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    Just think about it. Only 21 other teams outside the B1G with a higher ranking. I think that's pretty impressive and a heckuva job by our coaching staff.
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    Summer of 2018

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    B10 Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Louisville recently offered him as well. Still not a good look for the Illini. Rock bottom had to be last week when the 402 composite player Zdor picked Weber St over them Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    2019 IUFB Class Ranking

    IU up to #29th nationally and 9th in the B1G after the commitment from LB Kervens Bonhomme.
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    IU History Forum

    This thread is great, these pictures are awesome. Thanks! I'd like to share a story that not many Hoosier fans seem to know about Branch McCracken and his childhood basketball buddies. From Mac's Boys by Jason Hiner: Branch and his younger brother Bill would play ball with their neighbors, the Wooden boys. The back of the Woodens' farm butted up against the back of the McCracken's farm, and Johnny Wooden, who went on to basketball fame as a player at Purdoo and coach at UCLA, was the same age as Bill and they were good friends. John's older brother Maurice was close to the same age as Branch. "We played with a stuffed sock because we didn't have enough money to buy a basketball," said Bill McCracken. We had some pretty rough games there in that old barn."
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    IU History Forum

    Pre-Sample Gates
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    IU History Forum

    HOLY CRAP...I'm in that picture! I'm the one kinda facing the camera with a black jacket and a white t-shirt underneath (and lots of bushy hair that has long since dissipated). I'm two heads farther from the front of the frame and a little to the right of the blonde headed kid showing his profile toward the front. Where is that picture from?!? THANKS !!!!
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    (2019) DT Sio Nofoagatoto'a to IU

    3-star DT who took an OV last weekend. Won't be surprised if this kid pops next. Also worth noting, Sio plays at the same school as most recent IU commit Kervens Bonhomme. https://247sports.com/player/sio-nofoagatotoa-46052258
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    I guess we are recruiting the entire 2019 class in June! Can't even keep up anymore.
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    IU History Forum

    Downtown after making the 2002 championship game
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    Me So Hornsby

    Summer of 2018

    IU’s media department/social media is bringing the fire Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    Rest assured from these stat lines we never have to worry about Kansas sneaking in.
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    Zach Osterman - Madison Norris, who has the gold hair look similar to Romeo Langford, says he’s been mistaken for Langford around Bloomington already. Mike Miller - IU football freshman Madison Norris has been mistaken for Romeo Langford several times in the past few weeks, said he had to leave Bloomington Walmart recently because of fans accosting him.
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Matt Rhea, PhD‏ @MattRheaPhD We challenged our guys in January to trust the system, give us their best effort, and transform our team speed. Last fall: 3 guys > 21 mph; 5 > 20 mph. @IndianaFootball Current speed board Keep it rolling boys!
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    I would not have guessed that the 385th player would still be considered "3 star"
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    Summer of 2018

    I think the recruiting services are still catching up to Leal.
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    IU History Forum

    Downtown Bloomington (1913)
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    (2019) TE Gary Cooper to IU

    He’s only 6’1” and that is probably why he is ranked so low or lower than one may think given his offers and his offers were legit and comittable according to his coach. Oklahoma was once really recruiting him hard. His tape speaks for itself. Yes it’s a highlight film, but an interview with his coach....and he said he’s one of the most athletic/gifted players he’s seen in his 18 years down in Miami. His blocking is very good and has great footwork when he engages in a block. Honestly if he focuses on getting stronger starting now....he could see the field early and often next year. He’s already a bulky kid with speed get him to the next level against a LB and DB/S....it’s game over. Seems to be very football intelligent....when he runs his routes they are a little rounded off and not very precise, but if you notice he’s always looking for that window for his QB to hit him in.
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    Summer of 2018

    Might as well invite Heritage Hills to get a look at the Sisley kid! :) Heck, they could car pool with Southridge and/or Forest Park. All 3 schools are within 10 miles or so of each other.
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    Summer of 2018

    No his high school team is on a mission trip to Macedonia.
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    Summer of 2018

    Just got back from two weeks overseas. Good to see all of the freshmen suited up! All systems are a go. As Chris mentioned, the team camps are about to take place, and last year those team camps were a very, very big deal in cementing the fabulous summer recruiting for the class of 2018.
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    I’ve said it before. Romeo is the perfect ambassador for the new era of IU basketball. Not just a great player but a great person as well
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    Not to be a downer... but what are the odds we end up with his committment on Signing Day?