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  1. I am clinging to the hope (really the expectation) that Woody will have this team improving as the season progresses rather than tanking late as we have seen in recent history. That Wisconsin collapse is still stuck in my craw and I don’t see that changing for me any time soon but winning out through Minnesota will start to erase the feeling.
  2. Nope - these are tickets that a friend of mine bought and now can't use. I figured they would be a hot commodity and that I could help him get a few bucks over face value given their prime location. Now not getting much response at all at face value. I think the decision to jack prices up to $150 for lower/club level seats from $90 in previous years is pricing a good number of IU fans out of the picture.
  3. Seats are Section 101, Row 8, Seats 17 - 20 (across aisle from Section 102). Face value @ $600 for all or willing to split into pairs - will transfer electronically with pa via PayPal or Venmo. Respond to eddy4iu@gmail.com
  4. eddy4iu

    Indiana at Wisconsin Game Thread

    His sole focus early will be to provoke X into retaliation fouls and relegate him to the bench. Surely Woody recognizes that and has had Fife dressed for practice this week as the Davison scout player.
  5. eddy4iu

    Best way to buy game tickets?

    Check your PM
  6. Allen confirmed "multiple QBs" available for Rutgers. Tuttle a bit ahead of Penix in rehab but both have been taking snaps.
  7. I actually think we might have to wait until next year for the answer to your question. He’s played in the maximum 4 games allowed without burning his redshirt and rumblings of both Penix & Tuttle being available Saturday have been building. Perhaps CTA let’s them finish out the season? I for one don’t think that move would be so much about saving the redshirt - he won’t be here 5 years anyway. I think it would be because he just isn’t ready having not been here for Spring ball and not getting practice reps early on. Guess we’ll know Saturday.
  8. eddy4iu

    IUBB v Belmont - Secret Scrimmage

    And out-rebounded Belmont by 8 11 players played.
  9. eddy4iu

    21-22 Men’s IUBB Schedule

    They should be printed and mailed this week and will be live in your account for adding to your phone, electronic transfer or for selling on StubHub. Hopefully folks looking to sell will use IU ticket boards to improve the chances that IU fans end up in the seats. Help keep the enemy out of the Hall! Go Hoosiers!!!
  10. eddy4iu

    Season ticket mailing.....

    They were being allocated last week in the order of priority point standing. That process was supposed to be completed last week and printing and mailing of tickets to those who opted for mail delivery is to happen this week. Once your tickets are assigned they show up in your account but are not live for adding to your phone or transferring/selling. My seats showed up in my account Tuesday but are still not live and do not show a print date as of now. That should all change this week when mini-series tickets are printed and mailed.
  11. eddy4iu

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney to Alabama

    Scott definitely "gets it!"
  12. eddy4iu

    Remaining 2021 Season Predictions

    Thinking 3 as Saturday was his first action that I can recall
  13. Parking passes for this game have been selling for anywhere from $50 (unreserved) to $200 and above . No longer available on StubHub but were selling briskly there in the $150 range not including the 30% additional fees. There is 1 listing for tickets in Section 3 with an asking price of $75/ticket and when you put them in your cart the price with fees is $98/ticket. Face value on these tickets is $85 each and the reserved parking pass is $30. I hope that answers your question?
  14. Section 3, Rows 53 & 54, Seats 101 & 102 plus reserved space parking pass. Tickets allow access to the Tobias Nutrition Center in the South endzone. $400 for all. Tickets can be delivered via electronic transfer with PayPal or Venmo payment or can meet in/around Columbus, IN on Friday or Saturday morning/early afternoon or in Bloomington Saturday around 4 to deliver parking pass and paper tickets. Parking pass is not electronically transferable so will need to meet up to deliver. Respond to eddy4iu@gmail.com
  15. eddy4iu

    (2023) - SG Jakai Newton to INDIANA

    Has he committed seems to be the question.