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    Summer is over and the first practice is today. Let's Go!!
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    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    Never a good thing when this thread pops back up lol. Go away Dane.
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    Duncomb annihilates CJ Gunn at the very end.
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    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    Without laying out specifics, the primary reason was supposedly that Fife had strong opinions on non-basketball societal/political issues and on NIL, pissed off/made people uncomfortable by saying them frequently, was told to stop engaging people about it, and did not. Thems da ‘elephi.’
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    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    Good article, I'm not sure I believe he turned down a part in his contract to become the coach in waiting in 5 years. But that's just me.
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    I hope he feels there's nothing left to achieve at the collegiate level after winning a NC his freshman year.
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    I want only good things for that kid. Given what he has gone through, he deserves everything he gets.
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    For now power is on. Still blowing hard. I have hurricane fabric up so I can’t see out. So much damage happening here. I’m about five miles inland and higher. North Naples. About 4miles from lee county.
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    Well this is encouraging!
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    (2021) C Logan Duncomb to INDIANA

    Logan Duncomb is one chippy, funny, blunt as hell guy. From his interview with the Hoosier Hysterics posted yesterday: HH Eric: "You do seem like the kind of player with the attitude that just annoys the sh!t out of the other team and it seems like that's a role that you would relish. Am I far away from that?" Logan Duncomb: "No." Good stuff
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    While I agree with him regarding Tom Allen, this doesn't need to come from a school that has been worse at football than IU during Allen's time as HC. Nebraska is a joke. I hope we kick their a$$es.
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    First ever ranking by 247 for the '25 class. FWIW, Malachi Moreno who will attend Hoosier Hysteria is #45. 1st Ever Top 75 @ 09.29.22 2025 OFFERS 247 Koa Peat 3 Bryson Tiller 4 Darryn Peterson 6 Meleek Thomas 7 Christopher Mikel Brown 8 Caleb Wilson 9 Jalen Haralson 10 Trey McKenney 22 Trent Sisley 50 Akai Fleming 61
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    Send this guy a personal letter letting him know Jakai will be at Hoosier Hysteria.
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    Would have been surprising if he wasn’t, but good to see.
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    Right. He was a legend at that point. But even the rest of that season he really evolved into a complete player. We as a fanbase always seem to pick out 1 player a season on which we really unleash the vitriol. Wat shed that role, but he wasn't deserving of it in the first place. He was the best healthy player on a TERRIBLE squad.
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    Damn this sounds great. But I hope we get more than 1 year from JHS
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    If You Could Add A Player

    Read the instruction pamphlet Dave! ;)
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    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    Indiana offering that would have been an absolutely ridiculous decision, I'd like to think we have better decision makers than that.
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    What a classy guy. I don't care if them being good again is "better for the sport" or not. I hope Nebraska never stops being the Sears of college football.
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    B1G expansion

    I absolutely positively HATE expansion of the conference. It dilutes the rivalries the Big Ten has built over the years. Fans lose to greedy bastards, simple as that in my mind.
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    After last year's hardly noticeable performance, a turnaround in minutes played and the quality of those minutes could be a signficant recruiting tool for a Raleigh Burgess or Malachi Moreno as to how they might develop under Coach Woody. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/duncombs-iu-basketball-teammates-are-impressed-logan-is-going-to-provide-a-lot-for-us-this-year/?fbclid=IwAR1ltjGkknF4Alx9AbrOehhPjfjKZsSqyTOWCdU0WDtaXLyxfNHYUTi8GqI