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  1. Eastern Greene HS and IU's own Dusty May led Florida Atlantic is favored by 15.5 vs Fairleigh Dickinson! I hope FAU handles FDU "fairleigh" easilly! ??
  2. eddy4iu


    Wasn’t referring specifically to Funk but he was 7/12 from 3 in that game and the team was 18/31.
  3. eddy4iu


    Huh? Watch the IU game played on 1/11.
  4. eddy4iu

    IU Women’s Bracket Assessment

    Any idea when Monday’s tip times will be set? Or are they already?
  5. https://www.ncaatickets.com/championship/march-madness
  6. eddy4iu

    IU Women’s Bracket Assessment

    When will we know tip times?
  7. eddy4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    You lost me at "not a great shooter"
  8. From what I have gathered from friends and folks posting the reserved seating allocations have been very favorable. Who bought tickets and how did you make out with seating location? Any chance it’s a sellout?
  9. And how will we recognize the difference?
  10. Happy to transfer it to an IU fan who can use it. I'll need a first and last name and either email address or cell number for the transfer. Include your posting name in your response to eddy4iu@gmail.com
  11. eddy4iu

    IUBB vs POTFB - Saturday, 2/4/23 @ 4:00 on ESPN

    @HoosierHaze A buddy has 4 row5 purdue Tix. He didn't realize when he bought them, it’s same day as his wedding! He’s looking for someone to take his place. It's at Union Church, in New Albany at 3pm. Her name is Ashley, she's 5'4", 115 lbs, good cook. She'll be the one dressed in white.
  12. eddy4iu

    College Bball Thread

    My nickname for him was Breck Boy when he regularly reffed at the Hall.
  13. eddy4iu

    IUBB @ Maryland - Tuesday, 1/31/23 @ 9:00 on ESPN2

    No Old Fashioneds - just straight or on ice for the month. That works.
  14. eddy4iu

    IUBB vs Ohio State - Saturday, 1/28/23 @ 8:00 on Fox

    I have to say yes and that is begrudgingly because I have long despised Lurch (DJ Christensen - self proclaimed Wisconsin fan). Maybe the key is to always have him mic'd up when reffing our games?
  15. Add breaking a press to your prep list.