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  1. eddy4iu

    Bloomington Food Choices

    Should have gone to Lennie’s for a thin crust evaluation. They were great on 10th Street and even better now with their brick oven on Kirkwood.
  2. Possible Shrewsbury connection via Butler/Stevens
  3. I think it's possible if not likely that we have this guy locked up but won't officially hire him for a while. He is now able to talk with recruits freely but once hired that comes to a screeching halt. It is quite an advantage to be able to have personal contact in a pandemic recruiting environment where visitation on and off campus is prohibited.
  4. Scott served as Associate AD to Glass concurrent with his Varsity Club duties and was an overseer of the basketball program. Looks like Scott has created a new position in the Kevin Van Rooy replaced Scott as VC Director but not as Associate AD in charge of basketball.
  5. eddy4iu

    General New Coach News

    He knows that everyone else in the Peegs chat are “ding dong brains!” LOL
  6. I’m new here but that’s just wrong!
  7. Thanks - appreciate the welcome!
  8. I did the same at 3:45. Woke up and my phone was there so what else to do? Still took forever to catch up then couldn’t go back to sleep. This needs to come to a head soon!