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  1. VPC

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    Right Deland Jr... but yes I'm glad he is off our books.
  2. VPC

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    Daeh McCullongh coming out of "medical retirement" and into the tp... what a joke.
  3. VPC

    2022/23 IUFB Offseason News

    Is this the case of IU Players saying "show me the money"????
  4. PSU - 31 IU - 10 Really disliking the face-plant this year.
  5. Hapless Hurryin Hoos - 6 Mich - 42 Is there an over / under on injured Hoosiers?
  6. With Paul Chyrst departure at Wisconsin, maybe we could get their O-Line coach?
  7. going with high unreasonable hopes.. IU - 31 Cinci - 28
  8. Welcome to IU! Go Hoosiers!!