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Jordan Howard - Miami Dolphins

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Thanks for nothing three different sports apps on my phone who didn't report this to me.


Never mind, CBS sports sent one as soon as I wrote that. As if they were watching...


Anyway, I made my case in the last thread about this. If he doesn't think he can make it to a first or second round draft pick, then an extra year won't help him too much. Mixed year for RBs. A lot of teams have needs, but I think they also discovered you only use a good pick on an elite RB. Niners have been playing guys taken from other team's practice squads for most of the year and still manage to have a decent rush offense (well, better than could be expected given all of the other flaws). RBs just aren't worth the draft capital most of the time.


Hope he proves me wrong though. Look forward to seeing him take the field one Sunday.

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Congrats to Howard for sure. Very talented player. Good recruiting coup for Coach. Interested to see where he goes. Has the feel of a third or fourth round pick to me.

Also had a little bit of a Vonleh feel to me. Not sure how I feel about that. Coach Wilson used him better than Crean did Vonleh so it makes it more appealing.

Anyway, best of luck, glad you were a Hoosier! Stay/Get healthy!

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Running back U. Go get em Jordan and thanks for a great year. He was so incredibly fun to watch. Devines turn to carry the torch!


I have the utmost faith in Redding, but there were moments during Howard's absence throughout the season where the team could have used a power back for third and one-type situations.  Maybe CKW sees Wilson and Rodriguez filling that role in the future? (In my mind, Majette is in the APB/Redding mold.)


Congrats to J How, it truly was a pleasure watching you stomp a mudhole in Michigan's rush defense.

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