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  1. Im pretty sure they said season 3 is the last season. Although, I hope that just means Jason Sudeikis is stepping away so he can go back to starring in movies and they pivot to an “AFC Richmond” show with Roy Kent as HC. As for Mgbako? I’m never confident going up against the powerhouse recruiting programs, but my excitement for next season will be right at the roof with his commitment. The excitement will burst through the roof if they land Mgbako and another solid guard.
  2. AkronHoosier

    (C) Kel 'el Ware - COMMITTED TO INDIANA

    The Hoosiers will replace last years starting center, Kal-El, with the 5-star transfer center, Kel’el!
  3. AkronHoosier

    (2022) - SG Chris Livingston

    He actually spent his sophomore year at a private boarding school Western Reserve Academy. It’s one of the best academic schools in the state and is often the top ranked academics in the state. Everyone in this area was shocked when they transferred there because WRA has never really been known as a school for high level athletes. For his junior year he transferred back to the Akron’s STEM high school(where he also went his freshman year). He plays for Buchtel because the STEM school doesn’t have athletics teams so the athletes play for other Akron public schools. Kind of random side note: The local newspaper here also had a story about his mom graduating from Pharmacy school as 37year old single mom towards the end his freshman year.
  4. Beilein said he has no interest in an assistant job on the Titus & Tate podcast a few weeks ago
  5. AkronHoosier

    So can we talk about player development?

    Stony Brook Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  6. AkronHoosier

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    General takeaways from the article is basically a lot of what has been said on here: -Thinks too much and dwells on mistakes, notes a sequence against Illinois where he tried to talk to Archie mid play about a mistake on a previous play that led to another mistake and back to back Illini 3’s - HS coach said he had concerns with him consistently “grinding” when nobody is pushing him - Bruiser is “his coach” and they’ve had plenty of discussions and Justin has a ton of questions - Changed his shot to get a higher realease, but went too far with it and spent this summer trying to get closer to his HS jumper and rebuild his confidence - Bruiser says his next step offensively isn’t only about developing his shot, it’s about finding and doing what he is best at offensively. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  7. AkronHoosier

    If we were to leave Adidas. Who is your pick?

    Nike and Jordan easily have the coolest shoes, imo. I think with Puma’s recent investments at the NBA level they could be an interesting options for basketball schools going forward, plus, although 99.9% of my soccer knowledge comes from playing FIFA on Xbox, I’m pretty sure Puma is a big name in the soccer world as well(IU’s best sport right now). Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  8. AkronHoosier

    Injury Updates

    Im going to the Browns game Sunday. My ticket was $40 and it will only cost me $5 to park($20 per car). In the past December Browns game tickets were under $10 lol Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  9. AkronHoosier

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    As someone who has lived in Ohio my whole life, i would say almost every kid grows up an OSU football fan, but very few care about OSU basketball and most would tell you the same. College Basketball in general isn’t very popular in Ohio.
  10. AkronHoosier

    2018-2019 Rotation Discussion Thread

    Going position by position and trying to hit every player from the roster my first post in a long time got a little lengthy. I thought I'd celebrate ending my semester, and dive head on into my excitement about IU basketball post-romeo official decision, with a deep thought about next year and my obviously amateur analysis. PG it seem likely Rob or Green will start. Maybe it's nothing but I feel like Tim Langford's and RP's both lead me to think RP has a decent shot at starting, although I dont know much about his game. I am a fan of Devonte and think an off season of improvement and he can be a really food player, but I also wonder if he might excel in a combo guard spark plug of the bench with Rob as the traditional point guard feeding Juwan and Romeo. Al Durham's improvement as a shooter appears to be a big factor in the guard rotation as well. He has shown capable of handling some time at the 1, playing good D and has potential as a slasher. However, shooting was an obvious weakness last year and we appear to be getting a pretty big upgrade in that area next year. May limit AD's PT next year. On the wing it appears obvious Romeo will dominate the minutes at either the 2-3. One question I have is, how legit were McRoberts' shooting numbers from last year in that small sample? If he can keep shoot at that even slightly less than that % from 3 next year while attempting them a much more when is he open next year than I think he would be a lock to start. He could take a lot of pressure off Romeo on defense and he looks to be a solid athletic wing with length that fits Archie well. If he cant shoot though, Jerome Hunter seems a little slept on and likely to at least be solid wing scorer off the bench. Admittedly, I don't know anything about the non-Romeo recruits outside of what I have read here. Damezi appears to be a great shooter with some length, athleticism and defensive potential.Though with our seemingly apparent depth he may be brought along slow and developed into a pretty impactful four year player. Count me in as a Justin Smith fan. I am among the believers that he is destined for a breakout season and likely to start at the 3-4 depending on if we go big or small and also depending what appears to be the theme of my post; his shooting improvement. At big/forward/center I think there are even more question marks/decisions to be made. With that being said I believe we are in a solid position still and should have some quality options and good depth to deal with a variety of lineups. With that being said I am a of the belief that Juwan is very likely back and will, like Romeo on the wing, dominate the time at either the 4 or the 5 depending on the game. I dont know much about Fitzner but he looks like a very good stretch 4/5 to get minutes off the bench. Clifton Moore is a huge question mark with good upside but I thing he may be a bench contributor this year who breaks out in an expanded role when he hits his junior year. Race Thompson, I also don't know much about his game, but he was a top 100 recruit with a redshirt year of experience I feel like he may be capable of a nice role off of the bench and maybe even starting against bigger teams if he can hold his own on the low post and De'Ron doesn't fully recover. Getting to De'Ron, the idea of a redshirt to get fully healthy and get his body back to where it was last year and further improve on his body/conditioning/athleticism even more intrigues me, but I dont know how likely that is. Even if he is healthy by the beginning of the year I expect him to be brought along slowly. Hopefully he is ready by conference season at least as anoption as a big body to throw down lown as a rim protector against some of the bigger teams. Forrester I see in the same boat as Damezi being brought along slowly and devoloping into a very good 4-year defensive big man. I guess my best guess at a lineup right now would be, 1. Rob 2. Romeo 3. McRoberts 4. Smith 5. Juwan with Race or De'Ron in for Zach or Justin to match size. Devonte as the first bench guard getting time at the 1 and 2. Jerome as an athletic scorer of the bench on the wing. Fitzner having a clear role as the bench shooter spacing the floor in lineups with Juwan and Romeo, and some combination of Race and De'Ron with rest of the minutes at the 4 and 5.
  11. AkronHoosier

    PM Thread

    I’d like to see that PM as well lol
  12. AkronHoosier

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    FWIW, the one player is obviously De Sousa, and I don’t remember for sure what rival school they were out bidding, Maryland maybe? Ive seen speculation that the other player is Josh Jackson or Billy Preston. However, based on the date it says paperwork was submitted to Kansas, Nov 9th, 2016, it appears to be Marcus Garrett since he is the one who signed that day.
  13. I go to Toledo and don’t watch every game and follow the basketball team all that closely but I do go to a couple games a year and watch a few if they are on tv. Last year Sanford played a lot of pg for Toledo and this year he plays mostly at the 2. I think he’s more athletic and a better defender than Zeisloft plus he is a better ball handler. Side note: my roommate worked with the basketball team last year and I would jokingly tell him to get in his ear about taking a grad transfer year to IU
  14. AkronHoosier

    Hypothetical Line-Ups Discussion

    When is the last time IU had a starting lineup where the only one person is under 6’5? I’m loving the length of these potential lineups.
  15. AkronHoosier

    Corruption in College Basketball

    Merl Code seamed to be worried about the price jumping up to $200,000 from Nike but suggested Adidas had a $150,000 max. Might that suggest Nike could be the bigger player in this?