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  1. Ah, the verdell jones special. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. RoderickJaynes

    (2015) C Stephen Zimmerman to UNLV

      Yeah, Dave Rice will find some way to screw it all up, but then convince the school to let him stay another year...  
  3. RoderickJaynes

    (2016) C Thon Maker

      I don't think that is what's happening.
  4. RoderickJaynes

    (2016) C Thon Maker

      The end goal is still to get to the NBA, and the reclass just gets him there quicker whether he goes abroad or plays college ball.  If he graduated in his natural year, he'd have to wait another year before entering the draft.  I wish it did indicate a stronger desire to play ncaa bball, but I don't think we can draw that conclusion unfortunately.  Thankfully, I think HD is right that he does value education, so maybe that will sway him to stay stateside.  I, for one, am not interested in any more moral recruiting victories like with Dante Exum.  It was really nice of him to say that IU would have been his choice, but that doesn't help to improve the product on the floor. 
  5. RoderickJaynes

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

    That would be so brutal if it was Richardson who lures him away.  The one that slipped away still being a thorn in our side. 
  6. RoderickJaynes

    Potential coaching change suggestions

    So who's ready to get excited for Ben Jacobson?     Yeah, me neither.  
  7. RoderickJaynes

    #23 IU defeats #13 Maryland 89-70 post game thread

    That UNC game was a blast.  I think I liked this one more though.  The last year and a half make a victory like this that much sweeter.  
  8. RoderickJaynes

    IUBB vs. Eastern Washington Post Game Thread

    Real talk, is colin hartman our best rebounder?
  9. RoderickJaynes

    IU vs Northwood game thread

    Not the day for foul trouble.
  10. RoderickJaynes

    IU vs Northwood game thread

    They definitely were last year. I'd assume they are this year as well.
  11.   Got tossed lol.  That game rocked