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  1. goonaha

    IUMS-Tournament Talk

    Hopefully we can have some midfielders emerge next season. Our inability to link defense and our skilled forwards as well as to control possession was a huge impediment.
  2. goonaha

    Player decisions

    The entire Big Ten decided not to offer him.
  3. goonaha

    Coach Woodson's Media Appearances

    He's talked like that to the media his entire career, and yet his NBA players seem to universally love him. People can have different media personalities.
  4. goonaha

    2021 Transfer Portal

    I said should. I'm not a psychic; I don't know definitively if they will be good. Got some talent on the team with Kessler, Flanagan, Thor, Smith. Another top 100 guard in 2021 class too. Pearl is a good coach, I'd be surprised by two subpar seasons in a row.
  5. goonaha

    2021 Transfer Portal

    1.5 hour from Atlanta and he'll play a lot. They should be good next year.
  6. goonaha

    2021 Transfer Portal

    He and his family are too much of a headache.
  7. goonaha

    Player decisions

    And by the way, the whole point of saying "high volume" originally was simply to say that he shot enough to conclude that he's a high level 3 point shooter who will be tough to replace in the portal. It wasn't to do a statistical breakdown against the rest of the country. Again, sincere apologies for not explicitly stating all that. I'll be sure to have more comprehensive posts going forward so that there's less room for nitpicking from yourself.
  8. goonaha

    Player decisions

    I am sincerely sorry that I did not caveat my initial post enough for your liking. My point stands. Maybe Noah Locke could replace. After that, maybe you could enlighten me with other portal options that shoot 40% at a sufficient enough volume for your liking.
  9. goonaha

    Player decisions

    Ah, weirdly similar to my post where I compared him to the team and not nationally since our offense stunk. Of course he's not high volume compared to guys in modern offenses that actually hunt 3's.
  10. goonaha

    Player decisions

    Ok, he's not a good shooter and 85 shots isn't enough sample size to make any assessments on. Let's kick him to the curb as he's easily replaceable because there's so many kids in the portal that are good shooters and play good defense. Happy now?
  11. goonaha

    Player decisions

    Considering the team only averaged 18 attempts a game, I do think it's high volume. You're free to disagree. We weren't exactly a high flying offense.
  12. goonaha

    Player decisions

    She's definitely getting a lot of attention on her happy easter retweets from the last week.
  13. goonaha

    Player decisions

    Doubling down on this take despite zero evidence is certainly a choice.
  14. goonaha

    Player decisions

    Or maybe major life decisions are stressful and not everyone makes them instantaneously. For a guy who supposedly loves attention, he has been very quiet in the press and social media.
  15. goonaha

    Player decisions

    He also averaged 43% from 3 on high volume. That's not easy to replace. It's a big loss.