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  1. Morton would be a 2020 4 year stud
  2. But brooks would have Cal fly his private jet in to say no?
  3. What thread did Rabby post this under? Curious as I’m a Peegs member and couldn’t find where he said this. I’ll take it, If he said this honestly. Believe he said 60/40 Uk last week.
  4. Can you link the article? I searched but couldn’t find it
  5. I have 1 legit source connected to iubb. Heard this morning he’s still very bullish on brooks to iu.
  6. Thanks for sharing what you heard. I like to hear all rumors. Not just the pro-iu ones
  7. Did his Brook’s brother say “it’s unc” or he’s leaning unc?
  8. It’s between MSU and IU per Peegs, snow, Rabby....I just don’t buy it
  9. swap out Smith with hunter. Hunter is too talented to come off bench
  10. Can Moore shoot the 3 ball well?
  11. dallas44~

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    Did this rumor only come from insidethehall? Or did others hear the same
  12. Where do u see watford visiting iu 12/8? Don’t see anything online about this
  13. THat was before the brand new locker room. Not end all be all, but that should knock us up to top 4
  14. dallas44~

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Carey is a center/ PF though. Brooks is a SF