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  1. RoadToZion

    RIP Brother CCGeneral

    Wow. RIP.
  2. Yeah? I do that? News to me. If I tell someone they are wrong its because, well, they ARE wrong.
  3. Great thanks. Don't post here anymore but still look sometimes. Had to comment on that guys post because hes just wrong.
  4. RoadToZion

    Rival Site Topic

    Haha that was funny. That guy was nuts. I forget what I said to him exactly but he was adamant about fighting me. Yet, I was all the way in New Zealand at the time. 
  5. RoadToZion


    Go buy some edibles from a dispensary and get stoned. 
  6. RoadToZion

    IU vs Purdouche Game Thread

    So you didn't sell all your tickets after christmas break like you said? 
  7. RoadToZion

    IU vs Purdouche Game Thread

    You would have been able to watch it live in Assembly Hall but you're one of the students who like to twirl their thumbs on the couch instead of standing up and cheering.
  8. RoadToZion

    The fans aren't going to the games?

    Then you are lazy as hell.
  9. RoadToZion

    The fans aren't going to the games?

    You're part of the problem then. You can't stand up for a couple hours to watch a game? Bum. Pregame and go nuts at games it's not that hard. I only missed a few my entire 4 years. And you said earlier you sold your tickets after winter break? Why? To try to make an extra few bucks? Also very lame. Sack up and go to the games.
  10. You're embarrassing yourself. You're at IU, go bang chicks, not post drunk on a message board.
  11. RoadToZion

    IUBB vs Kentucky Game Thread

    Get a job. 
  12. RoadToZion

    Going to Class

    Who does? I had classes w/ Vic, will, pritch, etc. and they didn't show up plenty of times. However, I had classes w football players and Coach Wilson made them sit in the first couple of rows in the big lecture classes.
  13. Every time I read one of Hoosier in AZ's posts it reminds me of this.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0
  14. RoadToZion

    I'm just gonna leave this right here

    No, our ceiling isn't 20-22 wins and a top 4 or 5 finish in the Big Ten.   He won 27 games and 29 games in back to back seasons and finished 1st in the Big Ten one year. Did you somehow forget that?