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  1. I'm honestly pretty excited about it, but I selected 1) Happy 2) I like it. I think this is out of left field (in a positive way), placing Thad as a GM of sorts, assisting Woodson with coaching evaluations, player evaluations, making connections in the AAU/High School world, etc. etc. The supporting staff will be crucial, specifically from the aspect of grooming a coach in waiting. I truly think this is a positive outside of the box approach that can win (and even trendset) in today's cbb landscape.
  2. IU fans are the worst. This choice has so much upside, and nearly zero downside. After all, we can’t get any worse than we have been! We speak out of the both sides of our mouths: “need someone that can run today’s style of bball”, but not that well-respected NBA GUY! Need a former IU guy, but not THAT IU guy! We are truly insufferable. That said, I’m excited for this hire. I think this is a very positive thing for IUBB, and cannot wait until next season!