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  1. I loved this interview. Confident, fair, and unapologetic. He asked 'sense of ownership' to media members regularly covering IU athletics, which I've never heard from anyone and I liked very much. He also said Indiana basketball should be for all who love Indiana basketball, and they need to increase interactions with fans all over Indiana to show appreciation. I think he is our next coach when CMW retires.
  2. akumanina

    Early Big Ten Projections (2021-2022)

    That'll probably look like Crean's first year at IU.
  3. akumanina

    Player decisions

    Franklin's going to UVA to perfect his pack line defense.
  4. akumanina

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Awesome! Welcome aboard Xavier!
  5. akumanina

    General New Coach News

    From Miller to Miller. Miller time continues in Tucson.
  6. This Goodman (or Badman) guy wants to be the next Michael Rappaport? He's probably collecting DMs from IU fans.
  7. akumanina

    Assistant Coach Thread

    250K was probably at Nebraska, and it's possible that he got a little bit of raise with a cost of living adjustment. My wild guess is that his current salary is around $300K now.
  8. akumanina

    Assistant Coach Thread

    According to Google, Lewis's salary at UCLA (in 2019) was $256,200. Of course, he'd get a raise, but it'd be easy for IU to beat UCLA's offer and bring him home. Correction: He was hired by UCLA in May 2019, and the salary figure above was as of Feb 2019, so that was probably what he earned at Nebraska. I couldn't find this current salary at UCLA.
  9. akumanina

    Player decisions

    Thanks for sharing. It's the best interest for both parties to decide sooner than later. What we need is a strong unit that fully buys in what CMW wants to do.
  10. akumanina

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    This is a gutsy move by UNC and shows me how much pride and self-confidence this traditional power has. Success is not guaranteed for anyone, but they believe in their apprenticeship and the value of 'family'. One good thing of promoting a family member is that the new coach doesn't need to 'pretend' that he truly understands the culture and what it means to represent the school. For a family member, coaching his alma mater is not just a job, but it also is his life. I think of this as a model practice for blueblood programs and I'm glad that IU is heading that way.
  11. The collective basketball knowledge at IU is top flight. We won't have problems in player development and coaching. And Woodson and Fife bleed cream and crimson, relationship with players will be automatic.
  12. This is awesome with capital A. I thought from the beginning if Stevens was out of reach, I wanted Beilein and Fife. But Woodson and Fife is even better, and this move is for the next 30 years.
  13. Hey the Masshole thing is only temporary. He can become anything depending on where he goes.
  14. akumanina

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Dane Fife to IU is tremendous. Would he be next in line after CMW? We gotta keep it in the family.
  15. akumanina

    Player decisions

    Evan Fitzner was always a mystery to me. Obviously, he was lacking in some key areas, but the guy could shoot. He wasn't able to create his own shots, so definitely he needed help and specific plays designed for him. So if Archie simply didn't do that or wasn't willing to do that for him, why did Archie bring him here in the first place? It was like a failure waiting to happen.