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Movie Thread

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24 minutes ago, IUfan_Charlie said:

It has like a 98 on Rotten Tomatoes. Planet of the Apes is getting crazy good reviews too. 

Planet of the Apes is on my to-do list this week. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Saw that Baby Driver last week, that movie should have been talked about more. Still wanting to see 47 Meters Down, heard that was good too.

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Justice League trailer looked very good. Green Lantern for sure at the end. You see a ring flying through the air in the trailer I bet we see Abin Sur respond to the invasion and get killed and the ring passes to one of the Earth Lanterns. 

My question is where is Superman in it?

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1 hour ago, LamarCheeks said:

Happy Birthday to Dave Stoller's dad. In real life, he's Paul Dooley and he's 93 today. And who can forget this classic scene from IU's own "Breaking Away"?  He was also Samantha Baker's dad in another classic flick ... 


Bon Giorno Papa!

I’m not papa, I’m your god-damned father! 

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