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  1. VO5

    Assistant Coach Thread

    It’s what every good team is about. Every team plays in the grey area. You have a view from the past that just isn’t reality today. This is just how it’s done anymore. We would never get the talent to compete if we weren’t operating in the grey area like Kansas, UNC, Duke, etc. you may not like it, but our basketball program will be even more of an afterthought if we don’t get with the times. A portion of our fanbase likes to think it’s 1976 still and times have just changed. College athletics is moving in a different direction and if we don’t move with it, well we’ll just be a has been.
  2. VO5

    Assistant Coach Thread

    He can drop the bag for all I care. If we brings us recruits and we win, nobody else will care either
  3. VO5

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Guess who Rosemond has personally trained with? None other than Bruce Thornton who committed to OSU. Have to imagine this would be a possibility now with him in the fold. He’s also been training/working with other 4 star kids as well. Wasn’t a fan of this at first but this guy has some serious connections. Bring him on
  4. VO5

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I think he’s Louisville bound
  5. VO5

    Player decisions

    Totally fine with him choosing what’s best for him. But the once a hoosier always a hoosier thing? Nah. He chose to leave here so that nullifies it
  6. VO5

    Player decisions

    Is what it is. Good luck to Armaan and on to the next one
  7. VO5

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Looking like this might be Yasir Rosemond. Not sure how to feel about it
  8. VO5

    Assistant Coach Thread

    Give me Adam Cohen and Lewis wouldn’t even be a loss
  9. VO5

    Player decisions

    My bad I edited to XJ but you got me before then lol. I think XJ makes up for AF’s absence but we need another guy for sure
  10. VO5

    Player decisions

    We will see. I’m personally fine with it as I think XJ is a better creator
  11. VO5

    Player decisions

    From Peegs it looks like UVA
  12. VO5

    Player decisions

    Reading around, looks like AF will not be back at IU next year.
  13. VO5

    Player decisions

    Rabjohns stated Race odds to return are rising. That’s honestly surprising to me but I will take it if he wants to be back
  14. GREAT NEWS! This is the guy I really wanted. We needed an upgrade in talent at guard and this is another great piece. Awesome job Kenya and Coach Woodson
  15. VO5

    General New Coach News

    Sounds like some sort of recruiting coordinator role but that’s just what I’ve read I’m not sure if it’s 100% accurate