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  1. VO5


    You know it’s really sad. I don’t believe we’ll ever sniff what we did with Knight at this point. We’re passed the point of no return and probably were some years ago. programs are becoming what we used to be. I guess that’s just life, can’t be dominant forever. I used to be a such a diehard fan, would constantly rewatch games and keep up with stats. I miss games regularly now, and rarely have the motivation to even watch highlights when we win. I can honestly say I’m a happier person doing this though. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but now that I did I think it’s for the best. Not that anyone cares about my opinion but I don’t think I’m alone. Oh well
  2. X was making me tear my hair out but we got the W. Need to play much better when BIG play comes around
  3. Sounds like Race and Parker are questionable with injuries
  4. Sounds like we could potentially have 4 players out today unfortunately. TB is out for sure
  5. VO5

    Where does IU Football go from here

    Dude is clueless. I’d just stop responding and he’ll go away
  6. Didn’t watch the game but holy crap I hate that adidas logo on our jerseys. Such an eye sore
  7. VO5

    Hoosier Fan Fest

    I absolutely cannot stand that they are associated with IU. It irks me so much. These guys are clowns to the nth degree and Peegs/the program tout them. It’s just so damn disappointing.
  8. VO5

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney to Alabama

    Yeah but I never saw anywhere credible that said Alabama was out. Didn’t see it by any reporter or anything so was confusing to me
  9. VO5

    (2022) - PF Noah Clowney to Alabama

    Not really sure where this Alabama is out stuff is coming from. Rabjohns just said he’s rescheduled his visit there for October 23rd. This looks like it’ll be a late October/early November decision
  10. We are what we are. About a 7-5, 6-6 team that in other years might get to 8 or 9 wins. I’m afraid that’s about our ceiling as a program. Just trying to be realistic
  11. Do you really believe Cincy is a top 10 team? Maybe by preseason expectations. They’ll stay up that high because they play absolutely no one so can go 11-1 every year. I think they’re a solid top 25 team that would have 3-4 losses in the BIG, but this media narrative trying to get them in the playoff is way off base. They’ll get absolutely destroyed by anyone they play in the top 4
  12. Another year, another close-but-no-cigar predictable outcome in a big game. Wake me up when that changes
  13. VO5

    Name, Image & Likeness (NIL)

    That money came from shoe companies in the hopes that those highly ranked kids would sign with them once they hit the NBA. TJD is a fringe NBA player who doesn’t have that kind of value.