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  1. Thought the same thing! Head scratcher.
  2. jk34

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    Can't wait to see a healthy, stronger, more mature Jerome ! I believe he'll be a difference maker.
  3. Absolutely agree on Kaufman being top target after Lander reclassed! I believe Archie,and all of IU nation, wanted him. My perspective was, Kaufman wanted a promise of playing the 3,and Archie probably told him that stretch 4 would be more of a need looking forward. Definitely don't think Archie pushed him away. I have high hopes, Jerome will be that multidimensional, multi position player, we're desperately needing on the wing, or small 4.
  4. Maybe Archie not promising a 3 spot, means he's extremely confident in our future on the wing! Jerome, Jordan, Trey, and Anthony, seems like a great mix of everything we're looking for, moving forward!
  5. He did get a commitment from the top 2021 in state target, and even convinced him to reclass! Not to mention, one of the best players in the country!
  6. jk34

    Prayer Thread

    Prayers up to you and your family !
  7. jk34

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    They're still playing professional basketball?
  8. jk34

    My position!

    ITH took down their C19 thread awhile back. Got too political, and the true colors of people came to the surface! I understand the "skip on by the topic" if you don't like the subject, however, the point you are making is correct. Too political! Difference of opinion has turned from a conversation, to vilification! Sad!
  9. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Thank you for posting information that this thread is actually meant for! This a sports forum, and just like everything else, it's turned into a political forum. So many experts on here, claiming they know all the answers. When, in fact, the experts don't even know what's going on Thanks '66!
  10. jk34

    Knights return

    Thank you for that! Awesome!!
  11. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

  12. jk34

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Loved watching that backcourt play together! We could also add Abernathy to this list.
  13. jk34

    All-Time Underrated Team

    Bobby Wilkerson Darryl Thomas Steve Eyl Greg Graham Matt Nover
  14. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Same thing I here at home, with someone on the front lines at Methodist.