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  1. IU - 28 Cincy - 24 Need to start showing the belief! LEO Go Hoo's!
  2. It's a shame as I thought he had un-tapped potential. I was hoping to see with another year of maturity how he would progress this year. (wishful thinking but holding hope) I know he had previously considered leaving IU but came back on board. I think those folks indicating he was moving down the depth chart, or at a minimum likely to see less and less action, are likely correct. Normally I'd wish him well, but going to Purdue.... Additionally, if the above rumors about leaving with our info are accurate, then my feelings are even more unfavorable. If you're unhappy leave but don't try to screw your old team mates (if true). Yeah, bad decisions young man.
  3. VPC

    (2022 LB) Isaiah Jones

    Welcome to IU!
  4. VPC

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Surprised both Lewis and Passmore are departing... I'm sure there are reasons but that is disappointing news.
  5. VPC

    2021 5th Yr/Sr Decisions

    Nothing but best wishes to all the guys moving on. They helped bring our program to the next level. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for their efforts and accomplishments. For the guys who have chosen to further extend their career at IU, it is AWESOME! I am looking forward to returning to the stadium and watch you in person. LEO
  6. This situation is total BS.... but I love CTA's response he'll have the guys ready. Looks like OM has a few guys departing the team like rats on a sinking ship. We need to make this a laugher. We got screwed. IU - 45 Ole Miss - 17
  7. There is no reasonable explanation as to why NW is in a better bowl than IU, NONE. Yes, win and show them is great, but we got screwed.
  8. VPC

    milehiiu has passed away.

    Another Hoosier in heaven. RIP
  9. Whole new ball game... but I am hoping the Hoos prevail IU - 28 Whisky - 24
  10. A great effort but still... One game does not define a season Oh hell, why not! O$U - 34 IU - 35
  11. IU - 38 MSU - 14 (just to be different from IUc, 17 was my first guess)