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IPFW Post Game Thread

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So much to take from this game. Just random thoughts on this game and IU as a program.

Glad we played this game in Fort Wayne. In general, you learn so much more when struggling or being defeated (embarrassed). We were not "up" for this game. It felt we expected IPFW to roll over from the tip.

The book on how to beat a Crean team has been out forever. Opponents might not always have the personnel or players that stick with the game plan but it's out there. 1) get back in transition 2) get up into our players 3) attack the rim. This is a different team from the Oladipo/Zeller team that lost to Butler in Indy but the game played out in similar fashion.

Teams take after their coach. That's why we get Jekyll/Hyde performances from different teams. It's also 18-22 year old kids.

Why have bigs that don't play big? We had three players on the floor taller than any IPFW player several times. Instead of taking advantage those players tried to drive their defender or a guard tried to drive. Bryant should be dominating the paint but he's getting misused and abused.

We're not an intelligent team. We don't exploit opponents weaknesses. I dislike Bill Billacheat almost as much as Cheatapai but he's a master at taking away an opponents strength. What did we take away from IPFW?

Why are we walking the ball up the court while trailing late in the second half? Crean speaks over and over about "bringing fatigue to the game." We exploit it by walking the ball up the court.

Our half court offense is dribble and pass around for 20 seconds then go one on one. Bryant struggled in the post. The ball movement was poor. We forced shots. We missed bunnies.

Our matador defense returned along with a real struggle to dominate the boards against an inferior opponent. Well only be as good as our defense.

What happened to the emphasis on traveling and freedom of movement? It felt like a really strange game all around. Nothing felt like it was in the flow of the game.

Glad this one is over and hope it lights a fire under the teams butt. We will need wins at home against UNC, a win over Butler in Indy (they'll have a solid game plan) and a good showing in Indy against UL. We don't have much in the noncon to make up for the 8 NAIA teams we play at Assembly Hall.

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I'm sorry.....but a 'small margin in the OOC schedule'.....exactly what do you mean by that?  We suddenly not a tournament team?

We should make the tourney with ease. If we want a top 4 seed and a good draw we need to capitalize in the OOC. We have 3-4 good opportunities (KU, UNC, UL, Butler) one okay game (IPFW) and a bunch of games that will drag our OOC SOS down. We have to hope IPFW stays in the top 100 so the loss doesn't look terrible. We've been knocked in the past for not being able to win on the road. That will get louder.

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Had a chance to watch this game live, 3 rows up from the court. 

What an atmosphere, 95% IU fans, sold out without a doubt. Great to see the Hoosier faithful out strong tonight in Fort Wayne.


With that being said..


This was a classic IU Basketball meltdown

-No Set Plays : We completely relied on our dribble drive motion offense. Problem is, our boys did a terrible job at attacking the rim, let alone setting a screen to allow penetration to the basket. Terrible offense. Guess what? CREAN didn't make a single adustment. Does he not have any set plays? I don't know, maybe a play designed to get James a clear 3 or Tommy a 1 on 1 situation? Jeez.

-No defense. No need to explain. Zone was a nice touch, however, some of the line ups in that zone were terrible. Thomas on the wing closing out to the corner?LOL that's funny. He's too slow to do that. 

-No Rebounding. Lots of long rebounds, yes, but we also gave up way to many bunny rebounds. 

-Josh is not a PG. Rojo is not a PG. 

IPFW wanted it more. They will be dancing this March for the first time in program history. Good for them. 

Sadly, i've seen this show too many times from Crean over his 8-9 years here. How about that last out of bounds play in attempt to tie the game up? LOL Classic Crean! He has yet to draw up one good full court play. 



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Bottom line FW came to play, we didn't. Turnovers at inopportune time hurt us. I know I'll get flamed for this but at times Rojo reminds me of a glorified Stan Robinson. As one of our more experienced players he needs to be way more consistent. Missed oppurtinities at the FT line also a problem. Our transition D is awful, I could get to the rim on these guys and I'm old and fat. I'm in the minority on this but I like Newkirk, he is our best bet at PG. McRoberts was a bright spot. It's only one loss and a win over UNC will get us back on track. There are lots of pieces to this puzzle, if CTC can fit them all together we have a chance to be really good. Go Hoosiers!

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As bad as things were going last night, why not just throw Gelon in there and let him loose from 3? At least try to put someone in there other than the ones struggling with basic fundamentals like taking care of the ball or defense or balls screens or ...! The NC game is going to either go 2 ways in my opinion, somewhat like the Kansas game or NC will treat us like a red headed stepchild. NC just dropped 107 on OSU definitely gonna test our ability to score cause I'm pretty sure 2-3 zone will not effect NC like it did with IPFW.

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6 hours ago, coonhounds said:

Nothing past a sweet 16 and some monumental devastating losses and a few feel good wins. This game was a crean special that last play after time out was epic crean. Someone explain why no iu guy came to get the ball

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You knew they were just gonna throw the ball away.

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