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  1. IU Scott


    For me my teams are the Colts, IU, Reds and Pacers
  2. IU Scott


    Might want to check the Pacers because they don't suck 23-18
  3. IU Scott


    It is all sports it is either what are the odds on game or it is about your fantasy team.. it is no longer about the actual sport any longer
  4. IU Scott


    So why don't fans take that same approach. It seems all we care about is winning and losing
  5. IU Scott


    Well they are students which take time, they practice the sport they play. In the off season they are on campus most of the summer working out and going to class. We fans go to work and at night sit on our butts watching other doing something
  6. IU Scott


    I am sure they did but it doesn't make it right. People need to get a life and realize that an outcome of a game isn't really important. Probably worse today because of social media but probably gambling as well.
  7. IU Scott


    I have said the same thing, he is the 6th coach in 23 years. We have had 5 AD's as well and we have tried every avenue in hiring a coach. It also seems like even the blue bloods are not even trying to go outside to hire new coaches after their HOF coach leaves. I just think a coach who is very successful at other aces have no reason to leave for a job like IU. To me, I hope Lewis is very successful at BSU over the next few years and when we have an opening he is the guy. I have listened to him on local radio a lot and he has the stuff we are looking for in a coach. He has a fire inside him to win and don't take losing well. He seems like he holds the players accountable and don't tolerate mistakes.
  8. IU Scott


    It is just sad that college sports has come to this where fans who are probably 35-50 old fat Guys sitting on the couch watching kids play a sport. It is sad these fans think that they have the right to send letters to these players because they are not meeting the fans expectations. We have no idea what other things these guys are going through in their every day lives. For the most part these players are doing way more than us fans are doing in our lives. I know all programs have these idiots but this is some of what I am talking about how our fans hurt the program.
  9. IU Scott


    Yes there would have been
  10. IU Scott


    All you have to do is look at some of the bigger hires of the last couple of years and you don't see them being filled by other elite coaches.
  11. No and for the most part his offenses were not great
  12. IU Scott


    know this will come off sappy and probably a little pathetic. This last week I have been looking at myself and not liking my attitude or what I see of myself. I am really working on my faith and trying to be a better person. So the first thing I need to do is to apologize to anyone on here I have offended over the years. The thing I need to work on is accepting that other people will have different opinions than mine and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has the right to their opinion and mine are no better than anybody else. None of us are right or wrong with how we fill about things and who am I to question anybody's opinion on any subject. Over the years I have acted like I knew more about IU and my opinion is the only right opinion . I really thinking about this today after the game where I was disappointed in our loss. Driving to my son's house in Plainfield to pick him up for the Pacers game. I told myself not to let the outcome of the game to ruin my time with my son. Got to his house and got to see my two granddaughters and it just brought a new perspective for me. There is no reason an outcome of a sporting event should ever effect my mood. I have no influence on what happens on the court or field and did nothing to prepare for the game. I just sit on my fat butt on the couch watching others play sports. I know the ridicule about this post will come but I wanted to get this off if my chest. Go Hoosiers
  13. IU Scott

    Scott Dolson

    Why didn't they fire Cal after last year after losing to St. Peters, after two years ago not making the tournament.