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  1. jefftheref

    Hoosier Hysteria date set - 10/2/21

    Sounds like a great anniversary gift to me!
  2. jefftheref

    Hoosier Hysteria date set - 10/2/21

    The great question is, why the heck was he hired then?
  3. I love the positive changes that have happened since Woodson became coach. It is so refreshing to see. I was never impressed with Archie and watching him and his teams was like going to a funeral.
  4. jefftheref

    Worst Losses of the Archie Era

    Most of the games Archie coached. He had the personality of a sheet of drywall and it appeared to me he didn't want to be here. He got his money win or lose. I actually believe he was relieved when he was let go. Too bad it didn't happen two years earlier!
  5. jefftheref

    Top 3 favorite dunkers

    David Thompson Darrell Griffith Sam Drummer
  6. jefftheref

    General New Coach News

    Old Fart I must be your cousin, Smelly!
  7. jefftheref

    Parker Stewart - B. Braun Sheffield Sharks

    Getting used to it. After all that is exactly what the last 5 years has been.
  8. jefftheref

    General New Coach News

    I am thinking we might hear something final 4 weekend unless that coach is still in the tourney. I just hope whoever it is that they can coach both offense and defense and they recruit shooters. I saw the Luke Brown kid play yesterday and he could help Indiana big time. He reminded me of Alford only quicker, a better ball handler and passer with a very quick release. Go Hoosiers!
  9. Wasn't Keady in Bloomington yesterday visiting Coach Knight? Maybe Dolson wants to talk to both of them about being Co-Coaches. Also, I would like to thank the insider's for everything they bring to the forum. Doesn't matter if it's right or wrong info. They are just passing on what they have been told and it isn't the gospel. For me anything they share is very much appreciated.
  10. Dave I did the same thing one time when the Hoosiers played. The only difference was I took a shot every time they missed. I was plastered at the 16 minute mark and out of booze by the mid point of the first half. I will never do that again!
  11. Now that is funny, I don't care who you are!
  12. Good enough for me. Back Home Again in Indiana!
  13. I would love to buy you a round. Really appreciate what you post and the info you provide.