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  1. IU Scott

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    I can help sometimes because my job gets me to Kokomo at least once a week
  2. IU Scott

    (2024) - C Flory Bidunga

    Probably the player who this thread is about
  3. Did they forget that they ran 3 straight plays to get him open for 3's at the end of the Rutgers game.
  4. IU Scott

    If You Could Add A Player

    I guess I would take Vonleh since the other guys are to old to play full court basketball
  5. Wouldn't want him at IU because these kids that move school to school every year usually can't be counted on
  6. IU Scott

    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    About his thoughts on NIL?
  7. I don't like hearing about kids thinking about being one and done before the season starts especially if you are not a top 10 player. I have thought that Banks would be a huge surprise those year
  8. IU Scott

    College Football Thread

    Probably be able to finish 4th in the Big Ten pretty consistently but no higher. I wonder if Saban or Myers could get IU to win the conference.
  9. IU Scott

    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

  10. As long as we don't lose anyone who still has eligibility I definitely see us being a contender in the big ten.. It is hard at this time to know everyone's roster next year. JHS/Cupps Bates/Gunn/ Newton Banks/Galloway/ Leak Geronimo/? Transfer Reneau/Duncomb To me this is a very good team
  11. That is fine but it gets old seeing mainly doom and gloom about a season that is a year away. Like I have said before is some people look at things in a positive light where other people see the same thing and look at it in a negative light. You see a couple of recruiting misses and players who leave and can't see how it will work out. I see it as some guys who have out in the work and by next year will be huge contributors. I see guys like Duncomb by next year being a key contributor and even a starter. When he signed a lot of people thought he was the type of big that UW has gotten and by their junior year developed into good players. I also have read great things about CJ Gunn and think with time he will be a solid starter even by next year. I see guys like Geronimo and Bates next year being star players in the league. I see next year that Reneau being a all big ten type player. I have said from the beginning that Banks might be the best of the freshman long term.
  12. I think him coming back would be better for the long term health of the program than him being one and done. It is better for most programs to bring in guys who are really good but guys who aren't good enough to be one and done players.
  13. My god why worry about next year and be all doom. And gloom even before this season starts. Next year's class won't be totally assembled until May and a lot of things can happen in the mean time. I saw someone post on HSN that we are stl pushing for McQueen to reclassify and thought if he did it would be for IU.