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    Rabby is saying that Mason is zooming with IU this morning and pushing his decision back to Monday. I'm heading to Assembly now for my weekly COVID test, so I'll see what I can find out :-)
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    Gregg Marshall resigns

    Yes. Go punch Brad Davison on Wisconsin. We’ll take up a collection to handsomely reward you.
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    Gregg Marshall resigns

    Okay... I’ll be that guy: Apart from winning national championships and a very high graduation rate, are Marshall’s misdeeds all that different from RMK’s? Marshall punched a player and choked an assistant coach, RMK choked a player and punched an assistant coach (Felling) RMK had more than his share of off-color remarks, and the pretending to whip Calbert Cheney moment was more than a little bit racial. Both RMK and Marshall had many people who left the program, especially in Knight’s final years.
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    Just now on Gameday from Rece Davis, and I quote, “I’m not trying to help anyone recruit, but if you’re a player how do you not wanna play for that guy!?” (CTA) Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Score on all 3 levels, Jerome. And Voila, Indiana will be a much better team. Think good Troy Williams. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
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    I want some damn football now! I want to see this Hoosier team shock the ******* world and beat the bucks in Cbus! Then I want to watch some live basketball next week and see what this team does to the cupcakes!
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    I can’t speak for others but I knew before it started that it was going to be pre recorded and only 15 min long. I guess I should of shared that on here but I didn’t think it would be a problem. This thread just an early beta test for the game threads to come
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    Popcorn never even got salted. They should have had them scrimmage for 10 minutes live. Oh well. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
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    So @Stuhoo did you get answers to your 4 bullet points? Asking for a friend.
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    Why not IU?! The streak has to end one day right?! Why the **** not today!!! HOOSIERS! Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    (2022) - PG Avery Brown

    3 schools prioritizing Brown. Indiana: “Coach Archie Miller and Kenya Hunter, we talk every day. We’ve built a great relationship over these past few months. I’m getting to know them as people and understand what they’re about on and off the court. It’s just been fun building a relationship with these guys. My family has talked to them also so I’m always in the loop with what they’re working on in practice and what they need to work on. I watch their film and really get the inside scoop on what’s going on in their program. https://www.zagsblog.com/2020/11/20/2022-guard-avery-brown-says-three-schools-making-him-a-priority/
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    Boy, I loved the event last night just wish it was 45 minutes longer. If you didn't like that don't ever go to practice. I would pay $5.99 a month to be able to see a couple of hours of that each week. If this pandemic would get over, I could go back to going to practice. But after reading this board I must be in the minority.
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    If you haven't already seen this it's worth 4:31 of your time.
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    Gregg Marshall resigns

    I was one of them, unfortunately. I completely got that wrong and so glad IU isn't in this mess. The other coach I was pimping was Billy D. But keep in mind I'm just some dude on the internet that thinks he knows everything. LOL!
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    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    What about them? They were atrocious for 2 years and a 5* kid has decided to stay longer than anyone anticipated. Kudos to them for having preseason hype. Illinois still hasn’t made a NCAA tournament with Brad Underwood, though they would have last year. Just as Indians hasn’t made it, but would have last year. If TJD decides to stay for a 3rd year, IU will be absolutely loaded his junoir season and I’d expect a top 10 team preseason. That’s what Illinois just had happen with their 5* guard staying for a 3rd year.
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    I'm thinking it'll be prerecorded and they'll just show it on Facebook
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    Tom Allen's interview with Dan Patrick ... Dan gets a little confused in talking about how good we were in the 1980s with Lee Corso and a running back named Mike Harkrader. I suspect he means with Bill Mallory and Anthony Thompson. Obviously, Corso was the coach and Harkrader was the running back -- in the 1970s -- and we had a couple decent years with them, but not like in the late 1980s.
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    Yes sir, that was me. i personally scouted for Billy D. He never came. I saw Brad Stevens though ;)
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    Game Thread: 11/21 @ OSU Noon ABC

    Damn, that fumble late in the first half sucked and was the difference but.. You have to be proud with the way they fought back and had a chance at the end!!
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    Everybody all week: “don’t get your hopes up! Buckeyes by 20.” Well, only one way to find out. LFG HOOSIERS Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Another player preview from The Daily Hoosier. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/indiana-basketball-2020-21-player-previews-jerome-hunter/?fbclid=IwAR3bYRVpSKv1DZvJUJd0zuNNRYSsBbpEZY8RY3qNRnf46KrBBwU6vwPgZ3k
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    Or, if there were no plans of a scrimmage or anything live, they could have simply just said on Wednesday at 7pm we're releasing a behind the scenes season preview video (and done it across all social media channels). But telling people to tune in to a specific place at a specific time to a Virtual Hoosier Hysteria implies something way different than what we got.
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