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  1. hoosierwhodey

    (2017) SG Al Durham Jr. to IU

    Solid vision and handles
  2. hoosierwhodey

    NCAA fantasy hoops

  3. hoosierwhodey

    (2017) LB Thomas Allen to Indiana

    I was wondering when it would be official. Solid pickup. Will develop nicely. Will be a vocal leader to help recruit others.
  4. hoosierwhodey

    Yogi Ferrell Appreciation Thread

    Absolutely. I'm not sure what level of player you are but that is elite level shooting.
  5. hoosierwhodey

    Yogi Ferrell Appreciation Thread

    No chance. Do you know how hard it is to hit 80% from 3?
  6. hoosierwhodey

    Troy Williams Decision

    He has a degree already. Also could get a couple 100k per season oversees. A 10 year career in China will net you more than you will with your degree in most cases.
  7. hoosierwhodey

    IU's Tom Crean Charms His Audience

    Really good read.
  8. hoosierwhodey

    Darius Latham to the Oakland Raiders

    Jake Reed - Falcons Zack Shaw- Steelers Michael Cooper- Redskins Former Hoosiers Tre Roberson- Chargers Micheal Hunter- Giants
  9. Highlights from last weekend.
  10. hoosierwhodey

    (2017) RB Weston Bridges to MSU

    Just committed to Mich St. We were in final 5.