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  1. Khristian's last few twitter likes are looking promising. I really want to see this kid reach his full potential at IU.
  2. Isiah Thomas is involved correct? Wouldn't he be in Atlanta for the NBA All Star weekend? And I'm pretty sure he currently lives in New York. There's just too many connections here.
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    Summer of 2018

    I have one quick Tim Garl story from my time at IU. I had just recently changed my major and was looking into a bunch of different fields including IU's athletic training program. I wanted to see what it was like so I reached out to every IU team's athletic trainer asking if I can shadow them for a day. Out of everyone, Tim was the only one to respond back to me with some direction. Although I eventually ended up going a completely different direction in my career, it was so cool to me that an Indiana legend took the time out of his day to help some random kid out. This man deserves this! Happy Hoosier Hysteria Day everybody!
  4. As someone from a city that borders those two, I thank you for this post. Having mansions, run down areas, and farms, all within a 15 minute radius of me has opened my eyes to many lifestyles and has taught me some valuable lessons in my short life. I've just made my third move within Indiana (NWI, Bloomington, and now Indianapolis.) And I grow more appreciative of this great state every year.
  5. So my good friend is a bank teller at the bank Archie goes to. Archie walked in today and my friend asked him, "did your life get easier or harder yesterday?" Archie: "Both" with a laugh. Plus, enjoying a fine meal at a steakhouse while hundreds of thousands of hoosiers found out Romeo's decision was some 1920's mafia $h1t. This guy is great. Proud of what he's accomplished already!
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    RoMeo to IU Adidas Close to Home TJD to IU
  7. Tax Accounting Midterm during the game tonight. Will IU pull the upset? Will I pull the upset?
  8. We're in trouble if Romeo gets a look at one of Vandy's "pro-style" practices lol
  9. Yesterday. Old AAU coach who is still in contact with his father.
  10. One thing to watch for on Monday is if Rabjohns makes the trip down for the announcement. He recently said that he'd be there unless he was let known prior that Darius wasn't going to pick IU. He and Evan Daniels seem to be the closest media people to the Garland family. So if Rabby makes the trip down he either really believes IU has a great shot or has already been told of the commitment. Personally, I think most signs point to IU. Timeline and reasons from what I've gathered: Darius and Romeo playing HORSE on the court together after getting standings ovations at Hoosier Hysteria A member of another site reading a text from our Head Coach saying something along the lines of "I think we're getting all 4 of them." DG, RL, TJD, KB Week after HH, people in Nashville telling Rabjohns and Jerry Meyer that IU is the favorite. Some are still saying it, but others say they "don't know" after things got silent Garland family inviting Rabjohns down twice in the last two weeks to write stories and share information with him Vanderbilt coaching staff visiting Darius twice in a week after the IU momentum Some people mention the Vanderbilt staff started pumping out optimism to increase hometown pressure on Darius Vanderbilt insiders bragging about how close they are to the situation because they talk to the Vanderbilt staff daily Archie not feeling the need to visit since the week after HH, confidence maybe? Not sure Garland's old AAU coach saying yesterday he believes he'll choose IU and heard from a Brentwood Academy staff member who thinks the same thing Winston Garland mentioning that Darius has had a school in his heart (something like that) for a couple of weeks now. Timeline perfectly matches up with Hoosier Hysteria timeline when we were the perceived favorite. Lastly, does Vandy give him the best chance to get to the NBA? Coaching staff is not even close, roster talent is not even close, incoming class is not even close, exposure is not even close. Yes, he's a top 10 prospect but undersized PG's are never automatic One and Done's Hoosier Guy Concerns Vandy is the hometown school. Great academics. Has friends playing there next year. Darius' friend's tweet Crystal ball picks Vandy has recruited him the longest and definitely more consistent than us (Crean to Archie) Drew's BS pitch of running "NBA style practices." "I played in the NBA, I know what it takes to get there." Sorry for the length, by far my longest post ever haha just kinda wanted to get my thoughts down. Darius could still pick Vanderbilt, but there are reasons to be confident.
  11. It's about time to get a little more optimistic about this recruitment. The "distant third" talk just doesn't seem to be true in my opinion and sending a full staff to an in-home visit sends a pretty strong message. Evan Daniels says this is a race between the three of us and he believes it is pretty close at the top. Hoosier Hysteria is a BIG night for Darius and Romeo. Can't wait!
  12. Looked like the whole team was there plus all 3 Blackmons, Thomas, and Keion.
  13. On Darius' Instagram live video, Naz Reid said something like "Would Darius want me to go to Vandy?" and Darius responded "YESSS I would love that." Something small but definitely notable. These recruits talk and I'd bet that's where he ends up.