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  1. Guy is also saying pacers are shopping Paul George. I'm calling troll.
  2. I agree. Plus we'll probably have to play him 2 or 3 times a year.
  3. Underwood is a good coach.. Illinois will be a force on the big with him.
  4. HoosierRob

    ESPN Cleaning House

    Agree, it's mostly how he turns everything into a race issue that infuriates me with him.
  5. HoosierRob

    ESPN Cleaning House

    I cannot stand Stephen a smith at all. Hate for anyone to lose their job, but I wouldn't hate to never see him on tv again.
  6. HoosierRob

    2017 April Evaluation Period

    I seen that Louisville picked up a cb pick for Langford today, are they still considered the favorite?
  7. I can't imagine rojo will stay in the draft. I could be wrong but I just can't see him getting drafted.
  8. HoosierRob

    (2017) PG McKinley Wright to Colorado

    The 247 crystal ball is trending IU but I don't see how there is any room at all.
  9. HoosierRob

    (2018) CB Elijah Rodgers to IU

    That's pretty much what it sounds like. Seems like we are his backup plan.
  10. HoosierRob

    (2018) CB Elijah Rodgers to IU

    Yea sounds like a soft committ.
  11. Where are y'all seeing he's coming back?
  12. HoosierRob

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I'm disappointed to be honest, still watch every game and be supportive of the program, but I'm underwhelmed.
  13. HoosierRob

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Please not Archie. Would be a dud hire to me.