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  1. ColtsIU-ND

    College Bball Thread

    Boston might be looking for someone that's already a Masshole, he would fit right in. Please make it so.
  2. ColtsIU-ND

    College Bball Thread

    So.. I was in Vegas, I had just had nice hit on a slot, the Capt Morgan was delicious, there was a cool looking betting kiosk I was dying to play with like a new toy. So WHY NOT!?
  3. ColtsIU-ND

    College Bball Thread

    Seems like a pretty decent spot for him to land. Good Luck JH
  4. ColtsIU-ND

    Player decisions

    I think a healthy, engaged Hunter plays a big role this year. For some reason I really root for the kid.
  5. ColtsIU-ND

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    Thanks. Good to know. I'm now more hopeful for both
  6. ColtsIU-ND

    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    I would love to have either Fife or Lewis, or both... I think we have a better shot with Lewis..I not sure what Fife would gain from the move.(?) He's already sitting in a pretty good spot with an aging Izzo, plus closer to home for him, correct?... am I missing something that makes this move more attractive for Fife? Sorry if this has already be discussed. Seems to make much more sense for Lewis, if only to get away from Cronin (I just haven't ever liked Cronin for some reason)
  7. I'm on board the train til the end. (Most of us know we are only having fun here, not to be taken too seriously) I am bracing for the negative moods but let's roll on!
  8. It's the classic 'Who's on first?' shtick, we're probably only on third base right now. This may go on a bit more. Have a drink and enjoy the chaos. yes! that's 10!
  9. That's yet another train I'd go on
  10. Or he'll rip off his tear away pants to reveal candy striped underwear. Wonder if he's boxers of briefs. Dang it, 2 more to drop jockstrap status..
  11. Damn, I picked a fine week to stop sniffing glue. Even in my glue fog I realize there ore OTHER THREADS a person can get into if this one isn't entertaining you. Feel free to move on in silence. I, for on, say let's have some fun with the crazy. I also love the THOUGHT of Santa Claus, doesn't mean I expect to see him in my living room. This crazy fun sure beats the negative crapola spewing on those other threads.
  12. "Hope is a good thing, may be the best of the things. And good thing never dies" my good friend Andy Dufresne at the Shank. Like this thread! Keeping hope alive! because we are bored at the moment.
  13. $10 million? That's insane money. If we are really hunting with THAT amount loaded in the chamber we should expand the list to every breathing coach out there. Including guys that have actually won championships. 10 is too much (if it is even real)..I have too much fun reminding my KY buddies how heavy that Cal $8 mill/year for life must feel lately.
  14. I listened to this video again. Any current coach would say these things about his current team. We shall see. I will add that I, like many others, do appreciate the info that is shared here by those few that do.
  15. This is a good point. my only thought is the $10 mill buyout..most of us had conceded that cash would extend AM for one more season..i agreed with others on here in thinking you only pay that if you have your eyes on someone else and it had to be RIGHT NOW.