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  1. Hoosiereyedoc

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    I believe I’ve seen it referred to as “being taken to the Wood shed” lol
  2. Just saw this on Jerome’s Instagram story. Happy to see he’s liking Woody and maybe the transfer rumor is unsubstantiated
  3. Insiders only, I can only do so much bc I’m not the owner of the practice lol also guys, I was told he came home yesterday so any Boca flights today would not be Pfau
  4. If Brad comes, I will give you a 50% discount lol best I can do
  5. Alright cool, I’ll take it. I’m from the New Albany/Jeff area. Don’t know much but anything I do hear I’ll pass along. God if this pans out I will die
  6. Oh hey! I never have sources but I do have a secondary connection to Pfau! They said he wouldn’t leak info but it’s entirely possible he would be the donor for the new coach. Wouldn’t spend on firing someone but would spend on hiring. He goes to Florida for the winter (Boca?) and got back yesterday. Sorry that doesn’t really tell us anything but I’ll keep digging
  7. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    Hey guys (and fellow girls!), another female fan here! I’m dedicated enough to take off literally every single day basketball is played in March and April a year in advance lol so I’m sitting by a pool in Florida on vacation and having a blast following everything! I was hurt by Donovan 4 years ago and I’m ready to be hurt again!
  8. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    Like resign or something?
  9. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    You’re the person I trust the most since you’re close to the situation, so I was hoping you would say he’s talking crazy lol
  10. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    That could be his source, not sure. He obviously didn’t give any hints other than saying it was not Archie that he’s hearing from and that he could care less about making Archie feel better by reporting that he’s not going anywhere. He’s getting crucified by fans on the board lol it’s obviously not what ANY of us want to hear
  11. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    He said he hasn’t spoken to Archie since before the pandemic. Could be a lie but that’s what he said
  12. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    I would think that too but he said usually there is movement when a coaching change is coming and there’s no movement right now. Again, maybe he’s full of ****. He’s just weirdly confident about it so idk I’m just concerned I guess lol
  13. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    Yeah if Rabby says it, it’s all over
  14. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    That’s what I would think but he said he’s “very confident” nothing is moving as if he is going to be fired and the general feeling in the coaching world/AD is that his job is safe right now. What the actual hell?!
  15. Hoosiereyedoc

    General New Coach News

    I’m not sure what to think. People here and on a couple other forums are hearing he’s gone, but Brian snow on Peegs is saying there’s no buzz at all about him being fired in the athletic department. If that’s true I’ll lose my mind lol