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  1. HoosierDribbler

    College Bball Thread

    Just look them in the eye and give them a "Hoo, Hoo, Hoo Hoosiers".
  2. HoosierDribbler

    IUBB vs Merrimack - 12/12/21 @ Noon on BTN

    Speaking of Troy, what is he doing these days?
  3. How generous of you. Hope someone takes you up on that offer. Hope to see a great crowd there tomorrow night. I'm in Florida so will be watching on BTN.
  4. HoosierDribbler

    Hoosier Hysteria date set - 10/2/21

    Hoosier Nation Fan Page on Facebook has a 52-minute video of some of the activities.
  5. HoosierDribbler

    Hoosier Hysteria date set - 10/2/21

    How did the crowd react to Fife's intro?
  6. HoosierDribbler

    Charlie Miller - July 2020 Hoosier Hysterics Podcast

    I wish you all would quit posting these videos and podcasts. I enjoy hearing the past players and end up sucking hours away I should be spending doing something more productive. But, please do keep posting them.
  7. HoosierDribbler

    Knights return

    Well done. Nice to hear about that day from the players. How fortunate are we to be fans of this great program?
  8. HoosierDribbler

    Justin Smith Declares

    Nah, he just loves a pissin contest.
  9. HoosierDribbler

    College Bball Thread

    What the hell needs to happen before someone (Hello, Izzo) at that cesspool is held responsible? Just nasty.
  10. HoosierDribbler

    College Bball Thread

    Sure do miss when we had several guys who could consistently hit that outside 3.
  11. HoosierDribbler

    College Bball Thread

    What is Troy doing these days?
  12. HoosierDribbler

    Dakich under investigation

    I've lived in Florida for 40 years, but I was born and raised in Indiana. This sure doesn't paint a very pretty picture of the state.
  13. No. But, I do think they should do selection Sunday, so the players will have that honor. At least they would know their hard work during the season was being recognized.
  14. NBA suspending season after tonight.WOW
  15. Not watching, what question caused him to answer "pleasantries"?