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  1. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Thank you for posting information that this thread is actually meant for! This a sports forum, and just like everything else, it's turned into a political forum. So many experts on here, claiming they know all the answers. When, in fact, the experts don't even know what's going on Thanks '66!
  2. jk34

    Knights return

    Thank you for that! Awesome!!
  3. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

  4. jk34

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Loved watching that backcourt play together! We could also add Abernathy to this list.
  5. jk34

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Bobby Wilkerson Darryl Thomas Steve Eyl Greg Graham Matt Nover
  6. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Same thing I here at home, with someone on the front lines at Methodist.
  7. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Bottom line is, none of us really know who or what to believe. Our sources are all over the place. We can't even get medical experts and leading health organizations aligned! I know we've been beaten to death by this statement, but We're all in this together! Be safe and use your own judgment. Go IU! PS- On a good note, Methodists Covid patients #'s are way down
  8. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Would love to know their opinions!
  9. jk34

    College Football Thread

    Michigan at 5! Yikes
  10. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Notice crickets from you when bigrod corrected your misinformation. Not very effective.
  11. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Apparently not as much harm as putting sick people back in nursing homes!
  12. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Cost? Not debating, just wondering what the cost differential is. Ultimately, it's going to come down to doctor/patient decisions!
  13. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Are you making this political again! smh
  14. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Plus, the FDA approved it as a EUA.
  15. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Prayers brother!