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    (2025)- Trent Sisley

    I have a feeling we will get some good news from this kid soon.
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    National Player of the Year

    He would be in the thick of it without our 3-game skid. If he keeps producing similarly to how he has been (tall task) and we finish in the top 3 or 4 of the B1G (not as tall of a task) he’ll be in the conversation imo. Dropping his nuts on Edey when they match up wouldn’t hurt his case either.
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    Postal Workers reading this post
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    Coach Ya filling in for Woody on the Monday night radio show. Rosemond on Tamar Bates’ performance against Michigan State: “Coach had a great conversation with him before the game. He responded, that’s all I can say. Can’t use that type of language on the radio.”
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    I can't think of a player in recent memory that deserves a great, long run into March more than TJD. Maybe Yogi his senior year, but even then he already had a league title, 2 tourney appearances and a Sweet Sixteen. I want these next 2+ months to be amazing so much for TJD. He's earned that.
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    Today's media session - Race Thompson - "When (my injury) first happened, I thought it was pretty much over with. The way it felt, the way it looked, I pretty much thought my career was a wrap." Credited Tim Garl and Iowa training staff for quick, decisive treatment. On Jordan Geronimo: "He's earned the right to play that much. I got to try and get some minutes back from him."
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    From Assembly Call - Malik Reneau had *at least* two TOs in 7 straight games (from Arizona through Penn St), averaging 2.43 per game. Malik has had just one turnover in each of the last three games, while delivering much more impactful defense. He's also shooting 58.6% from the field in B1G games.
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    TJD is just a freakin beast, man.
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    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Love seeing Galloway shoot the ball better this year. It's huge. With that said, he was always going to play a lot of minutes on this team. The shooting isn't why, it's just gravy on top.
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    IU "fan" Tim Weaver said this about Trayce Jackson Davis in his letter exactly 18 days ago (with underlining in the spots Tim Weaver added it): "You, on the other hand are a horrible leader. Players get in trouble all the time, which means they don't respect you - or Woody (who also sucks as a leader)...You're all gutless quitters who keep getting humiliated..." Tm Weaver is hereby nominated for the 'This Didn't Age Well' Hall of Fame. Sadly we had a few posts that said "Tim Weaver was right." Tim Weaver was very, very wrong. Trayce Jackson Davis was and is the same kid (and Woody was and is the same coach) as before the three game win streak. That doesn't mean they are flawless; it means that they are invested in improvement and dealing with adversity.
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    For three straight games we have been back to excelling, not struggling on defense, and that’s without X, who is our best on-ball defender. The defensive improvement of JHS, Tamar, and Malik in X and Race’s absence is a huge positive development.
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    Yup. For Wednesday, Minnesota freshman starting center Joshua Ola-Joseph, 6’7”, 215 is hearing that and saying “NOW that punk TJD is really gonna get it.” ;)
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    Two pieces of good news: 1) Second half of Wiscy/Md started at 8:00 so hopefully the game will not interfere with IU’s start time. 2) Bardo is in Maryland.
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    Nothing better than being off because of snow, sitting around drinking all day, then watching the Hoosiers stomp on some gophers. I'm excited about this game. Sometimes you just need a snow day.
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    This got me curious so I sports referenced it: (Since the 2011-12 season) Minnesota 5-4 Illinois 4-5 Iowa 4-5 Maryland 1-4 Michigan 2-6 MSU 2-7 Nebraska 5-3 Northwestern 3-4 Ohio State 2-6 Penn State 5-4 Purdue 2-7 Rutgers 3-4 Wisconsin 0-9 This looks good on desktop. If it's unreadable anywhere else, just know that it ain't good!
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    Coach Ya said tonight on Inside IU bball radio show that Gallo was in Cook Hall getting up shots when he left the office
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    Thomas Bryant - LA Lakers

    That 80% included 4-5 from 3.
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    Remember that time Kopp gave a big FU to the bench and it was supposedly to Ya? I understand now. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Score at least 1 more point than them and get out of here above .500. All that matters right now.
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    CMW has COVID and they have a depleted roster. What the hell is going on? I just want to get a win and get out of there without someone getting injured from falling off their stupid elevated floor.
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