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  1. Awesome! Great pick ups this week.
  2. I'm in for six wins. Anything over that is gravy (and good for recruiting both portal and H.S.). I feel like we are in for a fun ride with less self inflicted pain, less heartache, and more competitiveness. Yeah, probably over-optimistic on those points.
  3. VPC

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    Areas of need, I like it!
  4. VPC

    S Garrett Reese to Indiana

    Welcome to IU!
  5. VPC

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    yep.. we are expecting a Lot of players to step up. A smaller AF D-Line constantly harassed the JMU QB and the RB's were not effective (35 yards rushing). Could be the reason CCC kept Bostad. "not saying they can't do it" - Play in the BIG but a concern of mine. I'll go with CCC's line, they'll have to prove it on the field.
  6. VPC

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    My concern played out on the field against Air Force. As others have stated, they’ll need to step Up to play week in and week out in the BIG. Not saying that they can’t do it, but they’ll need to prove it on the field.
  7. Big pick up! Need some OL and DL added and more on the D in general but feeling better about the direction with recruits and transfers (and the retained not transferring).
  8. I just saw that announcement about Mendoza, so would agree Cherry will probably look elsewhere.
  9. Welcome to IU! Bring em on!!!!
  10. Any further news after his visit this weekend?
  11. VPC

    2023-24 IUFB Transfer Portal

    College football has become the Wild West. No rules, no guidelines no cents. The monies, arrogance, and b.s. have made it worse than the PRO's. I hope college football figures out a way to straighten this out because I find it sickening.
  12. I'm happy with the hire, but if IU doesn't consistently support the program we won't obtain the success we all want. As expressed by another site, the need for significant facility upgrades, NIL, and the financials for a strong coaching staff are all required. Does IU have it in them to provide it year in and year out... time will tell. In my opinion they have not done consistently in the past but there really is no excuse not to now, unless they want to get booted from the BIG. PS - I like some of the on line comments made by Dylan Powell.
  13. I love the blind positivity....but Brohm having more talent than in the past at Pud, knows how to beat a 4-2-5 defense. I really hope I am wrong. L-ville - 31 IU - 27
  14. IU - 38 ISU - 3 Really should be a shut out but....