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    Not sure where to put this but I'm pretty sure that alcohol will be sold at Assembly Hall next season. New handrails will be put in, so it's not as dangerous while drinking walking up and down. But with football and baseball being so successful this year it's going to move on to basketball I was told.
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    Both our men's and women's teams bested PUke in the B1G Track and Field Championships and win the Governor's Cup competition 11.5 - 8.5. For the men it was a 56-51 win and for the women a 34-29 win.
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    2024 General Recruiting Thread (BBall)

    CBC is about 10 mins from me. Got to watch 1 of their practices last fall and sent this to the MOD’s at the time: This kid is pretty fascinating. Really looking forward to following him. Apparently, he was found in a refugee camp by Marcus Wilson, who played for Jim Crews at Evansville, was on his staff at SLU and now does non-profit stuff. They seem to think his age is probably pretty accurate. He may or may not be 15, but he isn’t 20, either. Physically, Jesus, he may well be 7’2”, he’s 7’1” anyway. Can’t weigh more than 2 bills. Also really high cut. His coach is Justin Tatum, Jayson’s dad, who’s 6’10” and at 1 point was working with him on post positioning. Justin was working him off the block like he was a cardboard cutout. He can bend his knees, but he just can’t create any leverage. Otherwise, he was very impressive. He practiced hard. He was totally engaged. Super vocal. At 1 point he was playing the point of their 1-2-2 drills and it was borderline ridiculous watching guards he had a foot on not really beating him laterally. And the shooting in that clip is not b.s. He shot it great in every drill. He’s got a lot to learn and I doubt he’s gonna be for everyone, but, my goodness, he’s got some freakshow traits.Their 1st game is against Link Academy, which is where Tarris Reed is this year. I AM gonna find thatgame.
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    Packs deal changed about everyone’s recruitment. When the best player on a last place Big 12 team got 400 k a year many kids and their representatives said if he is making this then we should be also. That recruitment flipped everything on its head
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    So Tom Crean may be 'wierd' (lol, yeah), but he is an all-around classy guy / former coach. And here, he's about as dead on right as it gets. Nice to see
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    OT- Food Drive

    It’s been 3 years since we done one but tomorrow is the Letter Carriers food drive. If you have any extra canned goods and you want to get rid of it put it in a plastic bag and put it in or near your mailbox. The food should go to your local food pantries. Thanks
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    Keion Brooks announced he will stay in the draft and not return to pUKe. Michigan State freshman G Max Christie will stay in the 2022 NBA Draft and hire an agent, sources tell ESPN.
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    He stinks anyway!
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    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    He's going to play 18-22mpg for the remainder of his time at IU.
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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    I know he won DPOY in the AAC, but the numbers say his defensive prowess is a little overrated. Defensive numbers from last season: Defensive Rating - 99.6 (100 is average, lower is better) Defensive Win Shares - 1.3 Defensive Box Plus/Minus - 2.1 Steal % - 1.7 Block Percentage - 3.2 Here is an IU Comp. Galloway used for everything except Defensive Win Shares because that is a cumulative total and his missed time because of injuries kept that number down. Defensive Rating - 99.9 Defensive Win Shares - Kopp with 1.1 Defensive Box Plus/Minus - 3.7 Steal % - 2.6 Block Percentage - 1.4 The numbers tell me, other than Block %, we already have a perimeter defender as equal to or better than Dennis. And, the Big Ten is a different animal than the AAC. Would not have been worth 'making room' in my opinion.
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    You can do far worse in the portal than a Bama kid. We are his third school in a calendar year though. Side note: how great is that picture?
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    College Bball Thread

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    Sort of. As Race came in after reclassifying he was young and his body was nowhere near ready for B1G basketball. The pics of him when he committed vs. the next summer are pretty telling. He was definitely a good redshirt candidate, and it clearly worked out well, he emerged his junior year -- besides the redshirt aspect, it's a strong example of why helping players develop and continuing to invest in them, instead of giving up on them and/or belittling them after their frosh season, is worthwhile. I get really tired of reading people's negative throw-away comments on players during and after their frosh seasons, when the signs of how they could develop are all there.
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    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    It would be great if he developed a reliable jumper, but he doesn't need it to get minutes. He already is one of our most important players without a reliable jumper and already plays that many minutes, and probably would have been more minutes without the injuries. What Galloway brings gets more important as more talent comes in, not less important.
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    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Ummm.. no idea on his shot! We don't have another player that impacts the game in which Trey can. I mean, I don't think he will start... but he'll be a 6th man of the year candidate moving forward, no doubt. Once we start playing at a faster pace, the coaching staff has mentioned how much we need to do this... Trey will shine even more.
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    Fire Steve Aird

    I appreciate very much Scott Dolson's thorough reply and mamasa's posting it here. It's hard to find fault with Scott given his willingness to publicly defend the Athletic Department's actions and the reasoning behind them. I will be very anxious to see how the volleyball team performs and how many more girls enter the transfer portal. And, how many girls will be willing to come to IU in the future to play volleyball for the current coach. One thing is certain. This coach is on a VERY short leash, as I think he should be.
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    Fire Steve Aird

    Dolson's response: Mark, Thank you for your email regarding our volleyball program. I want to assure you that I take matters like these extremely seriously, as the mental and physical well-being of our student-athletes is our No. 1 priority. I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a little more detail and context. When several individuals shared similar concerns with our staff during end-of-the-season exit interviews, we immediately decided to involve the Indiana University Vice President and General Counsel’s office to do an independent review and report. Contrary to the IDS article, that review was thorough and included the relevant parties, including those who had expressed concerns and were willing to participate in the review. Upon completion of the report, our department implemented all of its recommendations. Following the completion of that report, I personally met with the members of our volleyball program, independent from the coaching staff, and reiterated our commitment to their physical and mental well-being, and to let them know that they can reach out to me personally with any concerns. Deputy Director of Athletics Mattie White and I also reminded them about additional avenues to report concerns to IU Athletics staff members, campus officials, and anonymously. I provide these details to you not to, in any way, minimize the seriousness of some of the items that you read in the Indiana Daily Student article. I instead share them with you so that you know that we took this situation seriously enough to immediately involve the General Counsel’s office to ensure that we could have an independent entity examine the claims and offer their recommendations on the appropriate course of action based on its independent and unbiased review. If I can answer anything else, please do not hesitate to ask. Scott
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    Fire Steve Aird

    I haven't suffered depression for decades(only about 15 years or so), but I believe you are correct. I haven't been comfortable talking about it until about 6 months ago. I'm 57. Sent from my SM-S908U using Tapatalk
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    National Basketball Transfer Portal

    Luke Brown and Jalen Blackmon are transferring to Stetson
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    Fire Steve Aird

    Coach Aird in action.
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    7-2 Christian Brothers (MO) soph John Bol heard from IU today according to his guardian, Marcus Wilson. Top 25 in '24 nationally. Incredible story. From South Sudanese. Speaks 4 languages, 4.0 GPA, only been playing hoops 4 years. Michigan offer. IU likely to host in near future. https://www.on3.com/news/meet-7-foot-2-sophomore-john-bol-the-human-cheat-code/
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    (2022) PF Malik Reneau to INDIANA

    https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Indiana-Basketball-How-IU-was-able-to-land-five-star-Malik-Reneau-187479335/ Very nice article on Reneau’s recruitment. Hood-Schifino with even more impact than generally thought.
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