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Player decisions

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Just now, Hoosierfan2017 said:

There aren't really any guys on our team who I strongly want to leave. There are definitely some I hope we keep more than others, but I don't mind any of them. None of them seem like locker room issues. They aren't getting in trouble off the court. They struggle at a lot of things on the court, but maybe a good coach (who can teach shooting!) would be able to change things. 

Agreed here. I hope we also keep our commits. I really do believe we could have been a tourney team this year with better coaching. I think we can be next year if the right pieces stay, we get the coach we need, and we hit on a solid transfer or 2 in the portal. Or maybe the coach brings commits with him from the previous school. I’m optimistic for next year, but the coming weeks will have an impact on that I’m sure 

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29 minutes ago, FritzIam4IU said:

If his mom really texted Archie what was reported, I have to believe he is far more likely to stay with new coach rather than if Archie remained.

I must have missed this, what happened?

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3 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

I worry the most about Geronimo because I feel he's got so much untapped talent but being from the east coast, don't know if he's built up enough ties to IU to stick around or not.

Also worried about Geronimo. Would like for him and Hunter both to be back

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