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  1. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    Truth is UNC has a few upperclassmen who more than deserve to play. Brandon Randolph shot 45% from 3 last year, he has to get more minutes. Leaky Black is a guard in a forward body who was ranked pretty high. Seventh Woods has been waiting patiently. Andrew Platek is likely to see some time. Add in Cole Anthony & Jeremiah Francis as well as possibly Rayjon Tucker or Christian Keeling coming, I just don't see it unless Harris is worried about being ready to workouts due to his rehab. I have heard he may only take the 2 visits & try to decide by the end of next week.
  2. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    He told me some of his top schools he likes are Nevada, Michigan, UVA, UNC and Kansas. IU is in there, but they will have stiff competition. Rayjon Tucker is UNC's first choice & Kansas is involved with a few guys as well. Utomi isn't in a hurry at all it sounds like. I'm gonna wait for his top schools to be announced before I get to serious about him & IU.
  3. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Jamie Dixon being mentioned as a UCLA possibility. They have a good class that could open things up & of course Desmond Bane COULD grad transfer. Dream scenario at least lol.
  4. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Akron Grad transfer Daniel Utomi tells IU has reached out & he is gonna get a Final list together this week. He is very interested in IU. Jeff Goodman has reported that Anthony Duruji from Louisiana Tech has IU interest as well. He is a sit out transfer. He can shoot & is a exceptional athlete.
  5. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    (2019) SG Lester Quinones to Memphis

    I would think IU is definitely on the outside looking in on this one. Quinones sounds like he wants to visit UM, but no mention of IU lately really. If Archie got an in home I'd be more confident, but sounds like it is Memphis, Maryland or Michigan as a dark horse looking in. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't popped for Memphis yet.
  6. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Jalen Windham can flat out shoot it. He's not a spot up shooter either, which is awesome. He can create his own shots & plays hungry. Ben Davis had a few really good players, so Windham's stats may not pop off the page, but he does have a little Desmond Bane in him. I'm not saying he's gonna be him, but it wouldn't shock me either. With Brunk visiting today it means Archie is more focused on him since until the quiet/dead period is over, he can't really do much as far as in homes or use official visits. Brunk is doing an unofficial which is an option for other guys too, but this late most will likely wait a week.
  7. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    I will say if we take a chance on someone like Windham or Roderick, then DG is starting. Rob & Durham aren't enough shooting to make things work unless Hunter is healthy & his shot looks good. Then maybe DG doesn't have to start, but I just think that kid is sold more than ever on his role & will have a big senior year. I'm very excited about next years team & maybe more so than this years, but Archie HAS to get guys that can play a role from day 1. 2, 3 or 4 or however many spots need to go to guys that can play now, but only 1 or 2 are likely needed to play more than 20 mpg.
  8. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Lewis sounds like he will be back at Bama & a full court press of Watford will take place. Lewis, Petty & Watford make things a lot easier to come into for all 3. Petty is back for sure already. With Moore & Romeo likely gone that leaves 2 spots. If Brunk is taking one Archie has to be careful of where he turns for the last spot. I have heard we will at least one more spot open. Jake, Damezi are my most likely just because they would have 3 years of on court time so a new situation would benefit them greatly if they aren't in Archie's plan. I know some think Smith is gone, but I just haven't heard much that would make it likely. I'm probably wrong, but it's mainly radio silence coupled with a gut feeling.
  9. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Here is my take from what I hear Grad guys like Brunk or guys with a shot of not sitting out with more than a year left to simplify are gonna be higher priorities for Archie. I don't think he wants to open up to many rides for the '20 class. He's bound to have a guy maybe more leave as is & there just isn't enough to fill major holes with the guys we're in on. I have heard Brunk is a high priority for the staff & one that IU has a shot with. Lewis I'm not so sure. Other than that there just really isn't much movement. Player meetings are supposed to start Sunday-Tuesday timeframe & I'm gonna guess mid to end of the week next week we should hear about rumblings or maybe even official news of guys leaving. I don't expect 3 like some say, but I have heard to expect at least 1 maybe 2.
  10. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    I spoke with Daniel Utomi a bit ago, he said he would be interested in IU if they reach out. Told me to check back in a few days. No real ties, but grad guys usually don't care about that stuff. It's one more year & they want exposure.
  11. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Only transfers I could see at this point from IU would be Clifton & Justin Smith. I expect one or two. We're looking at adding 1 at worst & 3 at best. DG or Damezi wouldn't shock me or maybe even Jake, but he works so hard I think Archie would love to keep him around & will tell him as much, but does he see a path to PT?
  12. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Daniel Utomi is a name to keep an eye on. 6'6 averaged 14 this year & 16 previous year. He is a career 39% 3 baller & took plenty attempts so numbers aren't flawed. Nike Sabande is from Indy & plays for Miami (OH). Has a lot of talent, but he will sit out & play 2. I've heard his name. Derrik Smits is obviously gonna be linked to IU, but I think he will be a backup plan at best. I've been asked about Pipkins from Umass, but unless DG transfers I just don't see it. IU has Rob entrenched at PG for 3 more years maybe less, but still regardless he is the guy. DG could start, but if not he will be the 6th man 100% if he is back. There is going to be hundreds of more names added so don't get caught up on one guy early.
  13. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    There will be quite a few names that IU will have a shot to get in with over the next month or two. Some will be completely random, but I have heard some big names. I tweeted out the other day with no names & had several DM's linking guys like Desmond Bane, Josh Jefferson who went to New Albany & plays at Illinois State, Kris Wilkes which is doubtful as is Kyle Guy who IU fans keep hoping for & a few others. I'll do more digging. Sean McNeil is likely to have a long list to start from & with no offer yet I dont know if it would even go anywhere. Harlond Beverly is the most likely of our current targets. Lester Quinones seems to really be enjoying his Memphis visit. Tre Mitchell just cut to 6 & Umass looks good there. As every other year with coaching changes there will be some guys to hit the market. Texas A&M has been linked to Buzz Williams. UCLA will poach someone which will open up another power 5 spot most likely. I expect a grad guy but if we grab more than one transfer I'd say it'd be a sit out or special circumstance kind of thing.
  14. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    (2021) CG Jalen Blackmon

    It's more common than people think when the kids are this young. AAU circuit will give a look at what he could be on that end.
  15. Yogi's Picnic Basket

    (2021) CG Jalen Blackmon

    He looks to be a kid I expect to be anywhere from 15-60 in the rankings. It really all depends on how his body changes the older he gets. If his size can become a plus for him the rest of his skills will follow. I'd make Lander more of a priority now, but by senior year I think Blackmon has a shot.