tomorrow wasn’t able to be delivered today (or whenever the ticket was purchased). You’re right though, StubHub has a guarantee and I suppose that’s why buyers and sellers agree to pay such ridiculous fees.
  4. eddy4iu

    Basketball ticket info.....

    Do you have the ticket yet? Almost all seats for UNC on StubHub are instant download.
  5. eddy4iu

    Basketball ticket info.....

    See my edit to post above. That seat location leaves things pretty wide open and is not typical of Stubhub. What did it say about ticket delivery?
  6. eddy4iu

    Basketball ticket info.....

    All I can say is that it seems very odd to me that you don’t have a section number. Maybe check again? If your seats are in either of Sections A, G, F or M you are against the wall. Any other sections the seats numbered 100+ are away from the aisle of the section. Row 40 is under the balcony regardless of section. I am curious - what is “reasonable?”
  7. eddy4iu

    2022-23 IUBB Schedule

    So YOU are an Illinois alum? Or, your wife is?
  8. eddy4iu

    IUBB vs Morehead State - Monday, 11/07/22 @ 7:00 on B1G+

    I'll be there but not in my normal seats. Alex Gross's family will be sitting in my 4 court-level seats for this one. Church friends and Alex played at Hauser nearby. Had a chance to play overseas but did the grad transfer to Morehead instead. First time I have ever violated my policy of no opposing fans in my seats but this seemed like a legitimate exception - the family is STOKED! Also, I informed all of those around me in my seats last game and all are cool with it. That said, Go Hoosiers!!!!!!
  9. We’ll see Reneau and Duncomb. Trayce and Tamar are doubtful to play.
  10. eddy4iu

    Fire Tom Allen

    Start driving now
  11. I heard Monday that those who requested tickets through IU should be notified next week at what with price level their requests were filled as well as their specific seat assignments. Given past delays I put emphasis on “should be notified” but seems that the wheels are turning. Go Hoosiers!!!
  12. eddy4iu

    Exhibition Games

    For some reason I have 3:00?
  13. Indiana is a drinking school with a football problem. No truer words were ever scribbled - as true today as it was then.
  14. Don't know how to cut/paste the image but 50% off ($40 vs $79.95) Promotion called Annual School Pass - Use Promo Code INDIANA22 Visit bigtenplus.com Click Subscribe Select "School Pass" Choose "Indiana" and select "Indiana Annual School Pass" "Create Account or Sign In" Enter coupon code INDIANA22under payment status Offer expires 10/21/22 @ 11:59 PM
  15. Mine were in my mailbox when I got home from another disappointing football loss. They also are in my online account but not yet transferable or downloadable to Google Pay. Should be soon though.