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  1. IU Scott

    2021 Transfer Portal

    That trip was 2 years before the championship season
  2. Loved listening him on the radio doing the Pacers games as well as him telling stories in interviews.
  3. IU Scott

    Coach Woodson's Media Appearances

    Well he had already has won a lot of recruiting battles with the 4 staying us Johnson. It is obvious what ever Woodson is telling players and their parents are working.
  4. IU Scott

    Assistant Coach Thread

    I will care because that is not what IU basketball is about. I will give him the benefit of doubt and will give him a chance. Coach Knight had a few coaches on his staff that had trouble with the NCAA at their previous jobs. Ellenberger and Lock us Dave Bliss was on his staff at one time.
  5. I would assume this was from last year when RMK came back
  6. IU Scott

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I wouldn't call Vital a wing player
  7. IU Scott

    Player decisions

    Agree because we still need some one who can rebound
  8. IU Scott

    Player decisions

    With Johnson here and I predict that Franklin will stay but Race will leave. PG- Johnson/RP. 2G- Franklin/Lander./Leal SF- Stewart/Galloway. PG- Geronimo/Hunter. C- TJD/Brunk/Duncomb. I know Lander is not a 2 guard but I think RP and Lander will be the backup guards.
  9. IU Scott

    Player decisions

    I would wonder if a couple of them could redshirt
  10. IU Scott

    Player decisions

    She would be a great defender since the other team would be checking her out
  11. IU Scott

    Player decisions

    Say that Franklin comes back and we get Johnson that would make a deep rotation at the guard position. Johnson. Franklin. Lander. Stewart. RP. Leal. Galloway
  12. IU Scott

    College Bball Thread

    Pastner was a walk on at Arizona
  13. IU Scott

    Assistant Coach Thread

  14. IU Scott

    Player decisions

    I root for the name on the front of the jersey and not the on on the back. I will root for players who want to be here and put that jersey on