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  1. going with high unreasonable hopes.. IU - 31 Cinci - 28
  2. Welcome to IU! Go Hoosiers!!
  3. What is the expected size of this recruiting class? I like the commits thus far, but it seems like we do not have the numbers.
  4. So, do we have any idea who might re-place Peoples and Warren? I hope this is positive news, but I am concerned.
  5. Bazelak looks like a nice pick up... knowing its cliche but true, it all starts up front. We desperately need for the O-Line play to improve.
  6. VPC

    Signing Day! December 2021

    Any news on: QB Tanner Bailey DL Dominick James (I see OL Carter Smith is now on board!)
  7. VPC

    Interesting - Sagarin

    I agree our O Line has to play much better consistently. MSU's defense is looking strong and their offense far less anemic than in recent times. I still think they're beatable but, a tough win does a world of wonders for this IU team. I still have hope that seven wins is in the realm of possibility. Only 5 wins is a face plant IMHO.
  8. I had high hopes for him. His fumbles hurt his playing time this year (and hurt the team) but I expected him to earn that trust back. I am disappointed with his departure mid-season. That's him giving up on his team mates, and I have an issue with that. I suspect there is more going on behind the scenes, but regardless, it's him bailing out in tough times. Very disappointing.
  9. VPC

    Interesting - Sagarin

    I agree on your continued optimism Leb. but to carry the momentum this season, next week is a must win against MSU. My gut feeling anyway. Really need 7 wins this year.
  10. IU - 28 Cincy - 24 Need to start showing the belief! LEO Go Hoo's!