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Class of '66 Old Fart

(2023) - SF Andrej Stojakovic to Stanford

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4-star 6'7" Andrej Stojakovic the son of NBA's Peja Stojakovic has received an IU offer.   He attends Jesuit HS in Carmichael, CA and plays AAU on the Adidas circuit for the Compton Magic.



MaxPreps              40% 3-point shooter both his sophomore and junior seasons.






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1 hour ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

Presumably you meant if he CAN shoot like his dad....

Definitely lol edited it. Peja was one of the best shooters. I was a big Kevin Garnett fan, so lots of playoffs battles seen against him and the Kings!

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Eric  Bossi from this past weekend's Adidas event.

Andrej Stojakovic, SF, Compton Magic- We first saw the son of Peja Stojakovic with his high school team last summer and threw him into the national rankings based on his size, skill and pedigree. Seeing him during the winter, it was pretty clear that we would end up moving him up from his current spot of No. 102 in the 2023 rankings. After a monster weekend at the 3SSB, Stojakovic looks to be at least a top 50, if not a bit better, player in the junior class. He shoots it, he has great size, he can finish with bounce and he’s a steely competitor. Stanford offered earlier this spring but given his pedigree and game, its mind boggling that his recruitment hasn’t really taken off just yet.

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On 4/14/2022 at 7:56 PM, WayneFleekHoosier said:

Sign him up…. We crootin’ California kids now? Wowzers, we know of no limits!

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On 4/15/2022 at 8:32 AM, WayneFleekHoosier said:

Stuhoo said it better. But, goodness gracious great balls of fire.

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Yeah the AAU pipeline thread gets into some of this, but a fun thing of the CMW era — perhaps partially facilitated by NIL — has been keeping*, pursuing**, and landing*** players from situations where prior coaches have failed, or not even tried.

*TJD last year, but honestly all the portal-and-back during the coaching change last year; Race, some others this year with at least one still TBD

**lots of the players they’re after right now would not have been targets at all under CAM, or would’ve been offers with tepid interest under CTC

***Bates, JHS, Banks, JHS, Newton…even Cupps are from different parts of the country or different kinds of schools or AAU programs than prior staffs made work. Some from situations they never even would’ve tried.

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Adam Finkelstein of 247 will be watching the Adidas event this weekend.

Andrej Stojakovic, 6-6, 2023, Compton Magic

Stojakovic, the son of Peja Stojakovic, is another prospect making headlines with Compton Magic. Few players on the 3SSB circuit helped themselves more in session one as Stojakovic walked away with new offers from Washington State, Indiana, Tennessee, UConn, Kansas, Florida, Texas, and Oregon among others. He came into the spring just outside the 247Sports top 100, but should see his ranking rise alongside his recruitment if session one was any indication.

What am I watching for this weekend? This is my first-time seeing Stojakovic live this year. I’ve seen the film, and it’s impressive, but I’m going in with no pre-conceived notions, excited to see how he looks and moves in live action against top competition.

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Travis Branham after last night's Adidas AAU game.

The nation is starting to catch on to Andrej Stojakovic, the son of Peja Stojakovic. The 6-foot-6, 185-pound wing out of Carmichael (Calif.) Jesuit has earned six high major offers this month alone but that certainly won't be the end of his eruption into the national spotlight.

Just under a year ago, Stojakovic was an unknown prospect who played one weekend at Section 7 prior to taking off to Greece for the summer. In that one weekend, Stojakovic was able to showcase his talent and high upside earning a spot in the 2023 Top150.

Fast forward less than a year later and Stojakovic has taken his game to a new level and has become one of the best shot-makers and shot-creators in the country.

He has as polished and advanced footwork as anyone in the country and with his size and length, he can create separation and get off any shot he wants at any given moment.

Now, tonight, he did struggle with getting shots to fall and he was a bit trigger happy but his shot is far from a concern and he has shown in plenty other settings that he is a good passer and can easily play within the flow of an offense.

He currently ranks just outside the Top 100 but as a 6-foot-6 shot-maker and shot-creator who can defend, pass and possesses his bloodlines is placing him in the conversation as a potential five-star prospect in the class.

John Calipari and an assistant were in attendance getting eyes specifically on Stojakovic along with his 2025 star teammate Koa Peat.

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Adam Finkelstein --

Andrej Stojakovic, Compton Magic – If it seems like each day brings a new headline about Stojakovic, that’s because it has as of late. On Saturday, the headline was a scholarship offer from Kentucky. His combination of size, skill, and shooting prowess has already been well-documented, but he also might not be done growing. He has big feet, strong legs, and an upper body that he hasn’t grown all the way into yet. So, sure, he has to get stronger, but often times frames don’t fill out if they’re still stretching, and if that’s the case for Stojakovic then his rapid ascension isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

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