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  1. eddy4iu

    IUWBB vs Iowa - Thursday, 02.22.24 @ 8:00 on Peacock

    Yeah - they think that THEY got jobbed and that Clark was mistreated. She was flopping, whining, pushing off with a couple pushes in the back all night. But, have to give her credit for her post game press conference comments. I was surprised at her respectful demeanor.
  2. eddy4iu

    IUWBB vs Iowa - Thursday, 02.22.24 @ 8:00 on Peacock

    That was SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! So good to have that feeling in Assembly Hall again and an enjoyable drive home. The Purdue game was fun too but this one was special. Looking forward to NCAA first round games in Bloomington again - just had to have this one to put that back on the table after Monday's disappointing loss. Go Hoosiers!!!!!!
  3. eddy4iu

    Fire Coach Woodson

    You are a POWERFUL man - you've got the touch Scotty!
  4. Yeah! Every time I find myself thinking that I’ll stay home and let my seats go empty “Never daunted, we shall not falter” runs through my mind. I’ll be there expecting a win and then start looking forward to Nebraska. If nothing else pre-game at Lennie’s with great friends will make today a good day. Go Hoosiers!!!!
  5. I certainly feel good about our chances - requested my allotment of 6 reserved seats the minute I got the email! Go Hoosiers!!!!!!
  6. Got this email yesterday: NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament NCAA - All Session Information This is a request only at this time Dates: March 22 - March 25 Specific Dates and times will be determined after the Selection Show on March 17th Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall - Bloomington, IN Reserved seating: Court Level and entire Main Level seating area. General Admission seating: East and West Balconies. Price: Adult: $40 reserved; $30 general admission Youth (under 18): $20 Senior (65+): $30 reserved; $20 general admission University Students: $20 All Session Package includes two sessions and three games. Session One will have two first round games and session two will have one second round game. If you have any specific seating needs, please include them in the comment box. There is no need for additional seating preferences if requesting General Admission seating. Limit request of six (6) tickets per account Request will be fulfilled based on the IU Priority Point System Deadline to request: March 1st This is a request only at this time
  7. eddy4iu

    POTFB 2/10 8 pm on Fox

    Isn’t that why Edey came back - to fill in the missing 14 in the run?
  8. eddy4iu

    Indiana @ tOSU Tonight @ 7 ET Peacock Game Day!

    Ware was at the scorer's bench ready to check back in after Leal hit the 2 FTs - not sure why they didn't let him back in though.
  9. eddy4iu

    IUBB vs Iowa - Tuesday, 01.30.24 @ 7:00 on BTN

    Which thread was that in and do you remember who said that Malik could have come back later in 2nd half? I’ve followed that pretty closely and must have missed that nugget.
  10. eddy4iu

    IUBB vs Minnesota - Friday, 01.12.24 @ 6:30 on FS1

    I was quite surprised to see the women's players at the game tonight figuring that they'd already be in Iowa City. Seems their flight was rescheduled to tomorrow morning and the game will still be played tomorrow night. Not ideal.
  11. eddy4iu

    IUBB vs Ohio State - Saturday, 01.06.24 @ 8:00 on Fox TV

    I have to disagree about the crowd tonight - as you pointed out the students were not there but the game also conflicted with the Colts game. But, from where I sat the crowd was unexpectedly good and the balcony was pretty much packed on the West side (I didn't look over my shoulder to assess the East side balcony). I think that a lot of folks who don't get to attend B10 games like this did a GREAT job of representing. Perhaps it was just a vantage point difference that leads to our difference of opinion?
  12. eddy4iu

    Best place to find Tickets

    Ticket board here just hasn’t gained much if any traction unfortunately. Check your pm.
  13. eddy4iu

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen to Maryland

    Not sure how plugged in Rob Cassidy is but he posted on another site a bit ago that Queen's team is targeting an event in early January that Montverde will be playing in for his announcement.