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  1. IUBBx5Banners

    (2022) - C Ernest Udeh Jr.

    Up to #22 in 247..big move from being previously unranked
  2. IUBBx5Banners

    IU Trustee Election

    100% agreed. It’s like he’s having a midlife crisis and is now subjecting all IUBB fans to it. He still actively defends his whole Dawson Garcia debacle, which to me says everything I need to know about judgment, decision-making and ultimately his candidacy..
  3. Not going to litigate the Braden Smith point. I think Hoosierfan2017 has summed up my viewpoints well so I’ll save us both some time. And IMO, Leland Walker is the best in-state PG in 2022.
  4. Nova’s 15-16 rotation consisted all of top 100 guys and their last natty winning team was the same with the exception of Donte and Eric Paschall. I just don’t think today’s elite program building is comparable to the Knight era. Smith is a good player. But there are real limitations there. If he’s not the lead ball handler, he’s a 6’0 ft off-ball guard that is an outside threat but not much else. IMO, I’m not even certain he’s the best in-state 2022 PG.
  5. IUBBx5Banners

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Read that as a 5 star. Whoops
  6. IUBBx5Banners

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Smith is #5 overall in 2021 class on 247
  7. IUBBx5Banners

    (2022) - PF A. J. Casey

    Thanks for the update. I know when we initially made contact, there were some twitter comments about how they’d like to play together. What a recruiting coup that would be
  8. IUBBx5Banners

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    When I saw Miller's name floated earlier this month, I read up on him and came away incredibly impressed. There are a few things that stuck with me that I think are important to consider when looking at Miller as a candidate: 1. Wes Miller took over the UNCG program when he was 27 years old. Regardless of program quality, this is an impressive accomplishment. 2. UNCG has never won a single tourney game in their program's existence. They've been to the tourney 4 times total. 3. Fran McCaffrey coached there for 6 seasons, during which he was able to post one 20-win season. Miller has posted 5 straight with a 74% win percentage. His age and trajectory are really attractive IMO. There are smarter people than I who can discuss how good he is at in-game coaching but by all accounts he is a rock star.
  9. IUBBx5Banners

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Saw this screenshot in my IU text chain. They're panicking
  10. IUBBx5Banners

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Yup. Sounds like UofI is giving him full court press
  11. IUBBx5Banners

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Is Woodson trying to work a sign and trade?!
  12. IUBBx5Banners

    CBB: Roy Williams Retires from UNC

    Lol calling him names because he chose a career path that didn’t benefit your fan interests. Cmon. Yeah it’s disappointing he didn’t come, but that’s not a reflection of his character
  13. IUBBx5Banners

    Beard to Texas.

    He’s a stud. He’s very comfortable navigating today’s recruiting and transfer environment and I have no doubt he’ll rack up 20 win seasons without breaking a sweat. Hiring an alum is making a comeback as the hot trend
  14. IUBBx5Banners

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Sorry I just think the line is very blurry as to what is playing with fire and yapping versus taunting. which is draymond? What about Emoni Bates?
  15. IUBBx5Banners

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I’m guessing you haven’t been watching Dame Time recently