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  1. There’s only a trial if there is enough evidence, no?
  2. Look back and you’ll see tweets that mentioned Fife. I’m glad some of you aren’t on my life jury. I thought it was innocent until proven guilt. LOL
  3. Both were cleared that they did know wrong doing though. Names were given some where legit others weren’t. Fife and Yas werent.
  4. IUwins0708

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Woodson has a good mix of old/new school. He will keep these guys under wraps as far as talking to refs go.
  5. He wasn’t on their staff last year according to their roster.
  6. IUwins0708

    Player decisions

    Nothing against Armaan but there are tons of players of his caliber in the portal. Would still love to have him back though.
  7. IUwins0708

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I’m hoping Armaan stays and I doubt we see Race stay. That offense isn’t cut out for players with Races skill set. That’s not a knock on him either.
  8. He was still the lead recruiter so the salesman in him was doing work. Selling is a big part of coaching
  9. IUwins0708

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Way to stop him is to ignore him. He’s getting exactly what he wants from IU fans. The man is an attention *****.
  10. I’m sure he did, it was mainly a joke
  11. I left that out because so was Crean.....
  12. Coached 10 seasons in the B1G, head coach for 6 seasons, Midwest recruiting ties, lead recruiter for Jalen Washington, he went to Indiana and was a menace on defense.
  13. IUwins0708

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He did an in home with him
  14. I’m probably in the minority but I wouldn’t mind a change there either.