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  1. eddy4iu

    (2024) - Liam McNeeley

    What’s the scoop on Cooper Flagg? Is Duke still in the driver’s seat? Is UConn a strong contender? Or is Kansas gaining traction in this one? Hope not as I could see it mattering with McNeely.
  2. eddy4iu

    IU home B10 schedule - maybe?

    Poster on another site says full schedule will be out tomorrow. No mention if that will include times and TV networks.
  3. eddy4iu

    IU home B10 schedule - maybe?

    I’m wondering who our early away B10 opponent will be and whether it will be played between the 11/16 Wright State game and 12/1 Maryland home game or between Maryland and the 12/16 Kansas home game. Oh and, for those who opted for mail delivery the tickets in my account show a print date of 9/14/23. That may or may not be accurate and regardless I wouldn’t expect to receive mailed tickets until mid-October.
  4. Was just perusing my ticket account and noticed that dates have been assigned to all games - B10 games included. Not sure if official yet but seems likely that the full B10 schedule could be released soon. It was released on September 8th last year. Maryland 12/1 OSU 1/6 Minnesota 1/12 Purdue 1/16 Iowa 1/30 PSU 2/3 Northwestern 2/18 Nebraska 2/21 Wisconsin 2/27 MSU 3/10
  5. eddy4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Well then, glad it was Michigan who missed out on getting his slam dunk transfer commitment and not us - LOL!
  6. I get your perspective but he’s a praying man so no such thing as random or minor. Glad he’s a Hoosier!!!
  7. eddy4iu

    Season Ticket Renewal

    Donations made prior to June 30th will count towards your basketball priority points total. I suggest that you call the Varsity Club to get a feel for how different levels of additional donations will affect your seat location.
  8. eddy4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    You just KNOW it will somehow end up being Maryland and we won’t get DICKinson out of the B10.
  9. And I am heading to Bloomington for the IU/Ball State game so expecting my phone to start buzzing incessantly with news of the commitment. Fortunately with the pace of baseball games now days I’ll have ample time to check texts and respond between pitches.
  10. Doing the same AND worrying about recruit decisions - have to learn to muti-task Scotty!
  11. eddy4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    I’ll relax when I know that he isn’t visiting someone else on Monday….only half joking. Paranoia runs deep, into your life it will creep……….
  12. And wouldn’t be surprised if last minute suitors are nipping at his heels. Give me an announcement and signing. Do portal transfers have to sign anything though? Or just enroll?
  13. eddy4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    You talking about Ladyman’s Cafe back in the day? Another one I frequented was Gib & Denzils and no idea if they’re still around. Oh and, the old Hour House that became Jared’s Subway but that was typically a 2 in the morning breakfast experience. The Hour House special was 2 eggs, sausage or bacon, hash browns and toast or English muffin for $.99! Give me Uptown for breakfast (or any meal for that matter) and Lennie’s for lunch and/or dinner - those are my long-time go tos.
  14. eddy4iu

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    You give me FAR too much credit for possessing wisdom and being level-headed. I ride the roller coaster of emotions through the peaks and valleys of IU basketball and football news just like everyone else here and just tend to keep extreme reactions that I experience to myself. Don’t always succeed in that regard either. Most recent example was me being publicly disgusted about IU football last year and how I had finally succeeded in making the emotional break after 50 years of fandom and buying season tickets. THIS was at last going to be the year that I would drop 2 of my 4 football season tickets and was only keeping 2 for basketball points purposes with no commitment to using them or planning my Fall weekends around IU football. Well, you probably already guessed it - I re-upped for 4 seats again this year. I’m just another chump!